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Capstone realty and financial inc for money

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yeah you look like a chicken wing yeah he's good no I think we went too big I think probably the cafe in Texas did this same thing where they made it too big yeah I don't know why we thought we could beat them at their own game yeah that's a cinnamon roll oh I'm starting to not feel good too much sugar right now yeah I just had one bite I think my heart's beating fast it might just be the excitement of jogging the food so there's a guy downstairs named Scott he is obsessed with cinnamon rolls he's actually the guy who made the giant cinnamon roll tasty video so we're gonna gift him or second giant cinnamon roll because what could make the guy happier than a pretty bad giant version of his favorite is Harry alright we made a giant cinnamon roll Scott we referenced your video so I'd like you to try a little bit and tell me I think we actually tripled your recipe this wage of 5.5 pounds [Music] mission accomplished you guys Oh oh yes capstone program toronto for money CUNY Baccalaureate 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