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Capstone radiologists

Capstone radiologists write for me capstone limited jersey pier road make my report on art for cheap ´╗┐hello it's Stephanie Vance the advocacy guru here and thank you so much for tuning in to our ala Washington office what to know before you go video for national library legislative day our rule here is to give you some quick tips and techniques on how to prepare for your visits in Washington DC and i can tell you my strategies come from my years as a congressional staff person I used to have people come in and try to have a meeting it wouldn't be so effective and I just thought to myself well if I tell them how to be more effective they'll get more of what they want out of government and then there'll be world peace so that's my plan and I want to help you help me implement it so here's four strategies that I want you to think about some homework ideas before you come to Washington DC so the first is to make sure that you know what you want and these are the policy asks that the ala Washington office is going to share with you now don't worry you don't need to know the whole legislative process and how a bill becomes a law and subcommittees and committees and markups etc all you really need to know is what you learned in school house rock for the actual policy asks the ala Washington office is going to outline those and really make sure that you understand them before you go to the hill I just suggest you take a quick review of some of the overall policy issues that were working on here in Washington DC one great resource for that is district dispatch org that's the ala Washington office site now another thing you're going to want to think about is knowing a little bit about your audience and there's three key things that I suggest you look at their first of all their committee assignments that will tell you what they really focus on so for example if they're a member of the Small Business Committee that tells you well that's a big deal with them so maybe I should talk about how I've helped some small business in our community or how I've helped one of our students develop a small business that's going to be something that will really resonate with them you also want to know something about where they are in the political spectrum so as you know in Washington DC we have very liberal people and very conservative people and people almost everyone in between and so knowing that before you go in will help you frame your message with a very conservative member you might talk more about job development and economic growth whereas with a more liberal member you might talk more about access and a digital divide now that's not always the case make sure you know a little bit about that member i don't want to suggest all of these arguments work unilaterally with the different kinds of parties but knowing that just a little bit will help you when you go into the office now another thing you want to know are there policy interests and what I mean by that are the bills that they've introduced the things that they're talking about in their news releases some of the things that they're talking about on social media for example this will tell you what they really care about if they've introduced legislation on an issue it means they care about that issue and so you should know a little bit about it as well and see if you can find some ways to demonstrate to them well maybe you can help them on that policy issue you are library after all you do have some access to resources so let them know that that the possibility and they may be far more likely to have paid some more attention to your issues now that's knowing what you want and knowing your audience now another thing to know is your message obviously how are you going to deliver these communications to your elected officials now when you're talking about your library and your issues I suggest that you use an acronym I call spit and that stands for specific personal informative and timely let's look at each real quick so specific is knowing specifically what you want that's knowing that ask that we talked about but it's also knowing specifically why that would be important to the person you're talking to and that's understanding that audience that we talked about so when you combine those you're going to get something that's really going to capture that legislators attention now the P is personal and that's being able to tell your personal story how the crazy things that happened in Washington DC impact people directly in the district and for that I recommend that you think about very specifically some of the people that you've helped have you helped someone get a job have you helped someone start a small business have you helped a student get a 21st century job elected officials love that phrase so think about that what is the one story that you can tell that can really encapsulate what you do for their community now the I is informative you do want to tell a personal story but you also want to put that in the context of what an elected official might be interested in in terms of his or her district and for that I suggest you think about things like how many people do you serve how many people come into your library what's your circulation those things will show the elected official how much you impact the community that they represent and then the T is timely you want to make sure that you're asking these making these asks in a timely fashion I will tell you that when I was a staff person people would come in they've yellow my boss they'd be very upset about something and they hadn't talked to us before hand so he may have already taken a vote on something without really knowing how they felt now the good news is for left National Library legislative day you are coming at the right time so you've already met the timely for this acronym now we talked about knowing what you want who you're talking to how to talk to them and now I want to touch on how to follow up and basically what i mean by that is to have a plan before you walk in the door of whether you want the elected official to come visit you in the library whether you want to have a town hall meeting how you want to connect with their staff people in both DC and the district and don't forget the district staff people they are the eyes and ears of the elected official in the community and speaking of staff one quick point the staff people are often more valuable to meet with in the legislature they're the ones who are really going to move the legislative issue forward in speaking with them all of that research you did ahead of time is still valuable all that's different is pronouns so instead of saying will you co-sponsor this bill as you might say to the legislature to the staff person you'd say will the congressman co-sponsor this bill or will the senator co-sponsor this bill the staff people are sort of like appendages of the legislature and they're going to be representing that person's views so if you know that legislators views you're going to connect with the staff people as well so don't forget those districts staff when you're thinking about follow up don't forget those DC staff when you're thinking about follow up now you may be thinking that's all very well and good Stephanie I know you want me to know what I want who I'm talking to how to talk to them and how to follow up but how do I figure that out well the good news is is that I've got a video for you that shows you some of the websites some of the magic gremlins in the computer that you can use to really do this research ahead of time your librarians I know you can do research so take a look hopefully it's going to be useful and thanks so much for enjoying this video do my what is the difference between a capstone project and a thesis LIU Brooklyn.

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