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Capstone quarters apartments tuscaloosa

Capstone quarters apartments tuscaloosa capstone level meaning mll telecom financial report ´╗┐everybody I'm dr. Boyce Watkins from your black world and I wanted to make you guys aware of something happening right now in Kentucky I as it pertains to justice sorry judge Olu Stevens I keep calling justice Stevens because apparently justice is only used if you're on the Supreme Court but Judge Olu Stevens is he's under fire right now for doing the right thing as it pertains to race many of you are well aware that one of the causes of the mass incarceration epidemic in America the fact that there are so many black people in prison is the fact that many African Americans do not they're denied the right to have a jury of their peers when they go on trial so even though every statistical indicator in the world says beyond any doubt beyond any reasonable doubt that that there's tremendous amount of racial bias that white juries are more likely to convict you if you're black there are still lots of places where a black person goes on trial and their jury is almost entirely white if not very very close to that ninety percent 95% etc so what justice Stevens did which i think is quite admirable is he actually as a judge I kick on with justice Stevens and I'm sorry maybe it's wishful thinking I wish you were on the Supreme Court because the world could be a better place especially in a place like Kentucky which has a huge amount of racial bias um so judge judge Stevens was in court and he said you know he said look you know this is not a jury of this person's peers so he threw out the whole jury he just said this jury is done you know we're getting a better jury that more reflects the diversity of the community from which this person came he did that um and as you know what happens when a black person stands up somebody comes to crush him somebody comes to get them and so it's interesting this is this is interesting to me because I know the community where that courthouse is it's on the west end of louisville which is predominantly black I mean overwhelmingly black except they're a couple areas as an area I think it's called Portland that's pretty white but outside of that is very very very black so the idea that somebody could go on trial in that area and have a jury that's predominantly white is incredible pop incredibly problematic I mean no fair-minded person can see the think this is okay the only way you can think this is okay is if you're committed to a set of traditions and cultural norms that are consistent with the undeniably racist history of states like Kentucky where black people were being sold and beaten and mistreated not too long ago so basically what he's going through right now is there was recently a ruling where a Commonwealth Attorney Tom wine presented some evidence to Chief Justice John Minton I think that's his name and basically tried to argue that you know the judge Stevens you know that he was that he just wasn't qualified to do the job and that he needed to be his rulings had to be overturned and all these other things and in fact they're actually trying to take it now they're trying to take him off of all criminal cases at all so they don't even want him they're basically saying look when when these people come up for trial when all these black men go up in front of all-white juries to be sent away to prison away from their families for the rest of their lives we don't even want this black man in the room because he's the wrong black man we need a black man who's going to support and promote our agenda that's what they're basically saying so they're literally trying to remove him from all criminal cases and many of us go through this we go through this on the job where you speak up about an injustice and you tell people the truth about the racial bias they the next move at that point in many cases is to simply remove you from existence to basically act like you don't exist anymore I went through it at Syracuse other people have gone through it in other places and it's it's it's it's it's it's criminal I mean it's really criminal especially when you talk about the impact that the criminal justice system has had on our families you know this is this is our wits this is our these are our concentration camps the the prison industrial complex these are the concentration camps for african-americans and we're being sent to these concentration camps by juries that are predominantly white and that comparison is perfectly fair people die in prison people get tortured in prison people get raped in prison people get beaten in prison people get thrown in solitary confinement which creates mental illness so you know the only thing about the prison is that they don't actually kill you sickly in short order they kill you spiritually over time families die slowly over time you know it's these two spikes and violent spikes and all kinds of other problems that exist in our community because they're sending so many of our people to prison especially black men when many cases they've committed same crime that white guys across town I'm committed but those white guys get a second chance they don't get the same sentences some of them do but most of them do not does the data shows this this is not me talking this is the data go look at the data go look at the research if the research will prove it it's not me so speculating on this okay so anyway what I would like for you to do if you can is you know if you have the time I'm going to put a link to the contact information for the Commonwealth Attorney's Office I feel free to make your voice heard feel free to let them know that this is this is not right now we're not going to tolerate this and you you can't abuse this black man in the dark you're not going to abuse him in silence you're not going to abuse him in isolation that he has an army of tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of black people all around the world on millions maybe who believe in the same things who understand why he's doing this will understand the need for fairness and justice in equity we're not asking for preferential treatment we're asking for fairness we're asking for the same access to justice that white people get and for some reason some people think that if you ask for the same opportunities same conviction rates as white people that somehow you're asking for too much that right there is a redirect reflection of white supremacy so please take the time to let the brother know you support him let this Commonwealth Attorney know that this this this witch hunt is not acceptable and you might want to reach out to this chief justice as well John Minton I'll put I'll put all their information there again be respectful be respectful but be clear and be firm and let them and make your voice heard we've got to stand up for each other because one thing that we cannot tolerate is plantation behavior plantation behavior is they will torture a black person in front of you and because you so scared that the massive might torture you next you sit back in silence and watch him die but this guess what you'll still be next because the masses goal is to maintain control so that's it all right everybody so please I do your thing and I'm dr. Boyce Watkins from your black world please take care god bless I'm gone peace capstone university for money General Theological Seminary.

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