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Capstone quarters apartments for money

Capstone quarters apartments for money do my kapstone paper acquisition in what order should a research paper be written ´╗┐hey everyone welcome back Sara's been kitchen today we're doing the spicy noodle challenge and I have special guest this is EA the V this is Eric the vegan ater I thought I was gonna do your intro you can do it everyone welcome back to Sarah's vegan kitchen today we have a special guest I see nudes provide the news cool okay I'm gonna be eating these spicy fresh spicy chewing noodles mommy tang and high-carb Hanna a thieves on their bicycle challenge video he's going to be eating the two times the spicy some young his artificial chicken flavor which I googled extensively and it's basically just MSG salt and spices no chickens harmed in the making of these news 8800 Scoville units if that means anything to you he's actually concerned that this is not going to be challenging enough for him he just did the ghost pepper challenge on his channel so he also has a backup ghost pepper cut up here chopped up and ready to go Brian to go just in case we got some extra extra spice there's news on my okay let's sauce our nudes ooh can we massage the sauce first yeah make yourself at home using these tetanus scissors it smells so good it looks like what yeah it looks like this is not a contest between one another we just wanted to eat spicy noodles on camera mm-hmm I have flakes oh yeah you got a garnish wait no you should toss a person in put the guard do it right Sonny oh yeah I'm cooking shampoo or something you think you're better than me these are heavy she's so happy can't get it son no first yeah not noobs effective hmmm he's actually tasty mm-hmm you're spicy you actually aren't that saucy want some of this no question how do you feel about that they're pretty spicy he hasn't built up yet has it mm-hmm I'm worried for you I'm worried for myself I kind of feel let down by this maybe maybe the spice will build up and I'll be more challenging why do I do this to myself oh no dad please don't die my lips don't bite are you Stacey mm-hmm he's a really flavorful yeah well you're like I'm demolishing them yeah you gotta get down fast yeah how do you all right no Chuy do not bring a napkin oh she just laughs and started up my nose this is honestly harder moon is eating me ghost pepper right so yeah and there's so much oil in this just coating your mouth mmm I feel like I have so much more than or maybe you're just even fat I don't know man I'm trying to you really fast oh no you have to pause for a second here's what happened this is what happens Larry a big bastard that's one of my most commonly used clothes there's how much more of those peppers in here you are you gonna lick the plate clean you it's building up a little for me Jesus what are you gonna do for the rest of the video sorry isn't the hard part dartboards waiting for it to go down all right oh just kind of burning my lips whoa I try yours yeah can my noodles canoodle with your a sauce Oh your Ellis how hot it's gonna be no Sara so like yo it's gonna be extremely hot compared to your noodle under your challenge dirty lawn furniture noodles hmm my lips are burning this piece of ghost peppers No oh my god yeah it's kind of painful now but I'm practicing mindfulness through it hmm okay I'm gonna go to my happy place somewhere where a ghost peppers aren't you asked for this a ghost pepper laughs didn't choose you you chose the ghost pepper life okay you're brave I'm gonna choke you're sexy but you're covered sighs I close my eyes for a minute your confidence us fuck is it very unpleasant our paper towels are vegan hmm you taste this now your spin it goes pepper it's unpleasant am snotting everywhere look at that lighting though I don't feel my knees anymore I can't feel my knees when I'm with you but I'll have it I can't be - wait I'm with you - give context dump is news the other day there is cuts it's okay take any blood to go everywhere else I'm out you have these noodles on their own are not that spicy Jesus Christ we got a rally spicy town population me all right what are we gonna say feeling better or worse that god oh god you have ice cream in the fridge we got some not a move no gotta wait it out it's adult now yeah hang in here now at the point where I can't talk anymore it happened last time - hmm they got to a point where like words didn't come out well a spicy I think I'm still feeling this place from that your money looks red - mm-hmm these are fine these are good I'd buy this unpack this this morning this package contains silica gel a drying agent do you know public and keep out of reach of children Sarah started boiling water dumped the whole contents of the bag into the boiling water including the silica packet of oil in the water for like 20 seconds before she fished it out so I might die this is her this might be your last video what I'm saying pretty uncomfortable at this point on my lips mostly though I'm not necessarily in my mouth I really don't want to do this anymore like the point isn't made yeah you are your poops weird after you have you know those pepper when I ate the first ghost pepper I never pooped it out sometimes I'll eat really spicy food usually hot sauce even if I put sriracha on it if I put a lot of sriracha on something I'll feel it in my poop after the ghost pepper that night didn't poop it out next day didn't poop it out one a week went by I was like I never pooped out that Ghost Pepper I think of my body just absorb it it won with the ghost pepper now basically a demigod a demigod a demi lovato god can you name a demi lovato song second single don't wanna brit fake your heart let me get hard break clear playing games with maja using her back she boys I don't know but whoever's the people watching right now screaming at their scream it's this bad notes this man could tiny helpless baby kind of currency want the right understatement of the year ow hurt now it does after him finished eating them I thought it would be worse can you burn me water doesn't alleviate spice it just pushes it around I've heard that strong beaters like high alcohol IPAs and stuff help why no idea after I eat the ghost pepper after 10 minutes I was like pretty okay this has been longer than 15 minutes my mouth is still because I was continuously eating it and the ghost pepper is a million Scoville units I hope that was entertaining I'm entertained it isn't all about you Sarah Yanis I guess I forgot my channel this is Ben kitchen Terry's vegan kitchen but there's Sun in my face let's back back back back it up baby thanks for watching this video yes thank you for watching this let me know if there's any other food challenges you'd like me to do let us know we'll be here to review your comments you could be being the next food challenge but you can thanks Eric and I are also gonna be filming a Q&A video so leave any questions below for that to be about anything anything right maybe not anything else watch yes vegan lifestyle food working out getting swole mental health leave it down below you can use a hashtag asks Erik that's hashtag ASX si Ric asks Erik asked within the next ten minutes and we'll throw in a free news free news thanks for watching see you soon boo so make sure to comment your address so we know where to send the news David bye also make sure you check out Eric's channel I'll have it linked down below yesterday we filmed a taste test of weird vegan foods from a Korean grocery market one of the things includes the most notorious smelly fruit that has ever been discovered by men and women by men and women the we're gonna put that out when I said I'm gonna do that good now you're intrigued go to my channel like it and subscribe it [Music] capstone student activities unit 2 lesson 13 for money Cazenovia College, Cazenovia.

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