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Capstone puck lights installation

Capstone puck lights installation capstone microturbine vs infinity turbine orc for money cushman wakefield european distribution report 2018 ´╗┐hey there guys is David no recipe required and tonight we do in our second butternut squash recipe for this fall season now if you missed my first one go ahead click on the link right here I did a couscous salad with some some arugula in it some apples some cheese but most importantly some roasted butternut squash which brings all those fall flavors together it was spectacular tonight we're gonna do a pasta course which could be a first course or an appetizer it could be a main course as well with some gnocchi and then the songs for that gnocchi is going to be a wonderful little combo of roasted butternut squash and a brown butter sage sauce which all just screams fall comes together absolutely brilliantly we mix it all up we serve a little Parmesan cheese just great and fresh right over the top it's absolutely spectacular I think you'll love it and I think you're gonna find really simple to make and perfect for the season let's go ahead and get to it okay guys so let's go ahead and get started on our butternut squash yoky which is actually gonna start with a little bit of bacon and then slice it into kind of lardons which is really just a fancy word for four little strips like this I'm gonna saute those off get them nice and nice and crispy and this is gonna counterbalance the UM the butternut squash which is kind of nice and sweet and soft this will provide the new addition a little bit of texture as well as kind of some salty smoky flavors which is really gonna work off really well together all right so into a pan just over medium medium-high heat we're gonna let the let the bacon render down it's probably gonna think about 15 minutes or so until it's nice and crispy then we're gonna remove it drain it from the fat that comes off the bacon okay so I started with our bacon because our bacon once it's dry and sit around and just kind of wait for everything else to be cooked you can do it you can frankly do it hours ahead of time I'm also gonna cut up or we're gonna move on next to our butternut squash I'm just using kind of the edge on the squash here obviously you use any part of this farce you want this is kind of the best way to peel that tough outer layer or that skin off and I'm going to put that down I'm going to make a couple planks out of it and then I'm going to use the plants to make some sticks and then once we hit our sticks I'll go across and dukey dice and once I get it all cut up I'm going to use maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup for about three servings we're gonna quickly kind of roast these off when they're cut this small the roast off would click quickly and we can do it just in the on top of the pan we'll come back once we're ready to cook them off ok so we just finished cutting up our butternut squash I've got a pan on the heat here a little bit of olive oil in there enough to coat the bottom we're gonna add our butternut squash gives you a good pan medium heat for a couple minutes and I'm just gonna let this squash now cook down and a little bit of salt because it's important the season as you go and then give it the old tops and used if you don't wanna and then just kind of let it cook it's probably gonna take about ten minutes or so to roast and after about seven not seven after for five minutes we'll come back we'll toss it again just want to make sure it's not sticky and every once in a while and you want that squash on a single layer okay so we just started tossing my butternut squash and you can see I got some carb wise edges there that only happen to be told on you don't flip it too soon you don't want obviously firm but a little bit of black and Earth Brown is absolutely fine it's gonna add more flavor so now we're in the process we're gonna toss it every two minutes or so and preferably with a smaller knife than what I got everyone just want to test the pieces and you want to stop cooking when the knife kind of goes through fairly tenderly just like we're cooking a potato these need probably another three or four minutes if you ever need to cool off the can really quickly Kurt's going too fast just add a piece possible water be totally fine okay so brown butter sauce is really really easy I got like four tablespoons of butter there which is a lot of butter but remember this is for like five people I'm gonna let it you know heats over medium I'm just gonna let it melt fun is slowly gonna turn brown you can do this faster obviously with higher heat but that brings with it a little more risk of the butter burning so I go slow once a turn it starts turning brown and Danny Brown I turn the heat all the way down and that's when we're gonna start cooking our gnocchi so does the butter heat you're gonna see the foam starting to form and that's the natural process the water and the butter burning out and then you're gonna start seeing Brown little bits forming as well you just want to move it to keep all that circulating around so you can get a good perspective of how Brown it's getting mine is just starting to turn so I got maybe another 30 seconds to go I'm gonna kill the heat or turn it all the way down to low and all the way down to low and then like I said that's when we'll start on yoki alright so I've got some store-bought neo ki here the package says it's going to take about 2 minutes or so to cook it certainly won't take longer than that it goes really fast so about 30 seconds if I turn the heat back up on my brown butter sauce I'm gonna add my garlic this is calling it one big flow kind of to medium-sized clothes and then I've got a good quarter cup of shredded sage or just you know picked apart sage obviously you could chop it but I like that little rustic look as well both doors are gonna fry in the in the oil and then once the gnocchi is done we're just going to think them directly from the from the pot here and add them right into our sauce my new key are just about done now my sauce is getting a little bit on the dark side starting to worry so I'm just gonna add another tab of butter which kind of slows it down cools the pan down and gives me another 30 seconds or so before the before the sauce gets overdone let's go ahead and we'll pull the gnocchi out in about 30 more seconds okay I'm yogi is ready to go so I'm gonna grab my butternut squash add that to our tourist sauce and just kind of let it come up to temperature a little bit give it a little bit of a toss and once I have that together we'll grant our Grabber gnocchi slided / I'm just going to go straight from the pot in it right into the pan here you can certainly drain it in the pan if you want but as long as you get most of the water out you should be absolutely fine you may want to give it a toss as you go just to make sure things don't stick once I get all this gnocchi Odin will come back and we will finish our sauce okay so once we've got our gnocchi all heated through we're gonna go ahead and add our bacon into the into the yoki I like to add it in here so it stays kind of crisp what we're gonna do then is grab our Parmesan cheese and just create a little bit of that right in there as much or as little as you like I like a lot adds a little bit of creaminess to the sauce and it's absolutely beautiful give it another toss or so kill the heat and then it's time to serve it up okay it's time to serve up our beautiful butternut squash gnocchi and the brown butter and sage sauce it's absolutely awesome one of my absolute fall favorites you can go ahead on you know garnish it again with a little bit more Parmesan cheese a little bit of olive oil make sure your plate is nice and clean like mine is and I'll see you next time I'm nervous be required do my university of iowa capstone Boricua College.

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