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Capstone proposal letter order

Capstone proposal letter order write for me topics for capstone project in marketing 1000 word essay on art of war ´╗┐hello everyone welcome back to the blog today I want to give an update on the Marjorie stone school shooting or the shooter and I also want to talk a little bit about the University of Michigan shooting first I want to mention that Zachary Cruz the brother of Nicholas Cruz who committed the atrocities at the Marjorie stone school killing 17 people including faculty and students he said that he regretted bullying his brother when they were younger and he also stated that he and his friends bullied Nicholas Cruz and we also know from other reports that students at that school had bullied Nicholas Cruz and this is something that I had talked about before in another video and I'm just gonna say that we have had a breakdown in our society and this is even more proof when it comes to the University of Michigan shooting but this Nicholas Cruz was bullied there were several signs that he was going to do this shooting yet the community did not stop it but then now Zachary Cruz his brother says that he could have prevented that shooting and yes he probably could have prevented that shooting by acting that maybe a little decent to his brother again a breakdown in our society and I do understand bullying has been going on for years and decades we have never had this many school shootings by the way when CNN reports that there were 12 school shootings and then this false reporting website every town or whatever it is they want to say that oh yeah there's been a teen or a thousand school shootings in nine weeks whatever it is it's false reporting and getting everybody in an uproar when most of those shootings that occurred were accidental discharges were someone doing something that they shouldn't have with the gun and so forth there wasn't a outright school shooting massacre like the one in Florida or Sandy Hook all of those shootings that this false reporting website reports did not use an ar-15 so let's get that straight as well but I digress we live in a society when people do drugs which we'll talk about that in just a second and they are not taught that drugs are bad and I'm not saying that mr. Davis who was the father of Eric Davis did not teach his kid right from wrong but I'm just saying these things are glorified in our society and drugs are easily accessed and then you have bullies out there who have no regard for human life they have no regard for a another human being they don't care about the feelings of other people out there and so we have a breakdown in our society and we don't have a breakdown in the NRA we don't have a breakdown in guns we have a breakdown in our society when drugs are easily accessed when people have no regard for human life and that is even more evident in the left trying to say oh well human life doesn't start until birth and then we have thousands of babies killed every day due to abortion the left doesn't care about human lives they care about votes and taking your rights away because the only thing that's easily and readily accessible is drugs and the wrong behavior that people do out there now let's get to this Michigan shooting this Davis Jr who killed his parents on the Michigan University campus was already taken to the hospital the night before because campus police called up the mother and said that he had erratic behavior and they suspected there was drug use this story there's not a whole lot thoth about it yet but apparently it was right before spring break yesterday parents were showing up to pick up their kids for a week-long spring break and campus police had a run-in with the shooter and I commend the campus police in the fact that they did catch the erratic behavior and they contacted the parents they even did a follow up on something that Davis had came up and said to them that there that he felt like his life was in danger and they followed that up with an investigation with the person who Davis had said that was threatening his life and they discovered that his life wasn't threatened so the campus police did their job and I commend them for it and they did the right thing by taking him to a hospital to get checked out but he was released and he went back to the University and I loved how the liberal media spins this because you'll see in the headlines that the shooter used a registered gun to his father not putting out there until maybe the very end of the article that his father was a part-time policeman in his County and he was also a part-time policeman at the VA because he was a veteran if liberal media even puts that part in there it's all the way at the very end and they also put at the very end that there was possible drug abuse and there was erratic behavior and they surely are not gonna tell about the good deeds that the campus police did for the whole interaction of it which by the way the campus police also checked their security footage and seen that Davis was walking from the parking lot with a handgun up to the dorm where his parents were there's not much more known about this story yet but as it unfolds I will talk more about it because again I fully believe that every school shooting and every atrocity like the Michigan University shooting can be greatly reduced if we as people if we as parents and adults treat each other with a little bit of respect and try to help each other rather than bullying and try to teach the dangers in drugs a lot of these atrocities these massacres can be prevented if we start policing our society the way that we should teaching personal responsibility and teaching and stressing right from Rome and quit giving lawlessness a pass much like the left is doing right now in very different ways and so you gotta ask yourself if Nicholas Cruz was bullied and all these signs demonstrated that he possibly could have done this and he even stated that he was going to do this but then you also see the liberal media spin this University campus shooting and if they do talk about the truth really rather than straightforward pointing out the gun you gotta wonder why why do they want to stress the gun so much and then you must ask why do they even want to take your guns away my ancestors can answer that for you the Native Americans can tell you exactly why they want to disarm you to further take your rights away much like the Native Americans who were being disarmed and their land taken away and there is a specific Massacre that I want to talk about in a future video that had to do between Native Americans and the Calvary and so if you want to hear about that let me know in the comments section below but if we as people we as human beings started teaching how bullying is detrimental to the soul of a person and how treating people with disrespect and disregard and treating life would disregard believe we would do a lot better in our society I mean there's a lot of things that contribute to that just some food for thought and that's gonna do it for today's video I hope you were informed a little bit and if there's anything you'd like to add to these stories comment below let me know what you'd think whether it is society or guns comment that below but with that being said have a blessed day and we will see you again next video [Music] you do my portland state university senior capstone Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

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