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Capstone properties llc windsor ct

Capstone properties llc windsor ct capstone treatment center detroit for money trireme olympias the final report of synod ´╗┐hi guys so as you can tell from the title of this video my leopard gecko's tail fell off and I am beyond sad and confused as to what happened anyone that knows me and my personal life knows that my leopard gecko's tail was like prized possession I always made sure that her tail would stay intact I didn't let kids handle her I always made sure that her tail wasn't touched or pulled or handled at all so it's been about three days since that happened and I'm still completely confused as to what happened I thought about this spur days now and I have zero idea how this happened so maybe you guys can help me figure out what happened to her tail as you know leopard geckos tails aren't supposed to just fall off like crested gecko tails do and that's possibly what happened I have zero idea so every night at about 8:00 8:30 I go through and feed all the nocturnal animals in the house and at usually when I do that Percy she is very sociable so when I go in there to get her fresh water and her worms or crickets or whatever she's eating for the day she almost always comes out and gets into my hand and wants to be taken out so I take her out so on that night she did just that and I could tell that she was about to shed she had that really hazy look over her entire body so I knew that she was about to shed so I put a couple of worms in her thing because she usually doesn't eat when she's about to shed and I mentioned a little for water Bowl I made sure that her moist side was good so that she could shed properly and all that she was climbing and digging and being her normal happy self she wanted to be picked up I took her out and I put her back in and everything was fine soon the next morning usually in the morning I wake up and I make an eat breakfast and then I go around and do all of my animal checking rounds just making sure everybody knows water just looking at everybody and hanging out at whoa so I check the crested geckos and the snakes the snakes need more water I dealt with that and then I peeked in at Percy and normally in the mornings I can always find her in her hot hide so I cleaned out her water bowl she is really loving this whole bioactive setup and i despise it that's gonna be a future video of me redoing it so that we have a good compromise because i have to clean out her tank every single morning because she gets mud in her water bowl in her food bowl in her calcium dish and i have to clean it out fully every single morning so i have a good compromise that I'm gonna work on soon that's another video anyways I find her in her hot hot I peek in there and I can see almost a almost black stiff something in there and I first I don't know what it is I think maybe it's like a mealworm disfrutan beetle or something but it's not moving so I look in there a little further and at this moment I realized that I was looking at the tip of her tail and I panicked because let her get those tails aren't closed his fall but crested geckos tails - and I thought that she was dead so I went into full-blown panic mode heart racing on the verge of tears cuz I didn't know what happened I got the flashlight I shined it in there and I could see her face moving around and looking at me so I pulled out the tail and she lost just about the last third of her tail so it wasn't even her hotel that fell off and so that when I was super confused because I was asleep no one touched her she's in my bedroom and she's housed alone and the night before I took her out and she was happy and being her normal self like she wasn't sick she was about to shed she was rubbing her body on stuff and going over to her moist hide and digging in common and doing all of her normal Percy things that she does and then I wake up and her tail is missing so I pulled her tail out and immediately I just kind of shoved that to the side and I just wanted she was okay and she was very skiddish she could tell that whatever happened scared her or I don't know but she was very skittish and she just kind of wanted to be left alone so I don't want to stress her out any more than she already was but I could see where her tail had severed and about last set she lost about a third of it and you could tell that it was bleeding but the bleeding had stopped and I was just really confused but I left her alone cuz like I said she was very skittish she's never skittish she was when she was a little baby but as she's gotten older she likes to be held and she likes to be taken out and if you don't take her out she scales the sides of the tank like she'll trying to climb it with her claws and she loves to be out and she loves to be handled but she was very skittish she just kind of kept back and into the corner of her tank so I left her alone and I started looking at the tank and on one of my pieces of Chola wood there is what I'm assuming his blood and so I was looking at her tail and if you look at it you can see that there is the part where it came off and there's kind of another little gash there so the only thing that I can assume is that maybe she cut her tail on something and then went into her house and it came the rest of the way off but I'm really confused because there's nothing in her tank that sharp the Chola wood that had the blood on it there's kind of if you look at it there's like these little in areas where maybe she cut it but I've taken my finger and run my finger along the edges of it and they're not sharp at all so just very confused really sad because one of the cutest things about Percy is that when she was hunting the tip of her tail would like flick when she saw her prey that she was gonna get and it was super cute and that's not gonna happen anymore because I don't know if you guys know but once a leopard gecko loses their tail they become like just a round bulbous structure instead of the smooth skinny tapering that normally happens and they don't really have full controls at the end of their tail anymore so that won't happen she's fine she was out the very stay climbing and being her normal self I think it traumatized me more than it traumatized her because like I said she's fine I moved her back to a tile tank just because as that end of that tail is healing I don't want any kind of substrate getting into it but she's doing good she's climbing and going from her hot and cold side and eating and drinking and just being her normal self so I don't know I guess there is no conclusion to this video because I have zero idea so I have an entire list of videos that I would have rather made today that weren't this one but I guess sometimes you can't control stuff like that and I thought it would be good to make this video for you guys to let you know what happened because like I said I have an upcoming video where I'm gonna redo Percy's tank so that it is essentially half tile and half soil for her to dig in but I didn't want to make that video and you guys wonder what happened to her tail so it's gonna let you guys know I'm sorry this video doesn't have a more exciting conclusion if you guys have any ideas of what could have happened to her tail please leave those in the comments below because I am very confused I tried googling to see if other people's leopard geckos tails have just fallen off and the only thing that I could really find is that they can drop their tails if they get an injury that they feel like they need to let their tail go so I'm assuming at some point somehow she injured it I just don't know how so yeah that's about it for this video please don't forget to subscribe below I put out new videos every Sunday and that's it hope you have a fantastic day bye [Music] capstone project library system Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

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