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Capstone projects for nurse educators for money

Capstone projects for nurse educators for money write for me what is a capstone project coursera anaconda vs python movie review ´╗┐why am I being detained right now you're being detained right now yeah for medical emergency what investigate a medical emergency and why am I here what's that why are you detained for what reason you're being detained why okay put the phone down can I can you tell me why I'm being detained you're being detained for further investigation our investigation into what a medical emergency well why does he imagine it why do I have anything to do with the medical emergency can you tell me now because I'd like to leave no sir this isn't right I'm being held and I'd like to leave but you're being detained you can't mean for what to invest further investigation of a medical emergency further investigation of a medical emergency yes sir why would I be involved in a medical emergency we'll get to that in a second another officers gonna come here and we're gonna have a little discussion and we'll get everything organized okay sounds good what's your name officer my name is sergeant Schneider sergeant the phone down I'm sorry sir I'm allowed to videotape that's right but I'm just going to ask you to put the phone down you can videotape you can set in your lap I want you to keep your hands on your lap for safety so I want you to put your phone in your lap okay you can keep it through psyched-out but I wanted to hold my phone recording you I'm told what my lawyer I'm allowed to do that's fine and there's also a camera in the car that's fine officer get your butt for officer safety I'm an S with your left hand your left knee to right height for your ranking my left hand is on my left main I'd put your right hand your right knee right hand is on my right knee I can't believe this clip this officer this officer just told me that a friend of mine is overdosing I'm being detained because I was at his house and I'm on my way home I don't know why I'm being detained but I'm here like it would just say I'm gonna ask you one more time put your left hand or you left me I left on my right name my right hand on your right knee okay that's fine you could put that right hand on the right name put your left hand on your left knee for officer safety okay okay yes I want to go that's fine well you're being detained you're not you're not allowed to go at this time why I have ready to explain it to you No yes add what's another officer get you gotta be kidding me man why am I here God Mike this kid has problems I'm being held by understand it no it's bullshit fucking seal he'll reach in your pockets do not do not reach your pockets sir a little later I have a lighter right here that's why it's right here that's fine am i Sarah console raise your hand I grabbed it please get your hands out your pockets I appreciate that I understand why this is I'm being treated like a criminal right now no you're just no problem again put your helmet on okay how long am I gonna be waiting here for for another officer to get here it's not gonna be very long no kinda tink I appreciate that can't believe this I'd like to go back to the house to see my friend see if he's okay she's fine there's an ambulance there and there's two other officers with them I would I understand that but I I've known I would like to see you I'm gonna make sure hey well I'm sure he's fine there's another officer any stuff working my ass off doing what I have to do I understand no no you don't you don't know I'm working my ass off do what I have I'll do constantly in this bullshit yeah hey Jimmy take your mic do me a favor man put the cigarette out for me why what's that because I'm gonna ask you out of the car I don't have to step out of my car okay I'm ready to go you got your mic on better I'm gonna ask you to step out of the car okay on what grounds should I step on the out of the vehicle because they're conducting investigation you have fresh tracks marks on your arm I'm gonna ask you to step out of the car no sir doctor you've an investigation so you can Ellen warned me out of my view one more time I'm gonna ask you out of the car and then I'm gonna make you get out of the car okay I stick right out no problem put the cigarette out okay no problem cigarettes out when you step out of the car so while I being treated like a criminal right not being Trebek it's her mom just asking you for my safety crew say if you put yourself home stay out of your pockets okay my cell you answer my cell phone it's right here for know my cell phone I'm not allowed to record the same I talk to my lawyer about I stay put um you can put it you can record it put on the roof of the car no I can't I'm keeping my hands on my cell phone to wait what do you need me for I know you said my friend is having an incident what do you need me for don't make this any worse I don't ask if for my safety or safety put it on the clock officer put on the mall no I'm asking you I'm asking you no now I'm gonna tell you and then I'm gonna make it officer it's against my rights what on swipe around suburbia or what by what grounds the what obstruction obstruction of what non-governmental phone why was I know I understand why I'm being treated like this yes I'm pulled on my vehicle right now for failure to follow simple instructions simple instructions I'm just I'm allowed to hold the camera in my phone that's fine I told you could record anything you want but I wanted you to put it down on the roof of the car no problem I don't have anything in my pockets except my wallet my money and that's it oh please search me he takes these cuffs are extremely touched please understand its crunch like a cup woman's last unused heroin you have fresh track marks on your arm they're not fresh track mark no what else is in the car I'm on that they're leaving the scene of an overdose yes okay okay and we're conducting your further investigation Thank You Mickey look so good when I go over there okay yeah so then why did you leave them what am I gonna I don't know if it was gonna overdose uh no he's gonna pass out and die I know he's on drugs that's your damn shirt in the car right now my car no there's no more comics on my car at all all right no what am I asked to do is I'm the s-super consent to search your car no you don't have consent to search my boy asked you for consent to search the car no okay that's fine that I'm gonna tow your car and found it in a pie for a search warrant okay okay thank you very much do you have anything sharp on you no nothing at all no no needles nothing sharp nothing you're not gonna hurt nothing at all okay and you have it used in how long and bend over in heroin yes it's been over a month over a month yes okay all right what I want you to do is watch your schedule okay nothing sharp correct no 911 in the area before anybody got that above Concannon I got one Jimmy - Roger on floor sergeant Schneider has one here this money weird undertaking like bar it's gonna be towed and impounded where don't need to know that information so disappear I don't need all right so we found a secure location they get it out once we apply for a search warrant we conduct a search then you can get your car out there called soldiers I'm gonna take my car from you right now for what reason this is I can't believe this you know like stupid like either like when I got yours you read please yeah you gotta be fucking kidding me with this there's nothing so you always my pocket I know dude it's a search it's interesting okay actually no way there's heroin sitting right there I don't have heroin like possible okay forgets no way it's ready likes and TV no we'll do we'll just leave them just like that we'll ask him for consent we're gonna if he wants to do consent you can get consent Robert you got to starch we'll just leave it just there for an hour does that'll go paper presentation on blue eyes technology order SUNY Maritime College.

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