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Capstone projects for msn leadership

Capstone projects for msn leadership do my capstone research format apa format citations in paper ´╗┐hi folks it's evil here from Thunder manure company and welcome to today's episode of ton of his fishing tips I've got our Tanya with us our boatless angler we've got Bill with us today and we are boatless but I am so glad you joined us because we're not gonna be boatless long we are here in Hopewell Virginia and we're going out for some evening and night fishing for blue cats we've teamed up with captain Chuck from fish Unlimited here in Hopewell Virginia and we're just waiting for him to roll in he's out there catching fresh bait for us right now and we're gonna go out there and do some blue cat fishing in about 15 minutes he should be here I'm so glad you've joined us because we've never done this before and we're hoping to get into some great action so stay tuned folks all right captain Chuck has arrived good to meet you captain Chuck and he's got the gizzard shad for us hey we got some nice fresh bait right here we're gonna now I imagine we're gonna cut these up yeah we're gonna cut them up in about three sections the bigger ones we're cutting the back fantastic we're on our way out just cuddle okay but you can - you leave the scales on we normally do this is different because normally it's us cutting the beat this time captain Chuck we're gonna see how he he does it but sounds like he leaves the scales on - just like we do we get a little more scent the first two cuts off the bottom okay you don't use the tail okay that's interesting have you ever tried like a fillet like a cut Phillip yeah sometimes you try like okay okay hook it right through the back of the and come out to the edge up yeah I got you now we've got of course we brought some tea turns with us so captains Chuck's got some tea turn rigs and we're also going to use a sliding sinker rig as well so a couple of different methods we're gonna go today and it's our first time out so Phil's gonna assuming we catch a fish Phil's gonna land the first one and I'm gonna land the second one if we get two and Antonio's opted to catch the third one because he usually catches the first one anyway so he's taking a back seat this time okay there's the t-turn rig there that you got rigged up and the hooks that you're using captain Chuck are ten taut circle hooks Sarah owner Jenna and how heavy are the weights about fourteen out fourteen ounce that's because the tide current Shay currents real bad okay all right we're getting set up we're gonna fish right into the night but it would be great to get a nice early bite here in the evening before the before the Sun Goes Down okay we're setting up captain setting us up with eight fishing rods see he just told me there's no limit on the amount of rods you could use so what he's doing is he's fan casting this whole area with each one of these rods and we're going to cover a nice broad span area and with all our baits out there it's going to create a nice scent trail hopefully bring in some of those big blue cats okay look after nothing take too long hey well we said Phil was going to thank the first fish we weren't even sure if we're going to get a fish but that one really picked it up and started running with it got any weight to him Phil little Phil doesn't feel huge but feels decent okay now there's a net captain Chuck's got a neck must be killing you on tony'll the boat was angling to see someone else catch the first fish okay that was gonna be the biggest Wow you might have a dandy pound test line eighty pound leader that'll do it yeah he's probably running them you got your drag set bill yes tight catfishing you might have a big one oh there he is there t-turn rage strikes first whoa oh yeah he looks to be all of 20 tangle up with the other lines that we had beside them a mess there on the second drive in the bag there you go Phil first one over here first ever blue cat 30 30 pounds he play wow that's a big one oh he's definitely 420 hey it's funny oh that's a nice that's a nice fish you gotta remember that one captain Chuck really used to channel catfish so that's oh that's a big fish it's too bad upper twenties yeah exactly will make their can you lift them fell that's that's the to test all the strokes here comes a wave that's a big fish you want a picture your first blue cat sure you grab a photo for you fell that's a dandy thanks to Kathy Chuck I told you what do you think see a lot of Sony this year ok that's what we're going Mike it's going to be close to 30 kathleen chuck was right I think upper 20s it is 27 right at 26 pounds there you go Wow what did you say 26 points in the water he goes that was awesome there you go Phil number one goes to you know I hooked I hope we can get a second one we can get a set I mean our days been made already our trip already made right there with that one fish but we can get another one that will be great because I'm up next Antonio's up third okay now we're gonna set up a tutti turn rig a sliding T turn rig so the sinker here is going to slide and we're gonna run one rig with two hooks here to see if we can create some more scent down there but the one that Phil caught was on the classic T Turner a hook single hook yep we're gonna run a to hook version here now as well yeah he's on he's on the two T turn Drake okay he's going back there is right it's a smaller one he's not gonna beat my my record then okay that's okay I don't mind it'll be my first blue cat regardless is in the bag he's in the bag there we go nice okay you wanna yeah there's my first boot clap right there similar to the channel cat hey Phil lots lot smaller than yours though first blue cat there we go I'm glad I was able to share it with you folks my very first blue cat hopefully a lot more to come I don't think he's eight pounds maybe you see seven and a half body so just about ten pounds not bad for my first blue okay let's get him back here oh wow bit of a splash well that was great on the tutee turn rake Oh Antonia you're on the boat was saying is okay want me to grab that line captain Chuck it's a good one that was a good fight I saw the rod just doubled over and go down okay that's the thing these gizzard shad is one of the best channel catfish bait you could use and when you've got those circle hooks when they run you just roll them in oh it's a blue cat sorry yeah that's the thing with the circle hook it'll find its way to the side of the mouth all you got to do is reel you do not set the hook nice fish Antonio you gotta tell you we didn't expect to get any bites in a third third spot we did get a fish and missed them this is the fourth spot and fourth fish and there was a major cold front that had moved in and a severe drop in water temperature and all the fishing reports said that the fish had shut down but somehow captain Chuck has found the way to put us on fish and was one of the advantages of using a guide service and any one of these bites could have been a 40 50 60 70 80 pound fish that's the exciting thing about fishing the James River shower well I gotta say that's a great day on the water you know any one of those fish like I say could have been a huge fish if you like catching catfish and you want the opportunity to catch a real big one the James River make your way to Hopewell Virginia hook yourself up with captain Chuck in fact I'll put a link in the description for you he showed us a great time he'll show you a good time also exciting fishing I want to thank you so much for tuning in to our first ever blue at episode and I think we're gonna have to make another trip down here because this was just fantastic fishing wanna thank you so much for tuning into today's episode of fundaments fishing kit and as always until next time good luck they're so nice chunky Lake Erie walleye right there that's what it's all about right there folks that's a really good fish reducing hindrances to enterprise risk management implementation in construction firms order Crane School of Music.

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