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Capstone projects for human resources online

Capstone projects for human resources online write for me other words for one off senior bowl 2018 practice report ´╗┐okay hi everybody and welcome to the to stream I hope you guys are excited today because I know that I'm excited today I woke up today clap my hands I said Mike Mignola's coming to chu stream that's gonna be great this could be awesome a nice you know live and interactive very rare your this is Mike's very first time doing this so this is gonna be great for those of you the one or two people that might not know who Mike is shame on you and you know he's the creator of Hellboy as well as an amazing character designer overall writer artist overall genius if you know I could use the word so welcome Mike welcome to the to stream thanks Bobby excellent okay so the holder purpose of a true stream would in the very beginning was just to inspire artists that are coming up you know in the industry and everything so what I want to start off talking about with you was basically let's just start from the beginning you know was the earliest thing you remember drawing as a child this thing is probably Marvel Comics characters I remember being in elementary school and drawing for some reason drawing Captain America and the Red Skull crawling through a tunnel I don't know why there's probably some kind of real psychological stuff but I remember doing eight or ten drawings of these guys crawling through tunnels and spooky I've never told anybody about that and this was okay so when when you were a child you were ready into art pretty early on like how did your parents find you know your your artistic abilities that they encouraged it they didn't discourage it my mother died when I was really young so I I don't have any of her any memories of her take on it and probably died when I was about seven so probably god knows what when I was seven my father didn't really know what to make of it because he's a you know not an artist but he didn't discourage me he did as I got older more and more frequently asked how I was going to make a living but he didn't he didn't say don't do it okay did you go to art school I did I actually I right out of high school I went to a junior college for a couple years where it took mostly art classes and then I was actually done with school I didn't want to do any more school I was going to take off and and try to become you know an illustrator and it was actually my father who said no you should come home to Oakland California you should come home and go to art school he'd never been to college so I think he was thinking why I know what he was thinking get a teaching credential get some kind of a degree because you'll never make a living as a real artist but you can teach so he was that good he kind of wanted to have a back-up plan am I am i right he was very yeah he's very concerned that I have some kind of a practical fallback say that's that's very interesting you know what I find from just talking to people and talking to artists that you know our quote unquote successful artists usually we don't have a back-up plan because we're just so into you know becoming an artist there is no do or die there's only do that's the only thing we're gonna be doing it was that the case for you yeah I I don't know how young I I knew this was gonna do but clearly I geared everything towards it really really early on so I didn't actually four years I didn't think about doing comics but I knew somehow I would draw for a living didn't give a lot of real practical consideration to how I would make a been doing that but it's the only thing I was ever any good at so yeah I don't think I ever seriously you know as a little kid if I want to be a fireman but other than that I never gave any thought to being anything else okay and I'm assuming the the number one choice for you to draw back then was creatures monsters is that correct there what one more thing where you know even as I was in art school towards the end of article I started thinking well how the hell am I gonna make a living drawing monsters because yeah all I want to do is fantasy and monster kind of stuff so yeah that's how I ended up going into comics cuz I figured well there's a lot of monsters in comics maybe I can get a job run monsters they're a very early on you were doing character designs as well for you know film and television you know there there was a short stint with Bram Stoker's Dracula there was a lariat and there was blade you know things like this now was there any point in your time where you said you know what I'm doing I'm drawing creatures now you know maybe this is the route I want to go well you know it's late you say that that was early on because to me that's all that said is very recent okay because I think you know the five minutes I spent on on Dracula was right oops my picture one way the the five minutes I spent on Dracula was right before I started doing Hellboy so I had already got no point in comics where I was picking and choosing the jobs I wanted so comics wasn't a nightmare and then Atlantis I was already drawing Hellboy at the time pretty sure yeah I think I was doing Hellboy when I was doing Atlantis yeah I was and then of course the hell weight stuff so I'd already gotten to the point where I was drawing what I wanted you know if I was doing but filling issues of Iron Man or scrapping around and doing you know god-awful stuff like I did the baby getting in my career you know if if I've gotten the call to do animation design when I was drawing Alpha Flight I might have gone in and become an animator because that wasn't fun in comics but I you know nothing could beat my day job my regular job of drawing you know whatever I wanted so no I never had any any serious consideration doing doing the film stuff I'm not really that good at the film stuff so yeah comics is much better fit for me well I think you know I could say for everybody very easily that you must be crazy you're amazing character designer and definitely you know your overall just doing awesome so okay so you know why don't we get into the whole Hellboy thing you know what was the story behind the creation of Hellboy how did you come up with the idea did you have any other names for Hellboy before Hellboy I haven't I probably the name first I did some this has got back I think 91 I was doing a convention someplace and for the convention program but fast for a drawing so I did some goofy drawing fortunately in in comics I I wasn't known for anything so if I was doing a convention it wasn't like oh I'm the artist of the whole culture of the Hulk I was playing in between jobs or something so I just drew some some monster for fun and I wrote Hellboy on it it just says a joke and I just thought that was funny you know I actually I don't know that I laughed out loud but I just thought that's that's a great name but I wasn't really seriously thinking about doing my own comic I think a lot of people saw that drawing and said are you gonna do something with this who leave this what is this I don't really think about it - a couple years later when a bunch of us started going well yeah let's let's do our own our own comics the image stuff was going on so I briefly toilet the idea of trying to do a commercial comic-like my version of Batman but I figured I wouldn't have any fun doing it and you know I'd spend a year doing it and nobody would buy it and that I would have wasted my time so why don't I take a shot at doing exactly what I want so if it doesn't work and and believe me I didn't think it would work but even if it doesn't work then I've got something on the Shelf someday after years of you know crawling through on my hands and knees to the comic business begging for work and doing work I hate at least I'd have one thing on my shelf where I'd say gee once when I was relatively young I drew the kind of book I wanted to draw write for me general education capstone course Marymount Manhattan College.

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