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Capstone project wiki for money

Capstone project wiki for money write for me baruch psychology capstone presentation fail gif ´╗┐basements are creepy I'm pretty sure that's why basements were invented to just creep us all out however some basements are a lot creepier than others you may think you know a very creepy basement but it will have nothing on the ones in this video I promise you that my name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 scary messages found in basements what's that you quite like my shirt and all hats and would like to have one for yourself well thanks for asking head on over to most amazing shop comm to get your very own right after this video [Music] all right coming in at number 10 that we have Joshua rules in 2015 a man took his brother along with him to go house-hunting in Michigan when they stood will across a dirty wet and unfinished basement they saw writing on the wall and when they took a closer look they realized that a child used to live down there one wall read josh's rules number one stop reading your walls number two no watching Isiah through the hole and number three no writing or drawing on the walls number four if you don't like these rules go to number zero other messages said things like don't climb into my room or and I think this one is the creepiest stop watching me the man posted all of these pictures to reddit where users came up with their theories ranging from schizophrenia to the supernatural very strange stuff either way next up at number nine now we have Satan in 2015 MJ user bushi 992 posted these pictures to injure of the basement and attic in the house that he and his friends had just moved into as you can see something went down here the symbols appear to be satanic in nature there were pentagrams Rams snakes and strange messages on the wall such as 4i and the earth and within me the devil burns many people asked them why didn't they ask to see the attic and basement before they moved in I think that's a very good point I'm not sure if I could sleep knowing this stuff was below me and never right now we have the tape reddit user lumberjack shared pictures of a small basement passageway that he discovered in his new home inside it he found a locked door which concealed an entrance to a small room inside that room was a briefcase and a safe he opened that and found some money a few watches and video tapes the tapes have writing on the front of them one of them simply read no no no no he handed everything over to the police for investigation would you guys have done the same or would you have ignored the message and watched the tape I'm not sure if I could have okay next up at number 7 now we have the tombstone in 2016 a student from Massachusetts made a grim discovery in their University House basement a grave Derek crook was interviewed about the tombstone next to the boiler in his home the message on it says this marks the burial site of jay-bez Hardin who served in the war of 1812 now he died in 1879 at the age of 83 at first the housemates were very creeped out by this find but now James actually quite enjoys shocking visitors to the house by randomly announcing there's a grave in the basement maybe that's just his coping mechanism next at number 6 we have graffiti in 2012 reddit user tallest Waldo shared a creepy discovery he found in his basement this writing accompanied by some very strange symbols another Reddit user identify the symbols as being part of a cold spell casting they suggested this basement used to be a cult members ritual workspace after meditating on the symbols for a while it seems they had an epiphany and wrote the message that we can now see on the wall I can kind of make out something about their soul being fire and the time has come to use the gateway they have opened what do you guys think it says I'm not even sure if I want to know out of the five now guys we have Peter Pan in 2010 a woman in LA found something very disturbing in her basement wrapped in newspapers from the 1930s where the mummified remains of two newborn infants they were wrapped up with a copy of Peter Pan and a membership card to that Peter Pan woodland Club detectives identified who did this a woman called JM Barrie who coincidentally had the same name as the author of the book but was of no relation what police have never figured out though is the purpose of this what did this symbolized was this woman trying to convey a message about her dead newborns and the story of Peter Pan's never Neverland we may never know at another four spot now we have mold in 2005 a family who moved into a new home were decorating one of the rooms when they noticed a bookcase was a little bit loose they nudged it and it's swung open to reveal a secret passageway inside they found a note that read hello if you're reading this then you found the secret room the letter went on to explain how they were the previous tenant of the house but had to move out because of mold which made their children very sick the new owners who are reading this actually listened to the warning and moved out because of the mold too they even sued the broker who saw than the house I'm sure they're happy they got the warning but I would be a little bit creeped out to find a note that congratulated me for finding the secret room very weird stuff alright next one number three now we have the asylum now not much is known about the picture you're about to see or even who took it but I think that kind of adds to the whole mysterious allure of it this was the writing found on the basement wall of an abandoned mental asylum it reads I never knew much about people until I took one apart just to see how it works many commenters online have speculated who exactly wrote this and it perhaps the story behind this message could lead to the reason the asylum was abandoned in the first place moving on to the number two spot now we have drugs injury user boomers shared a couple of pictures from the basement of a house that he moved into in 2012 now the landowner had told him that the previous tenants were quote hardcore drug users they didn't really see any evidence of this though that was until they went into the basement this was the site they were met with when they arrived it appears to be a message written in blood members 41 and 90 are large and prominent surrounded by a bunch of random letters and the handprints of the people who made this other numbers on the wall include 82 6 and 35 what does this all mean is this some sort of secret code whoever took the time to make this must have thought these numbers held some real significance because it looks like they use their own blood and finally everyone now we have the bunker now for me a bunker is basically a huge creepy basement with nothing above it it's like a super basement in 2014 an MJ user shared a story and pictures from when they visited a friend in northern Germany in the woods they found an abandoned bunker they followed the endless hospital-like hallways as they ventured deeper and deeper they found graffiti on the walls with words like die and help eventually they came across a huge yellow vault door that had been ripped off its hinges a worrying sight to see what could have been that powerful a little further on they found the creepiest writing so far a message in German that translates to hello Satan I love you it wasn't long before they just turned back that clearly isn't a place you want to stick around in for too long well I think they were all very creepy I hope you're okay but which one was your favorite would you guys like a top ten scary messages found in attics next on the channel let me know I had Danny Burke thank you for watching guys and I will see you all in the next video [Music] [Music] sample senior capstone project online School of Medicine.

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