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Capstone project u of c order

Capstone project u of c order capstone tile need someone to do my dissertation conclusion on same sex marriage now ´╗┐anyone can make Gregorian chant on the computer and to prove how easy it is I'm actually holding a fussy little baby right now and so by by doing this in making this video that will prove how easy it is and how anyone can do this okay so there are going to be one or two websites you have to remember the first one is going to be this one here I'll paste it here so you can see it and you can write that one down that's a website we're gonna go to in a second but to begin with you need to know two things you need to know how to make the equal sign I'm sorry the percent sign and you start out by making the percent sign twice so let me make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can see that so you make the percent sign twice then you put in a clef and we'll talk about that in a second where you get your clef is according to a chart that you can follow here and you can you can decide which clef you want to use but let's just use a random clef for now see four and let's use a word oh I don't know I'm since I'm holding my baby Felix let's type in baby Felix like this now we have to put in some notes here before it'll work and so before we can put in the notes we have to figure out which ones are the hyphenated words okay let's see the living sentence a little bit longer baby Felix loves rev orion chant okay so we quickly have to take those and we have to get this hyphenation done so we put that in here and i'll show you this link in a second we put that in here over here like that and we hyphenate it you grab it we go back now you might want to know what that link is so I will get you that link right here and you can write that one down so again to recap we've done three things we've entered the percent sign twice then we we've entered a clef in this case I just chose c4 and we've we've hyphenated our text so we're ready to go and you use your little um the chart here that that I'll show you in a second where to get it it's really easy where to get it and let's say we pick a note let's do F G and H okay so let's do F G oh it didn't know how to hyphenate felix let's just assume it's right here for instance F G H let's do the rest on H's so I can just copy and paste see I'll do the rest on HS let's make it let's say Gregorian chant so let's do h HH there let's do Gregorian chant okay so all we have to do is copy what we've done we go over to the very first link I already showed you remember when I showed you this link down here we enter it in we do the little there's a little math there's a math question and ask to 9 plus 2 is 11 and then you just submit it takes a second it's gonna think about it okay and now see what it's done it's actually created what we wanted baby Felix loves Gregorian chant now of course there's a whole bunch more things you can do with that for instance you can go back and you can look on the chart if you click on I told you I'll show you where the one page summary is all I have to do is click here on the one page summary up here by under resources it gives you this one page summary so for example it teaches you how to make an ending bar so for instance we can go back and and put in an ending bar okay two more things I want to show you before we end this short video if you don't want an initial at the beginning you can use initial style 0 and the centering scheme as opposed to Latin since we're doing English for the moment you might want to use centering scheme English and so let's take what I've just done and see how that works so there shouldn't it should Center according English now and there B no letter at the beginning right so you punch that in there we use the code in other words 5 plus 1 is 6 that's the code and we submit now let's see what does that initial letter should be gone there should be a double bar at the end let's see if it did it right yep we got rid of the initial letter we got a double r at the end and we we made it Center according to the word as opposed to the the the vowel which which Latin does by the way if you want to do Latin and I always - 8 everything you don't technically have to put these lines in I actually do I think it looks better but you don't have to do that but I always do and if you're doing Latin you can remember this there's a website here that will actually and I'll paste it for you right here that will actually celebified your Latin words the only problem with that is that there are several ways of hyphenating Latin words and at some point I'll put up a blog showing all the differences but I mean for example written Latin is a little different than spoken Latin so you find different things the second buddy just second we're almost done um Neum in in some written some some Latin will be hyphenated like this but written is usually omnium things of that nature are different you know the famous cases some tees you know is it this which is more common in sung or is it this which is more common in written so that's something that you can deal with on your own by yourself the more L the Morello org saliva fire is again it'll give you help but you still have to you have to decide exactly what you want to do and I hope to be blogging but blogging about that at some point because it's actually a really interesting subject the way that they different editions and editors break up Latin Wars differently so like I say all you have to do is go back here oh no that I forgot the most important thing I mention to you that you can follow this summary of JBC and you can put in all everything that you possibly want to do but I forgot to tell you that the most important thing is you don't even have to really fill out Gregorio anymore because everybody's done all the work already so all you have to do if you want to just get pre done code like I don't know like if you want to just do you don't have to do it yourself you can just copy it like this this is a pre done code you can go over here you can put it in here and you can solve the solve the puzzle here you can make this however you like in the sense of you can adjust you can have paper size custom you can have typeface you know Palatino I mean you can do whatever you like you can adjust the scaling factor you can have red lines you can have staff line thickness can be 20 you know you can do whatever you like here you can adjust the initial size and of course let's let's add this initial well actually let's just leave it as it is and then once you submit it so this is pre done code that somebody else did and boom you can format it however you like let's see by the way I will not leave you orphans this this piece here the way it's written it needed a little bit of adjustment to make it to make the eye look good at the beginning so if you notice I had to add this little thing here oops okay I hope you can see that that's what I had to add to get some space in there so those are the little things that you can mess around with especially if you're using what I already mentioned this summary of JBC which is just there's resources up here but more importantly and this will be the final thing because I'll end this if you need code to the curio lai or the propers or anything you just go to this musica soccer forum and I'll give the URL in a way that you can see it I'll just put right here that's the music of soccer forums you just go there and you you just start a thread and say hey does anyone have the G ABC database and they'll answer it and they'll send you to where you need to go there's lots of G ABCD databases or you could also call them gregorio databases hope you enjoyed this video hope that you'll start doing it by yourself write for me capstone projects in leadership SUNY Upstate Medical University.

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