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Capstone project topics for mba hr for money

Capstone project topics for mba hr for money capstone house columbia sc agribenchmark cash crop report 2018 movies [Music] PACS 2017 we are here with Ron Gilbert and talking about thimble weed art so for those of us that didn't grow up you know in our strike pc master race tell us a little bit about the games that you need before that yeah well I made a lot of point-and-click adventure games and the first one I made was maniac mansion this was back in 1987 and then after maniac mansion I worked a little bit on Zack McCracken then I made the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade point-and-click adventure and then I made Monkey Island one elector Feeny looking at NOAA votes behind you and then I made again - after that and then I did a whole bunch of point click adventures for kids after that so by the time that I met kibosh three-point he was already a mighty pirate was he yes so I got introduced to the point and click adventure games late into my life so how approachable is thimble we'd park to something like me where I didn't grow up on adventure games some of the puzzles in in some of the more classic games might be a little tougher for me yeah well we really designed em bow eat bark - it's not an easy game but we kind of like like file up all of those like ugly rough edges that the old point-and-click adventures had like a lot of those games had very you know obtuse puzzles that didn't make a lot of sense and you randomly combine things together and we kind of got rid of all that within Bowie Park so it's still a very classic point-and-click game it's still a very hard game but it's not like an obscure type Russell solving and we also have a casual mode where all of the really hard puzzle have been removed or pre solved so you're - what you're doing is solving the more you the easier puzzles and stuffs a little more help and on top of that there's a built-in hint system because it is the game the game does play case takes place in 1987 there's actually a phone in the game and you can call the phone and you can yes you call the hint line and you can like work through the little hint tree and you get in the game and those hints are based on kind of where you are in the yeah see that's the one thing we can do that the old hint lines couldn't do we actually know where you are in the game so we can help you with very specifically the issues that you're having at that moment okay so kind of give me the elevator pitch one thing I guess the weight hard I will definitely part it's a story of these two detectives agent ray and agent Ray has that show up in town because there's been a body discovered in the river outside okay and so they're there and they're like trying to figure out what's going on but what they discover is this town of Emily Park is really really bizarre there's lots of very very strange characters and it's kind of like this trip down this rabbit hole of what's going on in the town so it's got its here kind of a Twin Peaks pipe to it just in terms of the oddness of everything going on there's a really creepy clown there is a creeper count ransom ransom ransom the clown yeah yeah it's Kirk so who is your favorite character mine is probably Dolores is up the screen right now probably Dolores because she's a game developer so I kind of relate to her she fits in so the game starts out your ear that you can switch between the two agents right to solve puzzles and then as you progress through the game you slowly meet other characters like ransom clown or Dolores or Franklin and Dolores her her uncle is kind of the you know kind of used to own the town right he was the big important guy yeah and he died and so Dolores comes back to town for the reading of his will but she was disinherited so she's kind of back in town in his mysterious terms because she had been disinherited and she been disinherited because she wanted to be a game developer oh the twists and turns don't end all right so what is your favorite puzzle to design because this is obviously a deeply puzzle heavy game that's really a hard that's all your baby yeah yeah you love all your kids the same even even the ugly ones so yeah I don't know that I girlie oh okay that's that's the dog answer so there was a controversy about toilet paper yes so can you tell us a little bit about the toilet paper controversy yes I tweeted a picture of the bathroom and the toilet paper in the bathroom was was hanging over the roll and I didn't think anything of it right and then a whole bunch of people on Twitter like oh my god the toilet paper is hanging the wrong way it should be heating under not over I'm thinking is toilet paper who cares ready but apparently honey was here thousands of Twitter followers paired and so you know I talked to the artist mark hood down room and I'm like well why did you hang the toilet paper like that and he's like I don't know I just picked a direction so so what we did was we actually went into the game at that point and we added an option in the game so if you go into the UI you get to decide whether favored over or under alright no more toilet paper controversy alright and I saw mention that there was sort of a classic references can you kind of explain how that works because you have a huge body of classic works that you pulled upon that does have some reference in the game right yeah well we bought the game and it started as a Kickstarter right you know and so when and you know we were working with Gary Winnick who I you know maniac mansion with and we're also working with David talks who also worked on being the egg mansion also then to exact my crack and then whatever and so you know when we're building this game we were just having a lot of fun right and we just put in all these like you know cell references and yeah a lot of people kind of looked at and well there's a little too much of that stuff yeah so we disagree but there's actually but yes we respectively well disrespectfully disagree so what we did much like toilet paper is we added an option you can check the thing in a removes all of those like self-reference and it has sort of a different style of dialogue in place of there's some places where we've removed it there's a lot of images that just go away when you do it so you know if that stuff if you're offended might reference to those from classic adventure games you can check that box and they all go away okay so you talked about the easy mode a little bit earlier what kind of motivated you guys to sort of include that in the game was that something you thought of from the very beginning was it something that people came to you and said hey I'm a player that doesn't do well we puzzle games but I love your narrative no that was something we had planned from the beginning and Monkey Island 2 actually has hard mode in and easy mode yeah it does and so this was really I mean I really like that because some people especially today you know people don't necessarily have 20 hours to like spin on an adventure game okay we wanted to give that mode for people who want kind of a lighter experience really make sense all right and you recently announced but you're bringing them Bowie Park to the Nintendo switch yes we are right there guys wait for it so what has it been like porting the game to Nintendo switch it's been great I mean I I like the switch I think the switch is going to become almost my favourite platformer because it's all touched so you can just touch the screen views and stuff and I love the switch because I could take it with me you know it's really really nice so it's been great and hoardings us which really wasn't that hard so it's been a wonderful part and you guys have a release date for the Nintendo switch right out sometime in the next month or so awesome so keep watching rpgamer for all the latest news on giveaway Park and there's a release date and then in ten days write for me cfp capstone course cost School of Visual Arts.

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