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Capstone project topics for hr order

Capstone project topics for hr order kapstone paper merger buy personal statement on alcohol ´╗┐Boggan Rand Paul is also a physician he's been one of Obamacare's leading detractors but now he may actually want to keep the law around for a while he has a plan Senator Paul joins us tonight from Washington senator thanks for being here what about this repeal replaced at the same time explain how this works actually I don't want to delay the repeal I'm all for the repeal as soon as we can get to it but we should vote on replacement the same day and I'm putting together a bill that will be out this week that will be a consensus replacement bill there are many bills probably 50 different Republican bills some of them that have been out two and three decades for the replacement part what we want to do in the replacement is legalize the ability to buy inexpensive insurance get rid of the Obamacare mandates let any insurance product to be sold particularly inexpensive insurance products that's number one let people save tax-free give them tax credits for health savings accounts so they can buy insurance and then the third thing we want to do is let individuals come together as part of groups or associations so they can buy their insurance as part of a big pool to have leverage to get lower prices and also so they don't get affected by adverse things like pre-existing conditions all right I want to put up the bullet points of this this plan basically reducing costs expanding access expanding choices leveling the playing field is how you describe it here but is there consensus on this and does it include pre-existing conditions and keeping kids on until 26 the good things about you know that people talk about Obamacare I think there is Republican consensus on replacement the ideas that we've taken for the replacement bill come from other Republicans bills there's very little that I've put together in my replacement bill that is an original idea that's not an idea already been put out by other Republicans in fact most of these ideas Congressman Tom Price who is designated to be in Trump's cabinet has been in favor of he's another physician in Congress who's put together a lot of replacement ideas over the years and so basically we've put together the most popular and I think there is a consensus I think it will pass overwhelmingly in the house the question in the Senate is will Democrats be willing to work with us to replace Obamacare but what about those two substantive questions about the pre-existing conditions and up to 26 yeah on the 26 I think that's part of the underlying law so unless it is repealed in the underlying law would still be part of the law I think it's going to still be part of the law that's not repealed on pre-existing conditions you can't let people wait till they're sick to buy insurance because if you do it bankrupts the whole system young people won't buy into it they say I'm going to wait till I get sick so what we do to fix the pre-existing condition Clause is we try to get people into what are called Association plans these are group plans so if you're a mom-and-pop and you have a pest control business instead of you buying insurance by yourself where you might be affected by pre-existing conditions let you buy your insurance as part of a big group and then you're not affected by pre-existing conditions my goal is that there's about 11 million people in the individual insurance market I want every one of them to be able to buy insurance as part of a group in an association market so the goal would be that the people most affected by pre-existing conditions small businesses and individuals they would no longer have to have that problem because they would be put into big groups and they would be able to buy insurance with as a part of a large insurance pool and you're also talking as the president-elect talked about crossing state lines to increase the the marketability in the competition is there tort reform in this package we didn't put tort reform in there because I think a lot of tort reform is occurring at the state level and that's really where most tort occurs is in state level courts so we didn't put that in there but I'm in favor of tort reform as a physician it would go a long way towards lowering cost but the main thing to remember about Obamacare is it's failing because it increased the cost of insurance for young healthy people they didn't buy insurance and sicker people did so like in North Carolina the Blue Cross plan in North Carolina for individuals lost 400 million dollars last year under Obamacare because you can't have it both ways you can't sort of say oh we want young healthy people to buy insurance but then you mandate that the only kind of insurance they can buy is very expensive insurance so you've talked to president elect Trump about this I have and he's he said he was very enthusiastic about voting on repeal and replacement the same day that we shouldn't leave people in the lurch let's have a replace been out there for them and I truly think that President Trump is very popular and I think a lot of Democrats will have to decide are they going to go against the popular will of their state or are they willing to work with us and say you know what Obamacare is not working premiums have gone through the roof maybe we should work with with Republicans to come up with a replacement bill the replacement bill I have is not controversial it is a consensus of Republicans but really I think reasonable moderate Democrats ought to give a look at it as well the other thing that's tough is the deductibles senator I mean people are paying deductibles through the roof yeah but what you're doing is you're paying high deductibles and high premiums what you need to do is in a normal marketplace if you choose a higher deductible you get a lower premium so if you're a 22 year old or a 23 well let's say 27 because the the provision on 26 let's say you're a young healthy person you really do want a high deductible low premium product but under Obamacare you got a high deductible and a high premium there wasn't the normal market trade-off but the other thing that we do that Obamacare are never did is let individuals come together and buy their insurance as a group that is not happening in our country and it's this artificial market the individual market that was developed because we gave the tax deductions to getting insurance through employment so the other thing we do is equalize the taxes so if you buy insurance on your own as an individual or through one of these associations it'll be fully tax deductible in fact we have a tax credit in there to help people afford their insurance as well but we'll see if Republicans can circle around this this plan that as you mentioned there's a lot out there and there's some skepticism I want to get you very quickly to talk about this speech tonight and what you expect to hear from President Obama and and what you think about you know I think President Obama could have done a lot more and I think in the end people will look back and say you know why didn't he try a little harder with Congress to get some things done try to work with some on the other side at all you know there were some things I supported that he wanted to criminal justice reform and we never got it done because I think he didn't engage enough and trying to get things done with Congress I think Trump's gonna be a lot different I think Trump really is gonna work with Congress having a vice president Mike Pence who has already been up here of times and says he wants to work with Congress knows how Congress works or doesn't work I think really the Trump administration is going to engage Congress I think we're going to be amazed at the things we can get done well Senator Paul we appreciate your time tonight next time you'll see in studio you write for me capstone case new century wellness group chapter 5 Orange County Community College.

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