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Capstone project title for information technology online

Capstone project title for information technology online write for me ashland city police department looking for someone to write thesis on national security for 10 -One of the things that seems to be getting a little lost in sort of the more salacious things that are happening every day is the tax plan. House voted on one today. You have sort of talked about on your show that the math that the Republicans are pushing does not quite add up. -You know, 2/3 of the tax cut is for corporations, right? -Yes. -And the -- And the idea -- the -- the -- the sort of sales pitch is, we´re gonna give it to CEOs and corporations. They´re gonna take that money and turn around and be like, "You get a job! You get a job! New factory here! Raises here!" And the other day, Gary Cohn, economic advisor, is in a roomful of C.E.O.s, and someone stands up and says, "Show -- Raise your hand if you´re gonna give people raises and invest in capital investment," and, like, no one raises their hand. -Yeah, and he did it... -And -- -He was hoping that it would be a sea of hands. -He even said, "Why aren´t people´s hands up?" [ Light laughter ] -Yeah. -It´s like, because it´s not gonna work. -Yeah. -So, it´s -- it´s really a pretty crazy thing. It also is the case that, if you look at the numbers, it´s a tax hike for a lot of middle-income Americans by the end of this thing. They passed a tax hike today, which, if you´ve got a Republican member of Congress and you live in an affluent suburb of New Jersey or California or New York, what is the point of electing a Republican if your taxes are gonna go up? -Yeah. That´s -- -Like, why are you doing it? -Yeah, there´s not a lot that the Republican Party is crushing it on, other than that. -That is a thing you elect your Republican congressman to go to Washington and prevent from happening. -So, does this speak to the fact that what -- even though we have a president who ran on this real populist message and spoke to a lot of people that no one had -- had addressed before. And -- And you have to give him credit for at least knowing that there was that voting block out there. But it seems like this is a tax plan that is written by the donor class. -It is 100% donor-class driven. And -- And that´s not even -- that´s not me saying it. I mean, Lindsey Graham says, "We´re basically toast with the donors if we don´t pass this." Chris Collins, who´s a congressman, said, like, "We got to do this for the donors." They´ve been very much -- They´ve been saying the quiet part loud about what -- what the motivation for this is. And it really is what -- what one senator said to me was "donor maintenance." -Wow. That´s not great. That doesn´t sound like a great... [ Laughter ] -"Donor maintenance" sounds like -- it´s like you´re grooming a pet or something. -Yeah. -You know what I mean? -Or a donor goes in, and you put him up, like, on hydraulics, and have to look underneath. [ Laughter ] So, I want to talk -- obviously, we have, you know, wave after wave of these sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations and the situation today with Senator Franken. Now, it seemed like the Democratic Party reacted a lot quicker to say, "This is not okay." Senator Franken himself said that he would go in front of an ethics committee. He issued an apology -- two apologies today, I think -- maybe realized the first apology wasn´t strong enough, came out with another one. On the other side, you have Roy Moore, who is not apologizing. There´s certainly more accusers... -Yep. -...on that side, as well. -Is there a difference in how the parties are dealing with these situations? -[ Sighs ] Well, I think there is, although it´s hard to say, because getting any apples-to-apples comparisons are tough, right? I mean, what Al Franken´s accused -- alleged to have done, and I don´t even, I mean, say "alleged" in a kind of protective way, but, basically, I think probably did... -Yeah. -Certainly, there´s a photo, which, you know, that´s not helpful. -- is terrible behavior that he should be held to account for and is unacceptable. It´s in a different category than what appears to be an alleged habit of serially attempting to groom, cultivate, pursue, and sexually assault teenage girls, which is what Roy Moore is accused of doing. And so I think, like, it´s hard to say, "Well, which party is doing this okay?" Because they´re just different fact patterns. -Mm-hmm. -The fact of the matter is, the Republican Party en masse, nationally, has basically come to reject Roy Moore. Mitch McConnell said, "I believe the women." Jeff Sessions said, "I believe the women." The state party is standing by him, and the president is totally absent. I mean, Donald Trump has opinions on everything from the HR policy at ESPN to the levels of sufficient gratitude from UCLA basketball players. -[ Chuckling ] Right. [ Laughter ] -There -- There is nothing this guy doesn´t have an opinion about. -Yeah. -I mean, he sits on "Fox & Friends" and live-tweets everything. -Yeah. -But on the question of whether the person credibly accused of serial sexual assault and molestation of teenage girls should be your party´s nominee, he´s like... -Yeah. [ Laughter ] I mean, is this -- Do we think this is a case of whatever he says will lead immediately to a follow-up question of how it relates to the accusations against him? -You know, it was so indicative to me that they want to have nothing to do with this conversation today when they didn´t take the bait on Franken. -Yeah. -Sarah Huckabee Sanders is up at the podium. She gets asked a question about Franken, and she says, "Well, they´ve called for an ethics investigation, and, you know, we support that. Moving right along..." And you can tell -- usually that is a hit they´re happy to take. -Right. -Right? Like, usually that is red meat from that podium. The fact that she just sort of shut that down and moved on suggests to me that they understand that what is happening society-wide means that nothing got "definitively litigated" a year ago when, between -- you know, more than a dozen women came forward to say that Donald Trump had made unwanted sexual advances or sexually assaulted them. -And do you think that we have also moved on too quickly from those accusations, or is it just that so much happens in the Trump presidency that it´s impossible to keep things on the burner, so to speak? -It´s a really good question. I think there is some degree to which we´ve moved on too quickly from them. I also think there´s a connection -- and this is not my insight. This is a lot of feminist writers who I admire and have been reading -- that there is a connection between he essentially got away with it and the moment we´re having now. -Mm-hmm. -Like, the -- the reckoning now, the tsunami, the crashing of all of these pent-up secrets and rage and righteous indignation of what people have -- women have had to bear -- and not just women -- men, too, as we´re learning in the case of Kevin Spacey and others, that that -- that is connected to what happened a year ago, that -- that watching him, watching that "Access Hollywood" tape come out, watching women come forward and say, "He did this to me," and watching him call them liars, watching him joke that they were too unattractive for him to want to go after, threatening to sue them, and get away with it is what -- part of what has triggered the moment we´re in now. -You have talked about -- [ Cheers and applause ] I agree. capstone project ideas com for money Jefferson Community College.

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