Capstone Project Title For Information Technology 2018
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Capstone project title for information technology 2018

Capstone project title for information technology 2018 write for me capstone water street rodney kongolo scout report chris ´╗┐the CD is by a band called beyond belligerent and we have this morning the lead singer and the songwriter from beyond belligerent with us his name is Mike Gesell ski good morning Mike how are you jealous going on how you doing I'm good I'm glad to have you here and um tell me a little about the band how how this all came to pass how you guys were formed and how long you go back oh we've started the band's up at the end of high school and we started to play cover songs throughout Queens for like the st. John's population and bars around there and a couple shows in I said I have original music if you guys want to play it and these guys were all my friends from high school and they're like sure let's give it a run so we gave it a run and turned out well so you all knew how to play instruments already did you take lessons or you self-taught I started taking lessons for the guitar when I was seven stops when I was eight because I didn't like it and then I got strep throat and was stuck in my house for like a week and I family guitar in my basement when I was like 13 picked it up and haven't dropped it since and all the yeah yeah yeahs have been playing for since about the same time and you're up from the same neighborhood well from the Bayside Queens except for the bassist alex is from floral park mm-hmm no he goes to school in Albany is there right now yeah and what do you do now you're a student right I'm a student at st. John's University uh-huh wait you would euro yen I am a junior I'm studying English and I have a minor in the philosophy of law cool oh and um as far as the other members of the band can you give us their names tell us about them Mike Valenti is the lead guitarist and he's got like a soulful guitar he's poppy Terry it's great and um Joe Jensen is the drummer and he's got like a fresh sound like a always like poppy with the snare drum and the bass drum is really good and Alec traduce key is the bassist and he goes to school in Albany and he's always there self he's the man halias and I know you've played some gigs in some you know pretty well known place yeah we played a dumb webster hall the gramercy theatre ah all throughout soho oh where else we've played ecologies on the college radios mm-hmm and you have a gig tonight we have a gig tonight were you playing Brooklyn at spike hill we're on at I think 1045 mmm and that's Williamsburg which is like a great area up and coming uh-huh a lot of music over there right right a team now um songwriting how did that come to you songwriting ah some writing came out of I guess a little a little problem in the love life and like expression mmm and there was an easy way to just get everything off my chest and it was fun doing it uh-huh in the summer of I I believe like the last year of high school I really started banging out songs and before I knew what I had like 70 songs in a matter of a year that's pretty good so you have a lot of stuff stored away for future so much participating yep absolutely why don't we play something from the the new CD and let's start right at the beginning with keep it a secret what can you tell us about that keep it a secret is a song about a an unexpected night that you never know what's gonna happen after you know a couple of drinks and a good time I like that I like that okay let's give it a listen here beyond belligerent their brand new EP we'll start with keep it a secret here at 90.1 wusb they're a talented group and keep your ears open because they're going to make some waves as a matter of fact listen to this during that first song we you already got a call here at the studio somebody wants to book them so I'm telling you pay attention so Mike tell us about there's a DVD included in this pack tell us the experience in making that all the DVD features there's an explanation of the band who we are um what influences we have and everything that people really want to see like the truth about the band and that experience was fun you know it's kind of hard to keep straight face when you're on camera it looks good you really date the guy who I guess produced it and directed it or whatever I mean really it's top-notch yeah Todd wolfe'ik she's taking media a big shout out to him he really helped us out yeah who produced the oh he produced by jonathan mover at skyline studios in the city hmm and um my manager Ron Luxembourg is really just always there to help me is a good guy and my friends and family always support me oh no my dad is my biggest fan and that's yeah I can tell I can't tell ya you have a great family Thanks um and where can people pick up the pig oh it's on itunes now we can go you can either go to be on belligerent calm or you can go to itunes yourself it's on pretty much every place you can stream music we have youtube videos up it's on cdbaby dig station Rhapsody all the streaming uh-huh website uh-huh and um what do you listen to like you know what what's influences you and your songwriting and in you Paula I try to stay away from pop culture but uh the mainstream radio because I think that I have a certain sound and I don't want it to be influenced by what's new I like to be like a truthful sound right so I started listening to like you know on when I was eight on the way up to bear mountain I listened to the entire doors like who thing you know it's like there and back so I've been listening like 60 70 s 80s rock and now i'm highly influenced by the 90s and trying to make like a you know a modern spin on like you know ah music that has meaning right right let's talk about the second song on the CP this kind of love oh this kind of love is it's a love song and it's about just one you're in like a blissful state with someone who you think is just beautiful and you never want it to end right you sound like romantic I'm all right um what do you got coming up for your future with the band yet what are you plans to go on from here we're gonna try to get national we're to try to play more venues outside of New York uh-huh we've only really stayed in New York and upstate and in May I think I'm gonna try to get us all out to California cool I'm gonna go to LA and try to play some gigs mmm and then I'll have a summer tour which you can check on our website for updates which we're kind of in negotiations now to get all venues in different places but um you can go to be on belligerent calm to see all upcoming events right that's great and for you listeners out here in our neck of the woods as I said beyond belligerents already gotten an offer just from being on the air today to play out in patchogue and I think you're going to be seeing a lot of them in our area as well you have to check them out and we'll keep you posted here at wusb because we we love to promote the local talent because there is a lot of great talent out there as you're hearing today why don't we close out Mike with the final song from the CD it's called stay with me and tell us a little about that I would stay with me after um you know a little fighting and a little stuff you know the romantic side so of course what else this is how the fight of love it's like when it's coming to an end and you just want to fight for what you had or what you have right so that's that okay we'll give it a listen here stay with me from beyond belligerent here at 90.1 wusb in Stoneybrook Mike before we start let me thank you for coming up here oh great absolutely ah you know you are really a talented guy and again I watched the DVD a couple of times and I see how great the band is together i'm going to have to check you guys out and i urge you USB listeners when they're in the area will keep you posted will probably put it up on our concert billboard as well to check out beyond belligerent thanks again mike thank you do my capstone project or thesis online Five Towns College.

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