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Capstone project solutions online

Capstone project solutions online bus 499 assignment 5 capstone 60 second recap thesis statements hi guys Henry have it here from Hopps us bakery and I'm gonna make few my New York star sourdough bagels now I was very lucky to go to New York for my birthday I so many bagels out there so I've been pressing the recipe and I want to show you how easy it is to make it at home it's really simple anyway so I've got my bowl and we've got 500 grams of strong white flour so it's gonna go straight to the bowl and then we're gonna add our salad oh so this is our 60 year old sourdough culture so 61 years sorry sorry so though and we're gonna add 150 grams straight into it now the sourdough here is really more about the flavor rather than actually rising it because we're also gonna be adding some fresh yeast so this used here this is live and living and it's what we use at the bakery at hobbs house but at home Bridey should be absolutely fine boy remember if a recipe says 10 grams of fresh cheese use 5 grams of dry ice because concentrated well we're going to go in with 15 grams of fresh yeast now we need to season our flour we've got a big pinch of sea salt so about 10 grams this is cool issue so lovely try not to use the table stuff and when you're putting it in don't put on top of the yeast because I scare killer so to enrich it we're gonna add some oil I've got some nice local rapeseed oil and we're gonna go 30ml all kind of two tablespoons and then for a bit of sweetness about 20 grams of local honey and now we've got one egg here and we're just gonna separate in the egg white and we're gonna save the egg yolk for glazing our beautiful bagels later and then final thing 200 mil of chequered water that basically means blood temperature you want it warm because that getting nice go in and it just gets the whole thing moving you know if your bagels ready for lunch right now normally you can knead by hand but actually I've got a KitchenAid so why not use it if you're gonna use it by hand you see the get mixing in there and you need to knead it for about 10 to 15 minutes it's really elastic we're gonna go straight to the mixer and now it's going to start at low speed get it mixing and then we're gonna whack it up to full right that's at about 10 minutes I have a look that's pretty good and stretchy trusty dough scraper to scrape the dough down so you can see that it's looking lovely and stretchy the gluten is developed but of course if you do this by hand we've got videos to link to so check them out but what that needs now is to have it first rise where it's bog ferment and that's where it's going to prove updates go develop a beautiful flavor and you just got to let it do that for about 30 to 45 minutes at room temperature so back in the bowl saving the washing up cover it with a bit of cling film just move that for 30 40 minutes into this prison time for a coffee right so the dough's had about 35 40 minutes proven and you can see it's really full of air a little sprinkling of flour just to make it easier to work with because it's quite a loose dough that's them it lovely bagels so this is gonna make eight nice sized bagels now we could weigh it but actually it's better just to use your eye I find then we're just gonna split this in half and then in half again and half again and we should end up with eight even sized pieces lovely so just a little scattering a flower now what we need to do is we need to get these nice and round so there's a couple of ways of doing it probably the easiest way that I find to do in your hands is to kind of use your thumb to kind of tuck it under so we're just going to kind of circulate it around using our thumb to kind of tuck it underneath until we end up with a nice little knot at the bottom and the smooth dough on top there you go nice and easy even easier way there's slightly slower is to kind of Pat it out with your palm your hand and then just kind of fold the middle in it does the same kind of trick if you find it too difficult so we just kind of tuck it in until you've got a relatively smooth avila kimball or you can do it on the surface of the table using your hands and this is the kind of fastest ways to do it you don't want to do it onto a floured surface because it will slide around and we need a little bit of it to stick so basically we're going to kind of circulate our hands around like a cage and using our thumb to tuck in and essentially buying magic and your fingers you end up with a nice bull and I guess if you're trying to be really pro is you do two at the same time kind of oscillating yeah a practice makes perfect whatever method works for you just give it again right so we've now got off eight rolls they're looking nice they don't know a lot much like bagels so what we're gonna do there's just a little scattering a flower it's been now going to kind of poke off English through to make it kind of a whole I could do that and then you just want to just loosen how I find this is the easiest way of doing it and just want to make it so it's kind of like ring shape and relatively even wanna know you want a good sized hole you know to feel like a bagel now that just put onto a floured surface just so it doesn't stick and then we just gonna leave that to rest and then do the same with the other seven right so these just need about odd know kind of ten minutes or so just keep them covered so they don't crust over and we want them just to prove up just a little bit while we wait for our water to boil easy right so my water's boiling these are at about ten minutes we're now gonna poach them in the water for about two minutes so this is the fun bit let's just get rid of that it'll be quite careful here because not only these kind of proving up in a quite delicate but also you don't get burn so just lower them into the water get a couple at a time and essentially this might seem completely mental like why are we boiling bread but it's what gives the bagel that kind of classic chewy crumb without the crust they do go in the oven awfully so don't panic so we just want to poach these for about yeah like two to two minutes or so you can see them slightly kind of puff up in the pan I probably should have put three ended up here we start now you just wanna be smothered with cream cheese and ever Cardo and smoked salmon so once they've had a minute on one side you can just flip them over not really necessary but it kind of feels nice to flip a bagel so these we've had two minutes I've got two trays ready they've got some grease proof paper on let's just slip these little guys out look at that they look great MA straight on nice and careful ud for colleagues I walk into them so easy right and repeat and now we need to glaze them so we've got our we've got our egg yolk that was reserved from our egg white from earlier and that's gonna give it a beautiful shine we could just put these strengths the oven but they're gonna be kind of like dull or is actually you know it's like a car you know you could make a beautiful carpet you don't get a good paint job no one's gonna admire it brush that on nice now we just got some poppy seeds you could do sesame seeds black onion seeds whatever you fancy but I call it poppy seeds or the contrast of color I just give them a little little sprinkle äj-- so these puppies need to go into an oven about 200 degrees for about 15 minutes or so until they're nice and golden brown and baked all the way through see you in a minute look at those puppies they look absolutely beautiful they smell amazing they're golden I'm just gonna stick them on a stick because that seems like the right thing to do with a baby and if you want to see a recipe that's more than just your usual smoked salmon and cream cheese and check out the video that we're coming up soon but until now that's how New York style sourdough bagel social work capstone topics Cornell NYC Tech.

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