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Capstone project sample documentation online

Capstone project sample documentation online capstone logistics baytown tx phone number report incorrect lyrics ´╗┐hey guys and welcome to swami studios i am your host moonlight Swami and today i'm bringing you guys 30 teams 30 days oakland a's versus the Boston Red Sox from the Oakland Almeida coliseum in Oakland California startin Brandon McCarthy facing off against the bosox and I believe Jon Lester it's gonna be a good game let's get to the action shall we and let's talk about the Oakland A's okay so Brandon McCarthy on the mound he's pretty much their ace right now even though cologne news get one excuse me even though bartholet alone started the season off McCarthy not a lot of wins and run Sophia no good evidence Braden is injured the moment but now the A's made some tough moves they are one of these lower teams and then MLB hey honey as some of you guys make up like for instance they have a salary of about I think 40 million dollars addresses the Yankees are set like 200 million or like 190 just turn that out there they've one of the lower adding salaries of September so it's gonna be a champ it's kind of hard to produce much with a salary that low now if you know anything about the age you know about jelly bean is no future for movie Moneyball where they basically take a bunch of older players and every other stuff and it's play to the statistics of on-base machetes throughout the seasons Bart and trying to turn and all that stuff and actually make it to the playoffs they do get knocked out by the minister by the Minnesota Twins but regardless that season they also got a 21 straight times would be longest all times so they do make a lot at nothing so let me go over who they have on their team now as you can see up a bat picked up the rookie sensation from Cuba the highest-paid player on their team by a long shot I believe the onus espetus really strong player he's underrated in the game because well we didn't really know how to expire when they do a roster update he'll probably better Josh Reddick is definitely a power source on that team he's up to excuse me as Pedroia has not sunk on second base and I would have been a double play and slowly leaning but daric Barton will fly out do not tell me any my sac fly now we'll see what's but ya swing hotshot it's kind of hard to say much about this team because they've really changed around a lot I just go over the players who are really Jemile Weeks of course is a very good young sentence basement I don't know why I did not have Brandon Allanon who is a phenomenal power hitter I just realized he was on the team I completely spaced out about that might be in jersey story but either way he's a phenomenal player you need a hug run into the third deck against the Yankee's end of the corner lot Coco Crisp's really a strong outfielder hope he has a better year a draft in there three or two fantasy weeks to put on this Kurt Suzuki his dog strong catcher behind the plate he's just pretty good hitters well in the box now flip Pennington is a is a decent shortstop I when he gives in too much credit and then so guard at third and be handed they're good but they're not an offensive team at all with Cespedes they're saying that he's probably gonna hit about 30 horses here which is really something to see upon its in the sitter in fact I just they just got some fuel Brendan McCarthy little hard to see her striking out ladies 12-6 curveball it's been hit two times so far in the but you know it's really uh that's gone I hope the a is get a new stadium because you see I packed the stadium is well last Monday the stadium had 10,000 packages and housing that's horrible reading stadiums can hold I think like 45,000 people there were 10,000 people paid fantastic try not the whole field after now that's really pathetic as daric barton gets a nice little hit down the line right between the catchers in the bulkhead think they'd be a little bit more careful about that but it's a nice double for Derek bargain and what will retire the side let me talk more about the pitching now because this is really intriguing what the A's pitching coach will emphasize the bay had they had Trevor Cahill Gio Gonzalez balash braid in the Brenneman course guy getting on swag on Oh Andrew bail right weeks as those were for starters and then they're closer this offseason they trade it away who they traded away Andrew Bailey Trevor Cahill and oh oh look at that diving play by Cliff Pennington they turn away Gio Gonzalez Trevor Cahill and Andrew Bailey Daniel I believe to a diamondbacks I believe in John Kruk look at Jemile Weeks be positioned out it Saltalamacchia the cannon for an arm and then Jemile Weeks just beats it out he's a very fast player guns out life to lead it off they traded Bailey to these red sauce and they traded Jim of dollars to Nationals as McCarthy gives up a second home run this one too hey Don and I think I take him out after this after he gets out Cody Ross this 16 innings of work three runs from McCarthy not too bad of an adding don't want to push the envelope with him but you know it really is a interesting that the A's do this kind of stuff but do you know how they got back and returns they got I believe 18 prospects for 15 with prospects back in return for those three pitchers so if you think about that that really is a good amount of people to get back it just depends on whether they're ready 00 Jemile Weeks why would you do that throws pulls them off the bag and De Los Santos is ready but who's up at bat Jacoby Ellsbury with one out and caroling with a strikeout on the hard slider next batter going to be a hop up this one for Pedroia cliff pennington will catch this and orders the higher side so keratin gets out of the jam letting a cause this is for a strike and the A's are still on top four threes at the plate when the count goes to 0 and 1 so look I know man I just kind of get him to chase something the A's are going to most likely finish in third place this year I would not be surprised if they get close to 500 toward second but I would definitely be surprised if they want the divisional made the playoffs with the Angels and A's and that divisions Angels arrangers be surprised to see him often Oakland I thought I see strong teams to beans in the batter's but right now they are a young up-and-coming veteran list team when they got Manny Ramirez back maybe I'll be really something to see Manny Ramirez comes back and I start just destroying they win the division and stuff that'll be really awesome safe lined up I always liked the underdogs that's my basic time is on I don't know oh I don't see it in the cards they're a good young team but they're not a pet that upper echelon of players which really says sadly as De Los Santos strikes out David Ortiz on the breaking two seam and ground ball to cliff Pennington he's gonna step on second base to retire the side we're gonna go to the night still a 4-3 lead for the Oakland A's right there Ivy lays with a nice hard stop Iran was hoping first ground ball and Seth Smith is up there's not much to say about him used to play on the Rockies he's decent he's the D H on this team he'll probably do it place by made her Ramirez when Manny gets back but I'm gonna put in I believe they put in grant Balfour after I have in Brian point days for a little bit just because one days is a sign arm pitcher and he was on that look at that beautiful slur striking out now remember that was but I believe that's grant Balfour coming in you wanna assessment as diving catch and that will end the ballgame about four with the save the A's win for 23 / the boston red sox derek martin is your player of the game with two RBIs and a sac fly and a double guys i hope you enjoyed 30 teams in 30 days episode Oakland A's Ricky swing always hungry guys later he he's now and Steve that on a send these folks home happy you capstone project data science for money Suffolk County Community College.

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