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Capstone project queens order

Capstone project queens order capstone federal credit union aliso viejo for money wect sports reporter dies ´╗┐all right so Fuji announced the new x100s I've got the previous model the x100t I've had this for about two years now and I just want to tell you why I'm not going to upgrade to you the x100s and it's pretty simple this camera is awesome I've customized it as you can see when I got that a little under the cap I got this grip as a Christmas present and it makes holding it so much better and it offers a lot of protection down here on the bottom so I'm easily dropping it on in table and I'm not concerned about scuffing it I've got the little thumb grip here too and the gordy wrist strap but anyways those are just superficial things that you know you could customize and make a camera with awesome and unique but the reason why I'm not upgrading to the S is because honestly there really isn't there anything there that's going to make you want to spend $500 or whatever the difference would be for me selling this say on eBay and then having to come up with that money to upgrade and it's simple as the features that are out there or on the new model that aren't what I was looking for and for my style of shooting it's it's like I said it's not really what I was looking for I'm more of a street travel you know kindly take family pictures even product photography and I like to shoot manual so autofocus would be nice to have as an improvement to this model and it is slightly improved but still not as good as like say on the extra two so it's nice a minor upgrade it's got a better x-trans processors like version 3 it's like 24 megapixels this one 16 but this one takes awesome pictures like I said I shoot manual so I'll just tell you the three things that I was look for and really two of them are what I really really want and they weren't included so like I said I take a lot of stream travel so I'm walking on the streets I'm out in the environment and you know there's always going to be some bad weather and every time I bring my camera out I have to bring a little extra plastic bag so to wrap this in in case I get caught and you know some showers or some to some rain and I really don't want to ruin this by getting it wet so yeah I think the weather resistant protection on here would have been awesome you know having the seal resist water so it doesn't get damaged and let water through and just completely ruin the camera that would have been awesome I heard that it's technically not possible that the new app is using the same exact length and according to the engineers this lens in the weight bill it doesn't allow them to upgrade this to make it water resistant I mean they considered it from what I heard but it's just not possible so perhaps in a following model those we engineer the lens maybe even make it better I mean this is a it's got an f-stop of 2.0 maybe they'll make it like a I don't know maybe two stops better but to choose pretty good too you know that's an awesome one and so that's the number one thing the second thing and I know a lot of people are going to laugh but like I said I travel a lot and I really really hate taking out the iPhone you know putting the Wi-Fi tethering thing to work so it'll you know sink and geotag all the all the images it's such a hassle I mean my battery is always dying on my phone it's just it's just annoying you know I got two battery stories I got to worry about the channel battery's running out while taking photos down the street right on the field and then I've got my camera that's on my phone that's that's dying on the all time so most often I'm not even geo-tagging my stuff anymore because it's just too much of a hassle at first it was you know convenient and kind of nice to add that but it's just as a half long and in real life so I would love for Fujifilm to add in you know GPA so it will do attack all the images just like a phone would and the funny thing is they have point-and-shoot in the lineup right now cheap point to shoot like durable rugged versions left wrinkles are called but they include GPS so it's like why not the probe or the higher-end models have that I mean that'd be them that'd be awesome I know the Leica M 10 has a has a electronic viewfinder that you can add on top and it actually has built-in GPS with that add-on so that I mean they're thinking about it it's like I don't know the to me is the logical next step I mean I think it's a Wi-Fi in these things then GPS should be the next thing and that would complete this camera you know making it weather resistant and add GPS at least for me but for me it would be a $500 upgrade that I'd be most happy to do and like I said the autofocus required with my third thing because I shoot manual the majority of the time and I like to shoot and that way because I know what I'm focusing on is going to be sharp and I'm not leaving it up to the camera to select what it thinks is the subject and focus on that most often than not it's not what I was looking for even if I have it on single point focusing it's just not that great so I've done into the habit of shooting manual and I could probably do another video on how I set this camera up for shooting on a regular basis and and my my flow for shooting manual and focusing manually and there's a lot of neat tricks of this think abuse and it's a good combination of old-school and new-school so yeah I'll definitely make a second video on that so those were my three things you know a lot people complain that it didn't have a tilt II screen where our touch here and touch would be nice I mean I have the Canon that's 120 here they're used for blogging and stuff and it's nice to pick focus areas and have it automatically you know select that so you don't you're not always using IP so you can just hold it out you know push on what you want to have photos you can snap so that would be great touch screen the till key screen not a big deal but anyways my three things are more important good weather resistance was the second one my mind just went blank the weather resistance the geo-tagging for having GPS built in and then a much better autofocus system that I would actually use in conjunction with my manual focusing but I do like the manual focus thing so I'll leave it there but that is my reason for not upgrading this camera is awesome so if you could get a good deal on this either new or you know pre-owned go for it the x100t is still great and you don't be disappointed but if you haven't bought a camera and you have the money to spend then why not go ahead by the x100s you won't be sorry I'm sure it'll make you happy the other things I do like about this but I'll deploy leave is I like the simplicity I mean there's not much going on here I mean it's got what you need here let me get your aperture ring your shutter speed exposure conversation and so when I'm out these are the two main things that I set so I won't get into it now but it's nice to have simple controls and the ring of ranching of the blends is nice that they did in the 100 f but I'm so used to this now that there's no reason for me to be switching to that and like I said I don't use thought of focusing a joystick and all that but I'm I like how clean this is just like the new life and said it's super bare-bones and you're getting the dials that you need to actually shoot without having to dive into menus and all that stuff so I like this setup I don't need an extra dial here or a button there and you know a little joystick here that they added in there my more important things like I said is weather resistance GPA and on a superior autofocusing system to what it's Cromie and this model alright so thanks for watching if you like this and want to see the next video on how I like to manually stepping on this camera please subscribe and like if you have any questions leave a comment ok thanks paper presentation on international business Queens College.

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