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Capstone project python online

Capstone project python online math 141 capstone project part 2 malmesbury park primary school ofsted reports loders ´╗┐hey what's up guys i'm rob riches back here at Pala hafstrom in Torrance California for another one of my rich requests workout videos here's what's coming up on today's workout shop we're gonna get started with some seated dumbbell curls to really get some blood pumping into those biceps moving on then to single arm preacher curls and following on from that some incline bench barbell results towards the end of the workout we're gonna hit some classic concentration curls and finish off those bicep peak workout with some high cable balls so as you can see biceps is the muscle group on the menu today and I'm going to show you five of my best peaking bicep exercises if you haven't subscribed already make sure you do now to my youtube channel we have new videos uploaded every Thursday and if you want to see your requests films here then hit me up on Twitter app rob would just tell me what you wanna see using hashtag rich request okay let's get started on the first 5/7 exercise [Music] No okay so seated dumbbell curls probably one of my favorite bicep exercises and although it doesn't necessarily focus on the pic it's a great overall exercise for biceps especially for mass the reason why I like it is it keeps you with such a strict range of motion as you can see I'm opening my arm all the way up fully allowing the bicep muscles to stretch out and then curling them back up squeezing and flexing that bicep hard at the top of the exercising I'm also not swinging my arms forwards it's a very controlled restricted movement even though I'm lifting with free weights so sit upright slow the tempo down and feel that muscle work through to four sets twelve reps don't go to heavy focus again on the work that that muscle is having to do also a performance exercise palms facing forwards both arms simultaneously a lot of the times you see people in the gym lifting one arm at a time you'll also see them swing left and right both arms together keeps me rigid keeps me upright and let's all that work and effort be done purely by the biceps let's move on focus on the second peaking exercise now for biceps single arm preacher curls one of the best exercises for getting that peak in the bicep two things about this first is it keeps you on a very strict range of motion which really means all that movement originates from that bicep having to contract and really peak up at the top and secondly you soar towards the end of my working sets I added a nice little rotation in there on the wrist which really helped keep that bicep up so I used this one more pooling I'm failing or if I do a drop set and lighten that dumbbell load and I can also assist myself with my free hand on the forearm just to bring that weight back up for the final two reps key to this one tempo again feel that muscle work I don't go all the way down I'm not over my arm up fully I'm stopping when my forearm is about parallel to the floor so good enough stretch in that bicep and then working through that peak without lifting my elbow up off the bench so I form and technique got everything on this one lights in the low to really get a good feeling in our bicep all right let's move on exercise number three I call this exercise suspension curls great great exercise by using an incline bench resting your knees on the actual seat and therefore just allowing your arms to hang outside holding onto either an EZ bar or a barbell and you can do dumbbells with this or even cables the benefit to this is you have a real nice tension in that bicep muscle as you curl the bar up without swinging the arms back and forth it's actually really hard to cheat on this exercise so lower the weight back because you're not gonna be lifting the same weight here as you are with standing curls the benefits of this is you really feel that bicep peak as you get the bar up towards your chest so slow the tempo focus on that full range of motion again you can see I'm opening my bicep all the way up allowing it to stretch at the bottom and then curling and squeezing and flexing up towards the top no movement no swinging strict forearms to get it done three sets twelve reps and then we're on to the fourth set so let's get to it you know concentration curls have become such an underrated exercise often with machines cables are the movements to take in that place but this truly is a staple in any bicep workout regardless whether you're trying to build that peak or not the benefit of doing single arm concentration coats is like the name suggests concentrate you really have to allow that full range of motion there and because you're pressing the elbow against the inside of the knee that keeps you locked in hard to choose meaning all the work the effort done is by that bicep so don't angle the arm too far in or out just keep the elbows right on the inside of that knee and pull that dumbbell up towards your chest towards that shoulder get it as high as you can without swinging the weight away if you need to lower the weight down do it this isn't about your ego this is about how effectively you are training that bicep as you can see it really picks up at the top so force knit flex it so as you curl that weight up flex that muscle hard and hold just for a second to eliminate any momentum presets each arm wresting about 30 seconds between each arm let's move on and finish our fifth and final bicep exercise [Music] this high cable curls great exercise to finish our bicep picking workout on full stretch in the biceps really feels good after those four exercises we've already done a lot of them with dumbbells and free weights so this table gives us that nice stretch it's a nice clean movement tension throughout the full range of motion I can really pick my biceps at the top both arms together or you haven't got use of such of a cable crossover you can perform on single arms and also vary the height of the cable you feel it differently in that bicep whether it's set high a little bit lower and even try seated all of these different variations allow you to feel that bicep work differently by guys on that note I think we've pretty much wrapped up today's video workout I hope you liked it I hope you found some good tips or exercises that you can incorporate into your workout and that's all this really is it's you finding the right exercises that work for you whether you want to compete like I have this past weekend hence why I'm orange and my face isn't but I have qualified for the USA nationals so you're gonna see a lot more training videos in the coming months or if you want to just build a better body and feel good about yourself you can do this it's about consistency staying on track eating right most of the time and just having a goal and a deadline so set yourself a 3-month goal whether it's body fat muscle size strength or just to look and feel better and make baby steps you'll get it done that way bye guys hit me up on Twitter Rob Richards using hashtag rich request let me know what you guys want to see back here in the gym next week and we upload videos every Thursday so check them out on my youtube and subscribe so you never miss a video so then train hard eat pain rest well focus on your goals you guys back here soon bye write for me str 581 capstone exam part 2 New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.

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