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Capstone project psychology cheap

Capstone project psychology cheap technology student paper sizes halloween essay costumes ´╗┐right when I'm reading from chapter 18 and that's the well seconds I think the chapters called how Prince's should keep their word and and it's all soft by saying it's laudable to keep your word of course but in some circumstances you can't because other people don't keep their word to you so you shouldn't and then he goes on to say that in fact there are two ways behaving the one is bad bylaws and that's what men should do and the other is by force and which is that's animals and then he goes on with the passage that I'm going to Rio and he says the Prince should copy the center which is both so now the passage I'm going to read you it starts since it's necessary therefore for a prince to know how to behave like an animal you should choose the Fox and the lion to imitate since the LAN doesn't know how to defend itself from traps and the Fox can't defend itself from wolves one needs to be a fox therefore to recognize the traps and the LAN to frighten the walls those who a prudent sorry those who rely simply on Alan do not understand this a prudent ruler therefore cannot and should not keep his word when keeping it is to his disadvantage and when the reasons that made him promise no longer exists for if all men were good this precept would not be good but since they are bad and would not keep their word to you you don't have to keep their word to them well here in this passage Machiavelli is apparently at his most transgressive in saying that you you can break your word to someone if it's your advantage to do so it goes against both Christian and classical taboos you must always keep your word keep your keeper keeper promise and here saying well you don't always have to do that so this passage in the first place raises the question of what he means by good because he says if all men are good this precept would not be good two uses of good i think one is the moral good if if or when men were good this is morally good then the precept the prescriptive use of the words it wouldn't it wouldn't be good it wouldn't be good idea it's like a medical recipe but that's not really what I want to talk about at least not at the beginning of this passage I might come back to it what I want to talk about is animals not ethics and here Machiavelli seems to be breaking another table Christians like classical authors thought that animals are quite distinct from men they weren't made by God in His image they were a lower breed and they were used on the her for man's benefit and what a lot of commentators and especially acquaintances killer quote on this passage is something from Cicero cicero's de Vicki's this is his book on moral obligation it's a book that Machiavelli certainly would have been brought up on it probably was in his father's library if it wasn't it would have been part of his general schooling and in a passage in day of Vicki's cicero says that it's not good to behave like animals that it's wrong to use fraud like a fox because animals are bestial best deal that is much worse than the men and quentin Skinner therefore says that Machiavelli knows this chapter and his consciously turning it on its head so it is a moral passage but he's overturning it this always reminds me of John Hale who used to talk about the Prince as a bomb in the prayer book and by this he meant of course that the prince was a prayer book because usually it was a sort of model of how you should her prince should behave a moral book and here's Makaveli saying these very transgressor things and so the bomb in the prayer book is this a realistic message contained in what what should have been a book of moral homilies but so here we had in other words we have a sort of moral text that Machiavelli seems to be turning upside down but we have another text about lands and foxes and that's in Luke resources of the rerum Natura a copy of which I have here it's an interesting book how referring to it later too but it was rediscovered by Roger Bratley new one of the humanists in 14 18 and we know Machiavelli read it because he transcribed a copy of it right at the end of the 15th century it's well it's the book on atomism but in the passage I want to read now really refers to his his sort of proto Darwin he believed in not evolution in that men developed from animals but he believes in natural development of man that man and animals developed together and that both men and animals survived because they have certain characteristics many animals he says died out but certain animals because of their characteristics managed to survive and these trays remember remain and so in the very quick passage I want to read to you from book 5 it just it starts first he's saying that what I've just said that some animals diet and others survive for various reasons and he says firstly the fierce brood of lions that savage tribe has been protected by courage the Fox by cunning the stag by swiftness but those to whom nature didn't give the qualities that enable them to survive by themselves independently or to be used for enough to us humans to protect them became a prey to others and then died out so here we have this very different idea that guile and strength a self-survival trays and that that's why makaveli is recommending them to the prince he's reminding him these essential qualities that enable you to survive so I suggest that this is another way of reading this chapter and reading it in the sense of the Machiavelli telling him not not overturning more advice on the other hand and the contrary really he's telling him these are the trays you need to survive because men two men have additional education but at the same time they have his early animal trays well there are two more passages I want to refer to adjust to try and set this in context and come back to the idea of the good one of them is in a poem he wrote on the Golden Ass in which animals appear as the moral the good moral being in contrast to men men are ambitious and they wreck their original moral natural origins by being too ambitious and wanted to succeed in certain animals Machiavelli says by contrast and not ambitious they live quietly and peacefully with the means they've got they don't travel they eat food that's sensible for them to eat they don't overindulge anything and they don't indulge in overindulging lovemaking and they're very prudent and look the moral it really is talking about the four cardinal virtues of prudence temperance justice and CERN in all these virtues Machiavelli is arguing that animals are preferable to men so here we know that animals are not simply self survival techniques but they're also following a natural life and being much more moral than the civilized man of ambition and perhaps theam the last chapter to quote is from the discourses when he's talking here about man's evolution from animals and he's talking about the origin of justice and for him justice is reciprocal stores you would be gunned down by this is the very primitive form of justice which men share with animals and I think it reminds us that this this is a form of goodness and justice and it has naturalistic basis it's treating men as equals you must do unto others as you would they should do unto you and that this is what Machiavelli is also arguing in the context of men and animals so if we return now to the good in the passage I think we can read it rather differently this isn't a Christian moral good it's a good a naturalistic prudent would call it a Prudential or even a utilitarian good but that doesn't mean that it's any less good than the other good but it just has a different basis and origin you mba capstone project sample cheap Marist College, Poughkeepsie.

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