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Capstone project proposal workplace violence cheap

Capstone project proposal workplace violence cheap capstone recruiting baseball for money chapter 1 thesis sample scribd free ´╗┐hey everyone so I got requests to make this video for you guys today and of course I would love to share how I got into UC Berkeley one of my roommates went to UC Davis for the weekend and my other roommate is out at a sorority event so I'm just here by myself on a Friday night but it's cool you know I am in love you I went to the Berkeley Art Museum today I love it there because first of all it's right across the street from the Starbucks so and then Berkeley students get in for free so it's a win-win really so I went to a charter school so not a public school it was a very small school of about 400 students I loved it it was awesome if you have the opportunity to get into a charter school especially one that's project-based I would definitely consider that it's amazing you learn so much that you don't learn at a public school but at the same time you learn certain things at a public school that you don't learn at a charter school so they sort of balance each other out that's my background on all of that I've been very much so involved in extracurriculars since a very young age because mama mama she threw me in almost anything that she could I really enjoy doing most of the things sometimes it was a little bit much anything that I only did in middle school I did not put on my college application I mostly did ninth grade and beyond or things that I started in middle school but also carried on through high school because I'm pretty sure that is what they asked for on the application I did a ton of extracurriculars there are 10 extracurricular spots on the UC application and let's just say I filled out all 10 that's not to say that that is a requirement and you need to do that to get into UC Berkeley I honestly don't know my college application process was crazy if you want me to talk about that in the video I would be happy to let me know it was very unexpected everything was unexpected so you truly don't know for sure unless you have like the best of the best of everything then you know it's kind of a little bit more clear but for most of us you know we're stronger and certain things than we are in others so it's really honestly hard to tell so yes I filled out all 10 spots on the extracurriculars part I have met a ton of people here that were like on the chair of some sort of organization in their clubs so I kind of found a pattern that perhaps UC Berkeley really looks for people that were leading in high school in some way for me personally I was the secretary for my high school interact club which is a volunteer club and then that following year I was the president so I don't know that really played a big role in it but I have met a ton of people that had a position on the board of like a high school club so that might be something to think about taking leadership in some sort of Club other another thing about my extracurriculars is I have been a dancer since I was like 4 years old I've done hula and Tahitian dancing since I was 4 years old and then I did hip-hop for like 3 maybe 4 years and I did lots of competition for those extracurricular activities and I placed a lot so I was able to show that on my application I don't know if that really makes a difference I'm just trying to share that with you that was something that was very prominent in terms of like awards and achievement awards and achievements sorry there is a place for academic awards and my school never gave any of those out so I never could even receive any of those so I didn't have any of that but if you do that would probably be good and great my charter school did not give out ApS 80 courses which is Advanced Placement I don't need to know what that means that was not available to me so they're not going to penalize you if you did not have access to an AP course so don't be worried about that if you do have access to AP courses I would recommend taking those the girls and boys and I've met here that did go to public schools pretty much all of them took AP courses so I it really seems like that is also something that goes into the application process that would be kind of important so if you can take those and you really think you can do well take them my SAT scores were not particularly high I guess we can just kind of jump into that now let's see I don't want to give you the exact number but I will give you a range so somewhere in between there is where my SAT score is another thing to know is I think they've changed the SAT grading or numbering system so I guess you could just kind of convert mine like google it and see what my or my range of SAT scores would how that would equate to your new updated SAT scores because I'm pretty sure that's the thing now I had between a 16 20 and the 17 20 so somewhere along there is my SAT score which is above average average is about 1500 like in the 1500s so it was above average but it was not like up there you know what I'm saying yeah it was just a little bit above average but ya know nothing impressive so in terms of grades I did have above a 4.0 I took all the honors courses that I could no I didn't take math honors but I took a poop I took every other honors course that I possibly could so I ended up with a 4.3 GPA I think which was like the one of the highest you could possibly get I know that good grades are pretty big deals when applying 4.0 is good 3.9 I think is pretty good maybe a 3.8 I'm at the college admissions office so I don't know but I do know that good grades is a big thing around here I think the last major component would be the essays I did submit both essays obviously I felt like they were very unique not only to myself but in general I did one essay on my hula anti-fusion dancing because that is a huge part of my life and I feel very very passionate about what I do in terms of that and I think that really reflected in my essay the second one I can't even remember what I wrote about honestly I had a couple people critique them they were very personal to me so I was kind of hesitant to do so but at least three people critiqued each of my essays and I was pretty proud of those essays I thought they were good and they were a very good reflection of me I hope you guys have access to critique I think that is a huge part of any essay really getting other people's perspective because sometimes you don't see something that someone else will and it's just good to kind of hear it even if you don't want to change it with that said if any of you guys ever want me to go over your application essays I know that the application process kind of just finished for current 12th graders but if you're applying next year and next year you you think of me I would be more than happy to critique your essay like just get in contact with me I can give you my email you could give me yours and I could help you edit your essay I would love to doesn't even have to be to UC Berkeley any because if you don't have access to that I would want you to have access to a good critique so just just let me know I'm here to help seriously and if you guys have any questions just comment down below on this video and I would be more than happy to answer them if you want me to once again make my video on like my results to other colleges I would love to make that video as well I think that might be helpful for you all to determine the new I think it would be helpful maybe I think I've covered everything I'm pretty sure did not submit my ACG scores I only took it one time I did okay but I did better on the SAT so yeah if you're wondering about that so how I hope you guys enjoyed this video please thumbs it up if you enjoyed it comment down below subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I will see you guys in my next video bye how come this is like you told me [Music] do my biology research topics for college Modern Orthodox Judaism.

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