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Capstone project presentation retell order

Capstone project presentation retell order capstone fondue richmond bc for money nested if else in cognos report studio substring ´╗┐well it looks like u.s. foreign policy is trickling down to us corporate policy a group of Iranians are accusing Apple of racial profiling this after news broke out in a small town outside of Atlanta that an apple representative refused to sell an iPad to a young woman because she was Iranian here's a local news coverage in Atlanta I'm from Iran he said I just can't sell this to our country's had bad relations I would say if you're trying to buy an iPhone don't tell him anything about Iran Zack Jafar's I had a similar experience at the apple store in perimeter mall he was helping a friend by an iphone that friend was from Iran living and studying here on a visa we never talked about him going back to Iran or something like that I mean he was just speaking well that story sparked outrage by hvar a recently formed group of Iranians and Iranian Americans they say they're anti-war an anti sanction group and they took their message outside an Apple store in New York City we are from Iran to talk more about the greater implications of this betta most most o fie and organizer for Hazzard joins us now welcome to the show betta so first want to get your initial reaction to this incident you know our initial response was that as a group that opposes sanctions and also state repression inside of Iran we saw this as an example of how sanctions the way that they read are so broad that a company like Apple can in effect create a chilling effect on all things Iranian not allowing an Iranian individual because they speak Farsi to purchase an iPad or an iPhone is just emblematic on the reading of sanctions law trickling down to the point where you you have a violation of US federal civil rights law now this happened outside of Atlanta is this an isolated case or to your knowledge has it happened anywhere else there were recent reports by the National Iranian American Council that there have been reports of other incidents also in California and I believe Virginia so it isn't seen as an isolated incident at all and in fact stepping outside of the United States I know through friends and contacts that I have in the Netherlands that as we know the EU sanctions are going to go into effect the oil embargo July first and already there the interpretation of those sanctions have led to a suspension of visas for Iranian students studying in the Netherlands and so you know that your group is is aunty sanction and sanctions ultimately they're put in place to achieve these foreign policy goals to affect the regime or to target the regime but would you say that in reality they affect ordinary Iranians absolutely i mean my background is is I'm an individual that actually opposed sanctions against Iraq and I traveled to Iraq before the invasion in 2002 and saw the devastation and the toll that this policy had on the country and what we've seen in Iran is an escalation of sanctions over the last four years really that in rhetoric of countries of the p5 the US UK France Russia China and Germany the p5 plus one has been to target and curtail Iran's nuclear program but in effect sanctions history has shown that what that what really happens is an economy gets devastated and the people who bear the brunt of that are those who are already bearing the brunt of repression from their own government like Iraqis in Iraq and now Iranians in Iran and what's kind of ironic about this particular case is that they were trying to purchase in an iPad and this is something you know iPhones ipad that these these devices can be used to empower people you know presumably you can access Twitter Facebook social media and you know in the Arab Spring we saw how this kind of technology was used to to help spread awareness and spark this movement but in this case the Iranians are being deprived of using this technology that's right listen and the thing is that the US government has in in recent years taking a step back and eased sanctions on certain software but the problem again is that the sanctions read so broadly that companies like Apple like Yahoo and google can take an interpretation quite easily away from this that they become weary of any sort of access to software or hardware that they might have to Iranian zor in this case an iranian-american for fear of what might happen to them what sort of sanction they might receive in return but you're right i mean even in iran what we saw in the aftermath of the disputed 2009 sections was that the u.s. government tated Iran Ian's you know senator Clinton or I'm sorry Secretary of State Clinton was even heard of the time as calling a Twitter revolution inside of Iran but it seems ironic and rather hypocritical that at the same point in time what we have our policies that make it more and more difficult for young activists young organizers inside of Iran and people just wanting to communicate with each other to have the access to the tools that they need to do that and Iran I want to say very clearly has a media that is completely state-run so the peeps of people's access to information and the sharing of information is almost entirely through internet sources would you go as far as to say this this incident and incidents like it would you describe it as racial profiling would you go as far as to described as that absolutely i mean let's look at what Apple did very specifically and and if what they did which is what was reported was stop an individual who was speaking a foreign language in this case Farsi and say simply because they spoke that language that they were going to deny a sale then that is clearly racial profiling because in effect their policy reads that sanction countries are the countries in which they can export certain goods in those countries include Cuba they include North Korea they include Syria and the Sudan so what Apple in essence should be doing then is literally stopping anybody that they hear spam speaking Spanish anybody that they hear speaking Korean anybody that they hear speaking Arabic and then denying them a sale if if it's not just racial profiling okay but buta tell me a little bit more about this group hvar that you're an organizer for what you stand for and I know you're protesting over there in New York ultimately what is the message that you want to get out you know we formed as a way for Iranians Iranian Americans and other allies who stand against a potential war on iran again sanctions and in solidarity with Iranians struggling against state repression and the reason that we did that is often it's a double-edged sword you know on the one hand you have a policy like sanctions that we do believe and have historically shown to be a collective punishment against a country and paved the way for a possible invasion that we vehement Lee oppose now the other you have a regime inside of Iran that is extremely repressive that you know has the highest rate of execution in the world that has cracked down on any kind of resistance in the country and what we wanted to show was that we actually stand with the people that regardless of what government is wielding the tools of repression that we oppose that repression wholeheartedly whether it's coming from the Iranian government or the US government or anybody in the Security Council be at France Russia China the UK we oppose that repression and we we want to fight for policies that don't have the heavy brunt and the collective punishment on ordinary people the way that the policies that we've seen now jus all right beta thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your experience with us that was beta most offi an organizer for Azhar thanks for having me kapstone paper corporate address for money Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh.

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