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Capstone project on nursing informatics order

Capstone project on nursing informatics order capstone rda vandy vape pansuman teknikleri ppt presentation [Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel this week I am doing a week in my college life because I thought you guys don't know what I do like on the weekdays Monday I usually have my internship that I have two classes however is MLK Day happy MLK Day I am doing homework like all day today and you guys didn't know I'm currently a senior in college I am my last semester at Grand Valley State University I'm a majoring in multimedia journalism so that's really fun is to 14 I'm going to Starbucks because can't focus and I'm trying to do homework and I have a good portion of it done kind of but I want to like get it done you know cuddle like just put together more my hair's up I'm wearing this like flannel high-waisted jeans and these boots Lego I just left um Starbucks I was there for like three hours I got a lot done actually now I have to go get photos so like I'm taking this like engineering class have to like get photos to like prove my theories yeah we have this like Southwest Sal for dinner looks really good has black beans in it I'm kale honestly a ton of things inside of it it looks delicious and I'm watching the Kardashians great end to my Monday night Monday I'm doing homework all day you gotta treat your body well okay you gotta eat good food for your body [Music] so cold outside I'm literally wearing like these table with my huge it's like 10 degrees go into my internship it's 5:00 a.m. my very adult snacks team so I'm back from my internship right now and I'm like ready to go to my Pure Barre class so I go to my peer Barre class right after I have my class which is like an actual even like 10 minutes or so I just go right to my peer Barre class get it out of the way for the day I work out to at least twice a week at Pure Barre I love it the buzz it it like working me out so well and like it's really fine toning like it's the best my like peer bar socks on because you don't you don't wear shoes you have like just your grippy socks on I literally just wear all black tank tops I've fitted only a fitted little tank top you know I'm exhausted honestly when I have class until 6:00 still and I have a hybrid class at 6:30 so but working out like midday helps me a lot actually so yes I'm going to pier bar now I'm just out of my class it was good honestly almost fall asleep like four times because I was like the professor like talks very softly and I most fell asleep like five times that was like oh my god I'm dying wife is so oh you know why I don't have my camera I have it on auto like auto adjust now so it was like why is it so friggin white I'm dying after Pierre bar but it feels so good he's shaking if I have energy no I forgot my water and I'm so dehydrated which is bad because like I sweat so much during pure bar like and I almost fainted like 15 minutes to go no I was trying to like you know not making it obvious I'll debate like 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over we're gonna have like a nice like pizza and wine night I'm like so tired so not trying to like be crazy but yeah but I would end off my very first week in my life video on my main channel if you guys are still watching this vlog a comment down below that you watch in the very end go down below orange and I will you watched to the end of this video Zoe's here [Music] write for me capstone church royal york School of Medicine.

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