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Capstone project on fall prevention cheap

Capstone project on fall prevention cheap what is your capstone writing the background of a dissertation I have legally used a tax laws to my benefit add to the benefit of my company my investors and my employees I mean honestly I have brilliantly look I have brilliantly used those laws here's my question what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single hair there's a lot more to this story and we're just slowly getting it into the public eye as you know trums taxes are now a huge campaign issue the times gonna tell whether it has legs here but you can guarantee it will be a topic in Sunday's presidential debate it has been dominating the news cycle ever since the times published parts of trumps 95 tax return showing that he took a 916 million dollar loss that year now earlier today I spoke with one of the experts that the times consulted with for the peace Joel Rosenfeld ECPA and also an adjunct assistant professor at NYU I got a bunch of questions but first I'm going to ask you to break it down for audience that if those 95 returns they were leaked to The Times are right and the Trump campaign hasn't disputed it and he lost 916 million bucks on that return you're quoted in this x is saying that he has a vast benefit that he got from his destruction in laymen's turns explain what that means well we're looking at is a almost a billion dollar what we call carry laws forward and that is specifically to 1995 we don't have all the prior tax returns that actually created it so we can assume that in nineteen ninety when his casinos went under when his Airlines if I may use the word crashed and the applies a hotel that probably created a huge amount of losses what those losses were we really don't know so when you have losses in for example in 1990 they could be carried forward for future years it could also be carried back we don't know if he's carried back but we do know that he has carried forward so the question here is to what extent was the loss really was it really one close to 1 billion dollars or was it possibly one and a half billion dollars let's say for example if the loss was one and a half billion then from 1992-1995 if I may use the word he sucked up the income in those years to reduce the Lord's down to what we see in 1995 which is 1 billion dollars so what could have possibly have sucked up some of those losses it could have been inked other income that he's had for example in 1995 he had interest income of close to seven point four million dollars that would have been sucked up also I presume although i don't have the documentation that when the entities in 1990 went under into bankruptcy etc mr. Trump was on a significant amount of debt at the time and he walked away from some of that dead and some of that debt we call cancellation of indebtedness income which is taxable enjoy if I could and I'm going to take the approach then I'm not going to give Trump to benefit of the doubt because I don't think like many people he's exhibited a lot of reason that we should tell me if any of these things are possible one that not all the 1900 916 million bucks that we saw in the 95 return was actually his I mean he's the king of leverage is a king of debt that he borrowed it from some other people is it possibly represented on his returns that he personally absorbed those losses and would be able to write them off over the years when in actuality it wasn't all his money that he lost well that's an interesting question all right and it gets sort of technical why was the entitled to the losses well when you have pass-through entities such as limited partnerships or limited liability companies the losses are passed through if you do have investors in that particular entity you have to look at to the at what I mean boy you have to look at the debt is if that in fact mr. Trump was recourse meaning personally guaranteeing the death that was what we call editor his basis and therefore he would have a huge huge benefit tax wise of utilizing those losses to the extent of what he is guaranteed in the form of mortgage or any other debt when you think about it did he really have to put money into the deal he could have put other people's money into the deal and he's getting the benefit of the losses visa V an obligor on a recourse mortgage throughout the campaign Trump has said that he want to close loopholes Joe like carried interest for example and for hedge fund guys who get the pâte à pay taxes on income at a reduced rate as if they were the investors iam if they didn't have skin in the game makes a lot of sense to a lot of people isn't that hypocrisy given what we saw even in that one return for what he did isn't he you know having this cake and eat it too here in terms of putting down guys who aren't using his words paying their fair share when theoretically for 18 years the guy might not have paid a cent in income taxes while telling everybody out Richie is there a lot there are a lot of deficiencies in the tax code there are a lot of special interests in the tax code and as many students sometimes look at the tax code they say hey that's not fair that's not logical as I tell my students don't try and change it read it and abide by it is he entitled to his losses based on 1995 1995 only yes you know he complied with the tax code as far as I know okay but I haven't seen the prior tax returns either so everybody is making a lot of noise about this okay and my opinion is it's a perception all right what we see is it unfair well my opinion it is okay but that's what it is and there are a lot of things in real estate that are basically unfair or or advantage real estate owners that are not available to none real estate owners but it is what it is and that's the tax law and as led as long as you abide by the tax law whether you like it or not and I would advise my clients basically the same thing fair enough but as usual i'm not trying to date you hear you've been preparing returns for more than 40 years he's calling himself a genius for what he did usually when somebody comes into your office and they lost more than 900 million bucks over the course of a year or just about did that qualify usually is the guys that are whose returns you're preparing his geniuses well for the moat for the most part i would ask myself where the law forces come from ok and obviously it's good from some real estate failures that is coming from ha i would look at mike my potential client and mentally say is this guy really a genius you know I mean he's brought down companies the the ones that we know of gone back to nineteen nineties no no I don't think in my personal opinion that mr. Trump is a genius I just think that he was highly leveraged a lot of his deals and took him under you've heard Trump say that hey I can't release my returns I'm under audit my accountants in my attorneys tell me I'd be crazy to do so if you will represent if you were his accountant would you tell him the IRS you know if you release the returns are going to come after you like hounds or you got nothing to lose here just put him out like everybody else there's no reason for him not to show his returns the mere fact that he's under audit he can show his returns I think the Internal Revenue Service agreed to that also a made his statement to the fact that he can show his returns nothing precludes them from doing it Joel Rosenfeld I really appreciate a few minutes thank you so much thank you alright we come back the panel's going to break this down and put it into both political and practical considerations this tax story and whether or not the public says this could be a bridge too far given the revelations or will they say hey it's just doing business we'll get into that after this you capstone health nj Manhattan School of Music, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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