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Capstone project level 3 excel for money

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time in Van Vliet I had to try to make his three over here's young to trim it to one and there is Randall defendant once but not Harrison pulls out a head to random just a terrific job the best stretch of defense Kentucky's playing the game the last 23 minutes here staying connected and discipline Harrison long and bam bleep dragons to give him three overall that's a big play because you take in your general your catalysts out here while Kentucky is in the midst and oh my goodness sloppy mistake but that's all unable to hit either one of them his Poitras drive it in Kentucky is back ahead right on the heels of a big Kentucky moment he's got the three-point play putting fearless kid Darren Andrew Andrew Harrison the nested example see that that it's of rebound the defense is not they're not solid and you get that that three-point shot because they're all scrambled trying to get that loose ball Baker now with 13 5 of a glass two trips down the floor depart Johnson that's a strong move of containment and they bring Wiggins in for Van Fleet I just come in for that attempt to throw it in bounces got into three fouls and coach Marshall will protect them on this defensive stand right here back to cauley-stein short on the top Kentucky will break for Kentucky on that possession no doubt Randall Reagan's reached in and knocked it out the attack was there but he had Harrison wide open in the corner who was the inbounder on that possession wichita state now has gone to that zone remember no van the floor all the way over to the wing era Marisa trills it but he's in the zone that p in essence has to be touched that Saints the level of the defense to the ball and then creates those passing angles for rhythm jump shots March Madness live in one of two a solid stretchy both offensively and defensively now let's see if they can sustain that over the next three or four minutes his first seven eight minutes very similar to the first seven eight minutes of the first half Kentucky had both ends working in sync the car a Johnson took that wreak on the way not well off Italy here's early there it is that's a true that's one thing I think down the stretch we're going to have to get him a little bit more involved off instantly Randall playing away from the basket here six to shoot oh goodness at five Oh big in this now Riggins putting up the three he has just scored his brothers reelection miss Lorimer later today he now has five in a great hard basket cut by early forced health they created the opportunity for Wiggins on the weak side it's a big shot there for the Shockers your point about these freshmen for Kentucky as one of them right there Andrew Harrison takes it to the basket which gather nice time by badly even better gather vilas feel and not being not really losing control of that basketball able to finish even with the contest Shadrach blue field again it's Kentucky by one midway second and here's Randall maker comes in for the board yeah that was a good no call charged an early flop they got waylaid then he's able to get out in transition I should say good play there we were seeing it again the Evan for the first half Kentucky with that great start then they started to get a little while let's see if they can gather here down the stretch young boy back to Randall long by Harrison I and Kentucky the other way with young bouncing in and off the rent save on the field winner in Indianapolis on Friday night and both really are much improved teams speaking of Louisville and in Kentucky course once in a lifetime The Killers singing about it is 35 + 0 team Wichita State no team has ever attained that record before let's see wichita state they took the big blow here the first half of the second half let's see how they respond to Kentucky lob wide and Wiggins just a little too steep you know what I actually think Jim the pass was finally he just missed it it was in his hands and he flies in for 21 now on the game and that's he's shown a few moves here that you didn't see a lot of little references not always an adept off the dribble but he is showing an ability here today Kentucky has not made a shot from the floor in four minutes and that's okay you're going to have stretches sometimes the people is going to be better but don't have the negative claims the turnovers and the unforced error has to force it oh thanks right ketchup Wow all right about this young Kentucky team today they're showing its deserve and now you see why Wichita State is 35 and old Harrison on baker 42 on the Shocker contingent here we've been talking about the great defense now get anybody to the stop playing with great rhythm on the offensive it Aaron Harrison and ask Wiggins off the floor Riggins mr. both and his poythress takes it for the Wildcats this is where the Harrises a young really have to be good what decision making and a half court getting quality possessions while those guys are on the bench oh that's going to be on their fleet his 27 for the game 17 since halftime we talked about it at the top the ability to execute in the halfcourt Laden shot clock let's see how Kentucky response Ansley has to be careful Harrison driving in and that was early pleat and this is a matter of probably still in a few seconds until the under for ya you know you play the possession gaming you got a four point lead a score doesn't hurt you but obviously if now bye bad bleep might be critical so you want to see if you can as you mentioned by a little bit of time just try to play solid defense and force a shot over the top and a shove outside on cotton always about who you plate it's about how you play it on that possession not a good pass by Baker van bleed is back on the floor by the way but it was a pass trying to go inside to Carter and here's Harrisson would have put Kentucky in front Randall muscles inside and hit they're starting to come over the top they go early awesome out of spun out and he is tripped up and still slow to his feet Kentucky has numbers as young comes in and games Kentucky the lead what's running on with two minutes left to a bit of his own yep to try to change the rhythm a little bit with that makes you susceptible to that offensive back door Harrison lit that big tank shot from over there in this lake going young with a turn decided inside a 10 points where is mutton chop spinning out choking hazards big possession here for both can you defend without Molly and your Kentucky Young's got the hot hand 14 to shoot Andrew Harrison drive an end yes so Aaron Harrison to inbound Shockers showing full court pressure and if you're the Shockers you want Poythress or Randall to get the ball that's where you want to get the foul right there Randall marvelous Val by early we can know Randall or Poythress one-point game nine point eight seconds left for Indianapolis and the Shockers find a way or we'll Kentucky in the perfect season and Adelson Andrew Harrison capstone digital books for money SUNY Maritime College.

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