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Capstone project level 3 excel cheap

Capstone project level 3 excel cheap write for me capstone and psych nursing to kill a mockingbird summary about atticus ´╗┐dum dum dum Deedle dum dum Deedle dum dum Deedle dum dum there was a turtle by the name of Burt and the turtle was very alert endangered threatened him he never got hurt he knew just what to do and he did what we all must learn to do be sure and remember what Burt the turtle just did friends because every one of us must remember to do the same thing that's what this film is all about duck and cover this is an official Civil Defense film produced in cooperation with the federal civil defense administration and in consultation with the Safety Commission of the National Education Association produced by Archer productions incorporated hey Burt come on out and meet all these nice people please all right we really can't blame you you see Burt is a very very careful fellow and as danger this is the way he keeps from being hurt sometimes it even saves his life that's why these children are practicing to Duck and Cover just as you do in your school we all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous since it may be used against us we must get ready for it just as we are ready for many other dangers that are around us all the time fire is a danger it can burn whole buildings if someone is careless but we are ready for fires we have a fine fire department to put out the fire and you have fire drills in your school so you know what to do multiple fields can be dangerous too they sometimes cause bad accidents but we're ready we have safety rules that car drivers and people who are walking must obey now we must be ready for a new danger the atomic bomb first you have to know what happens when an atomic bomb explodes you'll know when it comes we hope it never comes but we must get ready it looks something like this there is a bright flash brighter than the Sun brighter than anything you've ever seen if you are not ready and did not know what to do it could hurt you in different ways it could knock you down hard or throw you against a tree or a wall it is such a big explosion it can smash in buildings and knock signboards over and break windows all over town but if you Duck and Cover like Bert you will be much safer you know how bad sunburn can feel the atomic bomb flash could burn you worse than a terrible sunburn especially where you're not covered now you and I don't have shells to crawl into like Bert the turtle so we had to cover up in our own way first you duck and then you cover and very tightly you cover the back of your neck if your face duck can cover underneath the table or desk or anything else close by in Betty's school they're talking about the atomic bomb tool that he is asking a teacher how can we tell when the atomic bomb may explode and a teacher is explaining that there are two kinds of attack with warning and without any warning we think that most of the time we'll be warned before the bomb explodes so there will be time for us to get into our home schools or some other safe place our civil defense workers now a man in uniform will do everything they can to warn us before enemy planes can bring a ball near us you may be in your schoolyard playing when the signal comes that signal means to stop whatever you are doing and get to the nearest safe place I always remember the flash of an atomic bomb can come at any time no matter where you may be you might be out playing at home and the warning comes then be sure to get into the house fast or your parents have fixed a safe place for you to go if you are not close to home when you hear the warning go to the nearest safe cover know where you are to go or ask an older person to help you you know the place is marked with the S sign there are safe places to go when you hear the alarm if there is a warning you will hear it before the bomb explodes but sometimes and this is very very important sometimes the bomb might explode without any warning then the first thing we would know about it would be the flash and that means duck can cover fast wherever you are there's no time to look around or wait be like Burt when there is a flash Duck and Cover and do it fast here are some older boys showing what to do if the flash comes when you are not in the classroom this is what to do if you should be in a corridor your duck can cover tight against the wall this way remember to keep your face in the back of your neck covered tightly try to fall away from windows or doors with glass in them then if the glass breaks and flies through the air it won't cut you you might be eating your lunch when the flash comes duck and cover under the table then if the explosion makes anything in the room fall down it can't fall on you getting ready means we will all have to be able to take care of ourselves the bomb might explode when there are no grown-ups near Paul and Patty know this and they're always ready to take care of themselves here they are on their way to school on a beautiful spring day but no matter where they go or what they do they always try to remember what to do if the atom bomb explodes right then it's a bomb Duck and Cover Paul and Patty know what to do Paul covered the back of his head so that he wouldn't be burned and Patty covered herself with a coat she was carrying they knew how to duck and cover they acted right away when the flash came if they had been at this door away when the bomb flashed fallen patty would have ducked and covered this way like this girl heavy doorways are a good place to duck and cover she will be safer too here's Tony going to his Cub Scout meeting Tony knows the bomb can explode any time of the year day or night he is ready for it duck and cover atta boy Tony that flash means act fast Tony knows that it helps to get to any kind of cover this wall was close by so that's where he ducked and covered Tony knew what to do notice how he keeps from moving or from getting up and running he stays down until he is sure the danger is over the man helping Tony is a civil defense worker his job is to help protect us when there is danger of the atomic bomb we must obey the civil defense worker we must know how to duck and cover in the school bus or in any other bus or streetcar that can cover don't wait duck away from the windows fast the glass may break and fly through the air and cut you Sunday's holidays vacation time we must be ready every day all the time to do the right thing if the atomic bomb explodes duck can color this family knows what to do just as your own family should they know that even a thin cloth helps protect them even a newspaper can save you from a bad burn but the most important thing of all is to Duck and Cover yourself especially where your clothes do not cover you no matter where we live in the city or the country we must be ready all the time for the atomic bomb Duck and Cover that's the first thing to do Duck and Cover the next important thing to do after that is to stay covered until the danger is over yes we must all get ready now so we know how to save ourselves the atomic bomb ever explodes nearest if you do not know just what to do ask your teacher when this film is over discuss what you could do in different places if a bomb explodes older people will help us as they always do but there might not be any grown-ups around when the bomb explodes then you're on your own remember what to do friends now tell me right out loud what are you supposed to do when you see the flash [Music] [Music] sample capstone papers in nursing order Russell Sage College, Troy.

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