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Capstone project la gi cheap

Capstone project la gi cheap do my capstone latest version faceing math lesson 12 writing and solving one step equations ´╗┐when it comes to research with regard to animals certainly I think we need to go the three rs plus to revision reduction replacement and the two other ours that go along with this are reciprocal translation and abroad responsibilities I'm not pooh-poohing animal research research needs to be done nor am I preparing a human clinical research because the research needs to be done there are those cases in fact when we take a look at harms benefits and goods that calculus when in fact engaged would dictate that yes perhaps animals do represent a viable Nexus to be able to gain this information with respect with responsibility perhaps using other models how and when capable and possible but certainly also then affording the good of that back to the very species that we use there's the model translate this back into veterinary medicine applications those things that do not make it through the multiple phases of clinical trial for whatever reasons may in fact have engendered them to be not applicable to humans let's reexamine that so as to ennoble and enable veterinary practice so that research does not quote go to waste certainly abroad out of box applications where science now informs and sustains social conduct toward each other applications for things such as just war for example just war for just what for whom why kannur oh science be used in those ways perhaps understand with any potential good comes the potential for harm this then takes us to the notion of practice and here i give you the definition of practice paraphrased from the virtue ethicist Alistair McIntyre University of Notre Dame practice as an exchange of good between individuals in relationship it is dictated by the conduct and purpose of that relationship how do we put this into practice well certainly I think it dictates wider and deeper considerations of notion of self and other selves it speaks here to ethics as ecology echo logos a rational approach to housekeeping when in fact we recognize is that house is populated by other selves not just us it certainly then sits this and situate sit well with enough movements towards things green but is equally skeptical of a bastardization and misuse of that construct as my colleague James take at the Potomac Institute is working towards moreover I think what it does is it instantiates more of a communitarian construct broadly not only within our own species but perhaps towards other species as well recognizing that in fact our special status because of what we know and how we know it dictates particular sets of responsibilities of respect in action let's set the sights forward just for a bit where are we going where could we be going well I think one of the things that happens is as neuroscience advances forward it prompts a reevaluation of these distinctions of what we thought were natural kind interestingly one of the other informational Sciences which is genetics how are things passed between different groups of species over time has given us some leverage to re-examine the whole species concept is it a practical kind or is it really just degrees of separation that's not to say that species constructs are in fact erroneous but we may need to reclassify what represents different types of things based upon different sets of categories moreover simply putting something in the category of the species does not necessarily rule out the possibility for certain types of neurological function meant ative function and the moral regard to which we then assign it we cannot hold our Sciences in unique and pretty little silos for our own particular misuse nor can we keep the sciences and humanities distinct moreover I think what it does is it calls for reconsideration of the moral imperatives that arise bridging what CP snow referred to as the two cultures in many ways neuroscience but not alone neuroscience together with nanoscience Geoscience cog know and cyber science perhaps allows us to make that bridge moreover I think one of the things that really calls for is a revision of certain folk concepts of mind self brain consciousness that's not to say that full concepts are not good things they're very good things because what they allow us to do is they allow us to personalize these constructs to the masses 2d anachronism to contemporize them but the words we use a nested in antiquity and perhaps with this calls for is a new lexicon of neuroscience my colleague yo-yo ma pachuca Georgetown University and I are working to develop justice lexicon if I use old words they have old meanings if I'm looking to develop new meanings based upon new knowledge perhaps as victims nine has said I need to play a slightly different word game and ultimately it demands repurposing guidelines and policies to be able to instantiate ethics in practice so I'm going to leave you with some points to ponder take-home messages not only the information that I've given you but perhaps neuroscience writ large there's an anonymous quote that I absolutely love and it's been attributed to a variety of different people I wish I said it skepticism is the chastity belt of science quite true then Heisenberg has come back and said nature of science is to remain self-critical and self revisionist and to do otherwise is not science Aquinas comes back and says the goal of knowledge is not just doing what is right but using what is right to affect the good sounds beautiful in Latin rector that's your specula billion like the rats you argue billiam dot Latour comes back and says yes absolutely but understand that science does not bring answers many times it prompts continued uncertainties and we must in fact surf that cognitive crest and utilize the knowledge we have not in ways that are anachronistic not in ways that are cherry-picking in bastardize but use what's there because science asks the what question philosophy may ponder the why and very often gives us pradoor beside posts upon which to direct and steer our scientific engine but ethics guide how how my father the engineer always used to tell me Jim measure twice cut once and perhaps these days that's ever more important as the speed rapidity depth and trajectories of science and its implications broadly within so many aspects of the social sphere is increasing at an ardent pace and this ladies and gentlemen is in fact the work of neuroethics takes us back to where we started the term neuro is not simple materialistic reductionism no no neuro in each and all of the prefixes in which it is used calls forth the debate what is brain how does brain make mind how does mind instantiate consciousness what is the nature of the self what do we know what don't we know and what remains unknowable so whenever you see neuro as a prefix neuro economics neuromarketing neuro theology neuro law it's not just a frank reduction to the fact that things happen in the brain but it begs the question of how and certainly when we talk about neural ethics formal definition of any ethics are those systems of analysis of enacting moral decisions how do we make moral decisions and how do we guide those moral decisions and every ethical act must be based upon fact it's science teaches us that our facts are contingent the driver is that we must use those that are most current so as to remain ahead of in fact the crest of this wave of contingency how reflection insight and moral consideration must be the stepping stones for any or all future acts of both inquiry as well as invention of what technologies were going to develop and use and intervention how and why we shall use those thank you for your time think good thoughts you do my industrial internet of things explained Albany campus.

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