Capstone Project Implementing A Strategic Plan
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Capstone project implementing a strategic plan

Capstone project implementing a strategic plan capstone headwaters boston office for money daily field report example ´╗┐were you just wondering what are they saying well if you do sign language you would and I think you should I think everyone should learn sign language I think she should be taught as a baby in elementary school as a psych or as a second language I was raised to deaf parents and that's why I've known sign language my whole life and knowing sign language has really given me a gift sign language it has really enriched my life in so many ways and I fully believe that if everyone learned sign language that we could all really enjoy the gems of knowing sign language and what that has to offer Here I am with my deaf mom and that's how I learned how to sign I was eight months old when I was signing that's right eight months old I had communication going both ways you had to wait until you're about a year and a half years old because you couldn't physically produce the sounds deaf people knew this for centuries they were signing with their babies and they would from six eight or ten months old they would sign back the hearing community nowadays had said wait a minute why do I have to wait to my babies a year and a half or two years old before we can communicate so nowadays many hearing parents and teachers are using sign language to communicate with their children so they don't have to wait till they're talking you're thinking six months old that's pretty young but think of that child that you've seen that goes like this what are they saying they're saying I want to come to you and that's something that they've learned every time you said come can I pick you up you do that over and over again that's basically what signing with children is about and you just take that one step further and you learn a handful of signs and use that throughout the and then they'll pick it up just like they picked up waving because that's what they do right around ten months old a child can wave it's also something that they've learned what I like to do is take you through the lifespan of one person and show you in the many different ways how sign language an enhance your life and how it can enhance a community as a whole this is Micah my son and he's owning signing the sign for a boat let's see what your life would have been like if you knew sign language as a baby so you're maybe 10 months old and you are pointing to the fruit bowl and you sign the fruit the sign Apple your parents can just take the Apple and give that Apple to you because what usually happens your point to the fruit bowl and your mom's like you want a banana do you want the cucumber you're kind like constantly going until you figure out which one it is with sign language you just do the sign and they can give you exactly what you want and for parents you really get to know what your child wants and is thinking and that's the beauty of using sign language at such a young age remember may visit a speedometer will be Spyder Delta so just a short example of how you can just playfully use sign language with little ones but you all saw also saw elementary old age kids they also love signing and I was just out of elementary school the other day and I had five to seven-year-olds bombard me with what's the sign for Apple and what's a sign for more what's a sign for cake and they were eating it up they could speak fully but they are to this day from I heard from the teacher still signing every week there's also as a benefit of knowing both a spoken language and sign language is that it can pick in whichever situation I want to use either a spoken language or sign language in some cases it's even great to use both spoken and sign language and that's what I'm also advocating for we already know that 93% of communication is nonverbal so why not take advantage of it so now for two you're an elementary school and you're going to learn about the water cycle of precipitation you can learn this in words so your teacher would say you know we have the water cycle how does that work you have bodies of water in the Earth's and then that then will evaporate and then it condenses and then it precipitates back and it returns to the bodies of water or you can use some signs you can say you have a body of water and then it evaporates and then it condenses and then it precipitates and returns back to the body of water if you both views both spoken language and the signs a little bit more refined than our everyday gestures then you really see that you can be much more clear the other beauty of sign language for me is it is really poetry in motion sign language has some unique aspects for example you can do a close-up you can do a long shot you can do different characters you can also do slow motion maybe you're in the car landscape is just going by or you're in the Train I just coined by from the fast where you tell a story you can say it with words but if you add all these little justice to it it makes it that much more interesting I have an example for you so as they say French is a language of love but sign language is a language of storytelling now you say that may I'll be well and good you can use it for certain times in your life but I think and also use it practically every day I can't think of one industry we're signing would not be handy for example you have the music industry where you may need to be quiet on set or you have to wear earplugs in construction where it's very loud you also have meetings every day where you maybe just want to ask a simple little question but it's too disruptive to use to talk there are many days in your life where you really want to ask a question or say something but it's just too disruptive or maybe you work at a hospital it'd be much nicer for the patients if you could just talk to your colleagues while and not disturb the patients another example is over long distances a sign I can sign to people all the way up there and they'd be able to see me but if everyone is here talking and doing their own thing I've been bright quite disruptive if I had to yell to them and that happens way more than you think in a day and let's say you're at a club and you see a beautiful girl and you want to talk to her you go up to her and it's super loud what you end up doing hi my name is you can't really get your groove going but if you knew some sign language doesn't matter it's super loud you can keep signing you can have a conversation I can try and score a date and then she has to go home and you're at the train station she's in the train and you're on the platform again if you don't know sign language you kind of like this high by and you're waiting and you're waiting what I had you all the time with anyone that I knows that's deaf or no sign language I'm still carrying on a full-on conversation until the train is literally taken off so that is small in big times in your life when this happens my time is up so I'm going to go a little bit quicker my last big point that I really want to share with you is that even though we have a deaf community every single country has a deaf community and so the way we can do this is teach sign language in all Endel elementary schools or high schools and you can learn this as a young child and then you can apply this to your everyday lives the last thing that I want to say is that there are many people that are elderly that are also quite isolated and if you knew some sign language your whole life then you'd be able to sign and what happens it comes full circle grandpa can sign with their grandchild and everyone is using sign language the whole day long am I done yeah hey mom is working do you think your mama's Aldana yeah okay well I just see I gotta go capstone projects online for money Tisch School of Arts.

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