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Capstone project ideas for public administration

Capstone project ideas for public administration do my lee capstone recruitment of the wanless report ´╗┐spoiler alert welcome back to Gazette sport's calm and the press-telegram it's Mike and Tyler and the CIF boys basketball championship video is brought to you by Naples rip company we are at the Honda Center where the lights are brightest as Long Beach Poly looking for their 20th boys basketball CIF championship taking on Mission Viejo that's the magic number isn't it Mike it certainly is the Jackrabbits two seniors of first year head coach not a lot of people expected them to be playing for a championship this season but here they are and they are ready to go indeed lights camera about that action boss let's tip this thing off and find out who the 2013-14 V 1 Double A champions great defensive game plan from the rabbits early day for seven first quarter turnovers really selling out on those crack backs and when they got those misses from the Diablos matriculated the ball down the court and these are high percentage works well I think this is a key to their scoring in this first quarter they weren't just getting in transition off the turnovers they were doing it off of misses as well I mean that is that's championship basketball right there as Pauline gets out into the lead by doing just this running the Diablos out in Princeton the Diablos did not look ready for primetime in that first quarter with 7 turn they were definitely a bit rattled sophomore drew bugs reading that pass takes it the other way as Polly was in control in the early going and off of this miss good rebound for Cameron morale and immediately pushing it finding Chris Sullivan and that is nice with the left-hand rabbits just out there getting it and sometimes I mean that's just catch the ball and don't mess it up in there I mean that there are an ting it's essentially a lot of great effort plays but also just some good breaks and then when you've got Chris Sullivan with the elbow pop really everything starting to go Polly's way they're bottling up it should be a whose best player cam and Hutchinson he's going to Boise State next year bogus gets the steal the sophomore you're gonna finish this thing himself as probably takes a 19-7 lead so it looks like the green and gold is just gonna cruise but Katyn Rasheed sparks a 5o run for the Diablos at the end of the 1st and they cut the advantage down to just 7 and that second quarter was it was rough y'all this is the only field goal for poly in that second quarter well yeah the sound you're hearing right now is the Jackrabbits offense screeching to a flaming halt nothing falling just three total points and one field goal in that second quarter felt like it took about an hour and a half even when they get the turnover they get into transition really just nothing happening for the jackpot it's a 2-3 zone messed him up in the half court and they lost their rhythm all together Dallas Hartman on the other end with the bucket allowing the Diablos to gradually close that gap and when this turns into a bucket I mean yikes Poly's advantage down to just two at halftime third quarter starts a little bit clunky AJ Fagan the offensive foul called right there he goes down for a time but would return to the game great defense in the second quarter the only reason poly still is a two-point lead but Hutchinson balling bucket there bucket here and that's going to tie the game up at 26 and suddenly this big mission being a student section started getting into this game looked like it was going to be a factor but poly started breaking down the zone with KJ Fagan finds the fear Williams big C Z's for his own breakers and it Mike and there's a great passing through the zone Sullivan kicks it out that's a good look for bugs and he buried it the rhythm was back the energy was better and when you move the ball side to side make the defense react and then when they're off balance blow by hit it from the elbow poly looking much better in the third great penetration for Fagan did a good job of sitting back gives his team a seven-point lead as they pick it apart poly just really needing a couple big bucket don't bring this thing home and Fagan said well I'm just gonna do this myself and then that will help Holly miss their first nine three-point attempts but Fagan makes one catch and shoot makes two and that is really gonna help his poly goes up by 11 off those back-to-back threes my thing hit him from the wings poly up 11 here and DJ Sully's soul heavy hitters up good he swats that one out of bounds the long arm of the Sulli and bacon you know he really did take this game over in the fourth a junior playing like a senior hard to the rack and you can tell poly was not gonna let this thing get away from him Sullivan again throwing some bows on it hitting from the elbow again Hutchinson didn't have that game-high 27 but if you're trying to come back you can't trade buckets and I took the Diablos were forced to do right Sullivan gets the fall right there and you know they did you they opened the game up they were able to get out of transition on paulien score but as a result Holly was really getting back in transition on them and scoring and when that's happening I mean you said it can't trade buckets down 11 Cameron Marella draws the foul as it turns out that would be probably the best play they could call all night yeah I mean he was just automatic literally at the line free throws solid he was 13 of 13 at the stripe and with this foul that bench is starting to feel it Mike they know it's a green and gold afternoon and Honda Center welling with Moreau going to the line they're confident it's gonna happen you know we say all the time blocking and tackling win football games defense and free throws win basketball games and I mean earn this thing up for jackrabbit nation the final whistle I mean get out and hug somebody they've been losing his mind and the whole team I mean they were looked down on at the start of this year and they found a way they worked hard played great defense and they got it done when it counted Long Beach Poly Division 1 Double A champions pretty special for this kid number five he turned 18 he scored 19 he helped folly win 20 a math lesson sponsored by Cameron Morrell on this special Saturday jackrabbit nation obviously loving it and you know what else you say you're right they weren't even picked to win the more League and they're winning a 1 double a chip a special night for this man Shelton Diggs 1 year of coaching 1 year winning a championship that's not a bad pace Tyler that's not bad and he'll take that for sure I mean we've seen sweater-vests hold up plaques at Poly before have we not and obviously everyone get in the photo a great day for the green and gold and moments that will live forever Mike yes indeed a special day for everyone in the green gold you can see how excited how much this one meant to I'm 20 a little bit more special maybe than the other one because they were so looked down upon for most of this year got to take it over to the fans and give it back to their family and friends and classmates in the stand supporting them all season long but after the show there's the after-party let me take you back Jackrabbits with the plaque I mean let's turn it all the way no eyes are watching except the Gazette's and yeah yeah for sure this is one of those nights a lot of these kids will remember obviously Cameron Burrell turning 18 and getting to celebrate with his teammates brackets for state don't come out till 5 o'clock Sunday so plenty of time to recover congratulations to Jackrabbit nations we will have all that live coverage of the state bracket release and of course the entire state tournament right here capstone in criminal justice School of Law.

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