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Capstone project hospice

Capstone project hospice nurse capstone project ideas weather report buffalo mn humane ´╗┐hey we're with cyclones video behind the scenes with Channel 10 News and it's the last go-around I don't work for our cyclones back TV all right we here with Walter woods AKA beach town wall now why'd you get that nickname i got that nickname because i'm known the sweat very very quickly and a lot let me get the beefcakes we get all the beef cakes you get all of these cakes pull it beefcake not all channel 10 news so as i have to do it a beach town you really never explain how you got the nickname in the weight room we have these power weight towels that are quite small but me myself I need my regular shower towel and around the weight room jock and broom happen to say why you got a beach towel in the weight room and it's not a beach how it was made now you know did you always switch a whole life which is just something that's just happy like with the our weather or I mean I'm from Palmdale California so you know it's pretty hot in the desert area so I've been known to sweat since uh since a little ride you know but how'd you get so big even though you sweat a lot I mean you know food is good thank you that's a nice interview beach towel walk hey we're here with all the beef cakes or majority of them the representative Tom Fong yak I was gonna speak on behalf of the beef cakes what do you want me to say I don't have much to say am I really what is it what is the beef cake stand for it's basically just punch big dudes that look pretty bad in swimsuits playing football what do you got to do like what are some of the requirements to be a beefcake you got a drink a lot of pop preferably eat a lot of Jack's pizza whenever you can for your meals and you know more grease on food the better the belly shirt or ladies and gentlemen do one of these I got you and then you get real hot and you gotta roll all the way up that that is ultimate beefcake status right here so if you can rock this in a game and a practicing scrimmage you're you're you're pretty beefcake I tried out for the beefcake saying let me yeah decide do you have that long hair like this what was saying oh you just have to have cool hair for example a lick has a full it could you can you please explain the full it please lichtenberger you step in the camera it's a full mullet of four mother pulling the front fall in the back I like that how about this - Dale Earnhardt had a stash so so do i back with chamber ten dues now we got one of the biggest investigations ever it's been going on five years ever since I met this individual freshman year will this guy can you come into camera Willie why you why you the pitcher trying to tell you there's any other beefcake got anything to say Burton please show you beefcake eNOS would you like to talk I like the way you talk very promptly oh thank you I don't have much to say just to really enjoy media day out here all my fellow teammates my my beefcakes our leader Tom Fong Rock the beef Castle you know should be a fun season I'm really looking forward to it yeah that is a very swell interview we just got a lot of big things we expect out of you this year tight and wise we plan to see your hand in their life this year how do you feel about that I'll do whatever it takes to win man you know just my hang out being a dirt long as we scored touchdowns and win I'm gonna borrow two though I don't know don't-don't-don't council that up ok now ever since I met you your freshman roommate you remember that back in oh nine right in the summer one thing you woke up everyday and did faithfully is tape that pinky now show everybody your pinky mr. I promise all right now this is all every day for the past five years I have never seen him without that picky tape really please explain to the cyclone fans and the Channel 10 News watches why you wear that piggy tape you know I was in high school one time and got my finger stuck in somebody helmet and went like just facing the whole other way coach told me to wrap it up and suck it up suck it up and it's been you know ever since straighten your friend out stop doing it that's what they learn at Jones high you get it broke it you get it broke your finger wrap it up and tape it up and suck it up why is socks look like this oh look at everybody else ladies that's exactly how not short the media day right there hey yo we here with Levi Peters one of the most talented guys on the team a he bout to pop it off with the cyclone talent this new addition right here go ahead some for Levi we still wait for the dance talk to you about the time I ducked on you when I came from the side of the goal you jumped up like and I dumped on you you fell down somebody your dream huh sing for the city for the camera a little bit you got a little telecine for don't want me to sing audience any requests I've seen that scene the fight song oh we were Phi Phi Phi for Iowa State may her colors ever fly we hear a sandwich sit here with Sam Richardson the quarterback look guys Severus in the quarterback now you know a lot of pressures on you this year how many how many yards you gonna throw for yes we will fight with my so I would stay with the will to do or die oh you did wrong Sam Richardson okay with Sam Richardson here the DB you know they said you played a little quarterback in high school that leaked city in Texas what's the what's the what's the potential you see in this DB group obviously the guys in front of me are pretty uh pretty style style db's a little taller than you yeah a little bit taller than me maybe a little more athletic but uh I mean I obviously had to continue to grow as a player so that's good a you got a lot of more years to do it loyal sons are a virtue when we fight that battle through now you got a strong arm is what I'm hearing you can run a little bit tell the people someday I'll know about you we hit that line with it hard every our but I asked you but somebody killing something somebody camera write down man stop scared standing my camera like that man trying to seduce my audience Thank You PJ Harris it was a good interview both of these sandwiches that different but they got the same exact name and obviously got an enthusiastic sandwich and DB and then the sandwich and the quarterback I know he's a little shorter than most quarterbacks on but the guy he definitely played football oh this is the interview we've been waiting on ladies and gentlemen Big Dawg don't run William say what's up to her are you doing people now Big Dawg yeah what year were you born 1993 1993 that puts you about how old 19 be 20 in a month okay 19 or 20 in a month now you know what I'm have to ask you now that people want to know I want to know you 19 but y'all hairline for did not explain genetics ok ok ok genetics I get that I get that I don't take pictures with his kind I'm kidding special teams players I don't take pity on attend news reporting live Media Day 2013 got live coverage of jock where's getting interviewed from regarding the baby blue shirt it's been a lovely day so far just winding down you didn't last interviews wrapped up and taken ten pictures with our gear on we got new socks to hope I hope the fan knows that we got new socks got an exclusive interview with cyclones that TV coming up with John Walters got a couple questions for Washington from Channel 10 News we tried to get him to change it to Channel 5 News because the uniform number change but he wouldn't go for that he had a brand staying with it and you're captain man how how good is that feel first of all I'm just happy cyclones that TV it's a and that is their grand finale a Channel 10 News we hear with the Cyclones a and we all we got cyclones oh three one two three and we look forward to seeing you all study for 7 p.m. here at Jack trice against the Uni Panthers ideals folks write for me capstone senior project for money Congregation of the Mission.

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