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Capstone project grading system order

Capstone project grading system order write for me copthorne hotel cameron highland groupon how to cite websites in text citations mla ´╗┐which we can find widely discussed in the literature so how's it for an archaeologist well under I'm a dirty digger were often thought of as people who have got more grey matter under our fingernails them between our ears and I happen to think that actually although it's easy to dig things up it's quite hard to make sense of them and archaeology is quite a philosophically demanding business this is my I didn't text away this year because I we thought we've got a bit of a backlog from the last 34 years of field work I work with cavers we really are quite a dirty lot and we do quite a lot of cave archaeology this is a site we were working on last September in the auction Giles National Park go home which were presently processing the data from and the sorts of stuff who have turned up here quite excited burb really is probably the earliest earliest direct human remains from northern Britain sort of gotten a child's as a dissidia smaller from child and and another tooth that we're puzzling over we haven't heard this one day to get because this is our only definitive piece and we're just we're getting all the rest of the ducks in the road in terms of the digitization of diagrams and things but this is found underneath a collapse of baklava of a scar-faced which probably dates to the Younger Dryas period and so what we've got underneath that I have a lot of fun blowing there's rocks up with spoons of explosive compound and alerting people on the pennine way to our presence there by but underneath that then in what we would call a lake bless your context we have a tooth and then a periwinkle shell and a marine clue bookshelf and a delivery Manas and both of these are not actually natural objects they were now two objects but this has been drilled and that has been snipped and it's part of a shell necklace and they felt probably what we have on this side is the is the last remains of a full ritual burial from around about 10,000 years ago so we've got two things here in a sense we've got a natural object which is a tooth to be modified obviously by technological behaviour and then we've got a natural object natural objects here which had been turned into jelly beans and we call these artifacts and probably most of you we find that unremarkable those are called artifacts but there has been a very strong trend over the last 20 years I suppose to buy big thinkers in the area of human cultural evolution to try to ignore theoretical archaeology and its insights and to reduce culture and technology to a biol a series of biological explanations that's come out of the discipline of evolutionary psychology which is the successor related to associate biology and it were such as that by to be and cosmides we read statements such as human minds human behavior human artifacts and human culture are all biological phenomena and for me as an archaeologist that is a that's problematic because when we look at our artifacts we don't see artifacts have been in a Darwinian way I can't I cannot see that there may be small areas of happening where you might say there's competition between artifact forms but they are fundamentally it seems they're fundamentally different so in the next part of the lecture for about 10 minutes or so I'm going to address I suppose the most famous attempt to produce a biologically reductive explanation of human progress I mean I aggressive but its technical in a way and so for a more popular science treatment it's harder to go into greater detail and I've got a technical paper coming out on us soon called the problem of done as in culture or memes as the new phlogiston if you I hope that most of the phlogiston is but it was postulated as a as a medium in which fire would take place and the loss on ignition and someone was in the 18th century was attributed to this mythical medium which nearly all reasonable scientists believed in which in fact didn't exist so I'm going to talk the term mean was this is from an abstract or the paperless coming out was coined by richard dawkins and as effectively it's the idea that technology behaves like biology and therefore is simply an extension of it sits in its in the Librium cosmides mold this is the direct quotation from The Selfish Gene where Dawkins roads I think Darwinism stupid a theory to be confined to the narrow context of the G I think that a new kind of replicators recently emerged on this planet it's still in its infancy still drifting plums about in its primeval soup that already it's achieving evolutionary change at a rate that leaves the old game panting far behind in your soup is the super human cultural Xenology themselves we need a name for this new replicator and down that conveys the idea of the unit of cultural transmission and he picks this word mean which as you all know has now developed since he wrote trying to determine 1976 my daughter's now used the word mean to refer to the little snippets on the internet which can be moved around and forwarded to one so in a sense the idea it's may be settling down to something more appropriate to to scale but he he he brought up this idea that that there are these things and the problem he had in The Selfish Gene he actually I progressed into prehistory of sex because he he says that we alone on through contraception of perceived contraception important issue for geneticist as there are people living fulfilled lives and not having children quite deliberately by technological means sorting that happening he says our undermining that we learn on earth can rebel against our genes and so in a sense is he has admitted at that point we're not anymore darwynyen entities in the standard sense and in order to maintain the comparative theory event has to postulate these means and then I mean I won't get into this but there's been a really a widespread intellectual response from social anthropologists and archaeologists about why mean is ill-defined unnecessary and clouds the issue in a sense rather than being analytical it is actually up for skating and I won't go away I mean I've just put some I won't read those quotes out there but Dawkins himself sort of reined back from the from his early formulation of the meme but by that time i'm afraid the the sort of genie was out of the bottle people ice isn't black more for example of them attempted to run with the idea to suggest that humans are machines that produce means and therefore all of technology can be can be accommodated within a survival of the fittest structure well the issue if we know of juxtapose again biology and culture this is some desert here's a little branch in scheme which there are many of these has been come back to something what happens among australopithecines impairing homo and what needs to want but that's sort of what a good one we know that what's going on here of course is that is that creatures are reproducing they're having sexual reproduction is going on there is descent with modification and there is selection on that is what is descended I natural all of the special type that Darwin identified of sexual selection so something is going on there and broadly speaking we would have to say that large brains are being selected for after that line when we turn to artifacts you can see that you can also graph artifacts like that this is from low in cytoplasmic senator but actually many evil nights helmets don't have sex with each other that's not how their projects rebel areas is not produced genetically in fact when you begin to investigate this sort of errands when you begin to investigate this sort of variance you find that it is it is a very do my capstone university online SUNY Empire State College (The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies).

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