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Capstone project for high school online

Capstone project for high school online research design for capstone projects for money essay in secularism ´╗┐so let's start with who's leading off and number one for the Yankees it's Brett Gardner at left field he had a great year last year 21 home runs 63 RBIs I think he might take a little bit of a step back I think 21 home runs we can all agree there's a little bit egregious for Brett Garden it might have to do with the balls being juiced or something but you didn't hear that for me he had a great year last year I think he'll have another good year this year a 756 o-p-s going into next season is a little bit low for a leadoff guy but he sets the table really well he's done a lot of good things for the Yanks especially from that leadoff spot I think Brett Gardner is solid there at number one let's get into number two and this is where things start getting a little tricky what do they do with Stanton judge and Sanchez I think they're gonna put judge at two I think they're gonna take a page out of the Angels book and put their best player at that number-2 spot obviously judge had that incredible season last year 52 homers and above 100 PS and 114 RBIs I don't think he'll be as good as he was last year but I still think he'll at 47 home runs it breaks that 100 RBI moniker I think his OBS is gonna come down a little bit I think he's not gonna get walked as much I think he I'll put it this way remember that season that Bryce Harper had a couple years ago where he struggled a little bit because pitchers started to pitch around him and figure him out I think Aaron judge is gonna go through a little bit of Bryce Harper similar struggles but he'll still have a fantastic season let's get to number three that's John Carlos Stanton yes we're putting stand at the three spot obviously the a training NL MVP at 59 home runs a hundred thirty two RBIs that o-p-s as well was ridiculous this year I think he'll have 52 homers hit about 280 very similar season from last year remember this is his peak he's now 28 years old so he's now getting into the best seasons of his career I think you'll start to see a lot of 50 home run season from Stanton but I will say this he has to stay healthy for all hundred 62 games to reach that 52 home run mark so we'll see what ends up happening which I'm Carlos Stanton this year but we have a number three in our batting order let's go to number four it's scary Gary Sanchez yes I have him hitting in that cleanup spot I think he deserves he at 33 home runs in 90 ribbies last year I think he's gonna have a better season this year I think he's Oh PS is gonna go up might hit a couple more home runs that RBI numbers gonna go up with judge and Stanton hitting in front of him look he's only 25 at this point it's just not fair he's going to end up being the best offensive catcher in baseball this year - maybe only Buster Posey so a lot of different options for the New York Yankees in that 234 spot we have a reaction Paul who do you guys think should bat third for the Yankees give me a heart for Aaron Judge give me a WoW face for Giancarlo give me a laughing face for scary Gary and then give me a thumbs up if you think it's going to be some one else let's get back into the batting order and we go to number five we're gonna start this one up with Greg Byrne and Greg Bird is a very interesting case for the New York Yankees had a really rough year last year but was great in the playoffs I think with the Yankees this year they need to expect him to be able to hit 22 home runs maybe about 60 RBIs I haven't putting up an 813 o-p-s I think he's gonna have a good year this will be his first full year in the majors at least without an injury let's hope that he's able to stay healthy going or coming out of spring training but I think Greg bird is gonna be a good option for that number five spot they'll probably be able to shuffle the bottom five six seven eight guys depending on who has the hot bat but I think Greg bird should get that opening date number five spot let's go to number six he was the cleanup guy last year but when you acquire Giancarlo Stanton you're gonna get moved down the lineup with DV Gregorius coming in number six had an amazing season last year 287 25 homers 87 ribbies I think he should have a similar season they did last year I think this is who he is now we're in his peak so this is how good he should be I think his average will come down a little bit as well the power buy think the RBIs in the o-p-s will stay about the same he's a really good player he's one of the best players there excuse me one of the best shortstops in all of baseball and really proved it last year so be on lookout for another great season from Dede let's go to number seven and yes I have Aaron Hicks in the starting lineup or they projected batting or I think he's going to start in centerfield all this stuff about Aaron Hicks maybe da Qing and having Gardner judge and stand in the Alfie all at once to be totally honest guys it's kind of a defensive nightmare so we're gonna put Hicks in center field one of the best defensive centerfielders in baseball last season 15 home runs 52 RBIs with the bat I think this year will be about the same general numbers I think his o-p-s is gonna drop we saw him go through a nasty cold streak in the second half and it definitely took his numbers down but I think his projected stats are pretty fitting for what Aaron Hicks should be doing at age 28 let's go to number 8 and yes we have newly acquired Brandon Drury so I mentioned that they acquired a second baseman but Drury can play all over the infield he's very versatile and I think that they got a steal in terms of a trait I think he's gonna be a great great player for the Yankees he had an interesting year last year 13 home runs 63 RBIs I'm not good I'm not totally convinced that his home run numbers are gonna go up I just don't see it in his swing and when you go from Arizona to New York and I think the numbers they'll tell you that the home runs are either gonna go down or stay the same but Brandon Drury is a good option I think he's gonna be a stable or a yes a stable option for them at third base and finally at second base I have made my decision and I'm giving it to Glaber Torres so obviously we thought he might actually make the table the 25 man roster last spring training by the end of going to the minors they wanted to do the hole waiting for him to get the proper or save him a year like the Cubs did was Chris Bryan and all that and he ended up meeting Tommy John surgery in his non throwing elbow so now Glaber Torres has a full spring training ahead of him he really should win that second baseman top if he doesn't win that job I think we should all be disappointed this is one of the top prospects and all the baseball he's only 21 years old he was raking in the minors before he got injured when he got called up to triple-a he was actually hitting over 300 around the time that he got injured so expect clay bar Torres to make an instant impact on the Yankees next season as we have him at number 9 in our batting order hey sometimes that number 9 hitter is just as important as number 1 but you can follow the page Yankees HQ by Chad sports and you can also follow me on Twitter at sports theme but that's gonna do it for Yankees report today we'll see you do my capstone logistics llc greenville sc New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

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