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Capstone project financial planning cheap

Capstone project financial planning cheap write for me system engineering capstone bold alligator 2018 final report sandy ´╗┐Donald Trump wants to get serious on terrorism or at least he wants to get serious on a very specific sort of terrorism that is not the white right-wing kind of terrorism that unfortunately kills far more people in the US than any sort of religious based middle-eastern terrorism and he's willing to bend government programs to his will to focus on one rather than the other in this video we're going to talk about the CVE program which as of today is the countering violent extremism program today but perhaps not for long because they are talking about changing it to the countering Islamic extremism program or the countering radical Islamic extremism program which is weird because I feel like if you say radical Islamic terror you don't need that program you've already cured the problem but anyway once they do that they will change it as a program from targeting groups that include Islamic terror other forms of religious terrorism but also including white supremacists who have carried out bombings and shootings in the United States that's what's been doing the full breadth of terrorism inside of the u.s. it will no longer do that it will stop focusing on right-wing terrorism white terrorism Christian terrorism white nationalist terrorism and instead only focus on Islamic terrorism well that's good because it's not like you know a white guy went into a laboratory in Charleston it was it was a Muslim guy who went into a black church and ruthlessly tortured and killed innocent individuals who are in the middle of a prayer session yeah it was a Muslim guy well it's terrible that a Muslim guy would pretend to be a white guy yeah do that yeah yeah now a little bit more details about the program the CV program aims to deter groups or potential lone attackers through community partnerships and education programs or counter messaging campaigns and cooperation with companies such as Google and Facebook we've previously covered those sorts of programs on The Young Turks and they helped to defuse potential extremists before they ever become extremists and we will never know when it works because those people don't commit acts of terrorism but they are an important tool in hope helping to fight it now Trump is not the only person who's opposed to this program some Republicans in Congress have long assailed the program as politically correct and ineffective asserting that singling out and using the term radical Islam as the trigger for many violent attacks would help focus deterrence efforts some proponents of the program fear that rebranding it in the way that the Trump administration wants to do would make it even more difficult for the government to work with Muslims who were already worried about the Trump administration and don't trust it particularly after the Muslim travel ban but as Anna pointed out there's another reason why you might not want to stop covering or investigating or looking into non-islamic forms of terrorism we've decided to limit it to one graphic and so if you can bring up graphic 35 you're gonna see the Charleston shooting which happened at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church you have very recently the Quebec City mosque that was shot up you have the Jewish community center shot up Planned Parenthood done by a Christian someone who is driven by their Christian believes to kill people who want to get abortions you know the Umpqua Community College shooting some of these I've since forgotten about because they're so common in this country also the shooting that happened at UC Santa Barbara a few years ago that was a Muslim right no actually he wasn't that's weird yeah we were driven by his anti-woman view is actually look okay so here's the thing if you are an individual who's genuinely concerned about terrorism then you wouldn't just focus on one type of terrorism you would be concerned about the American people and everyone's safety and you would focus on all types of terrorism all types of bad hombres in the country that might carry out acts of violence right and so here's the thing the country the government in particular has a long history of completely ignoring right-wing extremism and and recent examples include a DHS report that was released under the Bush administration in 2006 this is before Obama was elected okay 2006 Department of Homeland Security finds out hey you know what we kind of have a rise of right-wing extremism here in the country we have white nationalists we have members of the KKK we have individuals who refer to themselves as sovereign citizens carrying out or at least planning to carry out acts of violence and we need to do something to stop it the report gets released and guess what happens the right wing is outraged outraged at the government whatever call them out on any type of extremism or any type of terrorist activity so what did they do they pressured the DHS to retract the report not even retract it but basically pretend like it doesn't exist anymore right and then the group of individuals within the Department of Homeland Security that was tasked at focusing on right-wing extremism in the country was disbanded and only one person was left one person to focus on that very big problem in this country right and then the intercept just published a really great piece about how how the FBI has been very quietly investigating this and they're not releasing reports the intercept had to use the Freedom of Information Act in order to get information about this FBI report and they found very specific instances of white supremacists infiltrating local police departments in an effort to get intel on whether or not there are investigations on them and also have an influence on the type of excessive force that's used against certain minority communities so this is actual evidence this is not speculation this is based on Intel by the Department of Homeland Security in 2006 again under a Republican President and also the FBI which has been investigating this for quite some time now but it doesn't matter we're gonna ignore that and we're only gonna focus on Muslims and by the way I do want to focus on Muslim extremists but I also want to focus on all extremists because I genuinely care about the safety of Americans but that's not what this administration cares about they only care about appearing to be strong and very clearly against Muslims because they fear moderates so long enough that Americans are pissing in their pants as soon as they hear the word Islam because that's the only thing that's worth being concerned about yeah yeah and so I remember we covered when they they got the the program to back off of the investigation of that way I mean this is one of the cases where I would have said I don't give up what they're what they want us to do know this is a threat we're gonna continue to investigate it but now we have further pushing away from any concern for these sorts of attacks and this is a thing after this goes into effect if they actually do it and right now it's a draft perhaps if people fight back against this contact their lawmakers we can stop it from happening but if they if they do get rid of it and then later down the line a year two years five years somebody blows up a community center or were an abortion clinic or something like that we will never know that it was linked to the destruction of this program but those people will have lost their lives all the same and this is why you do not allow white nationalist white supremacist bigots to take over the country you know who created journalism you could be proud of you did our audience helped us hire an investigative reporting team now we're going to go for a second tea white tea slash go let's build a best reporting team in the country together embry riddle capstone project example Hamilton College.

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