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Capstone project computer science

Capstone project computer science do my unique capstone project igre modni revija reporter ´╗┐hey I need a Blanco and I'm here with are you doing it's our second annual let it snow show that's amazing evening yeah yeah no we just got official word the other day that it sold out I saw that I was gonna even I was about to press about today and I was like thank you I you know I think they hate each other no I'm very excited to play and he's I'm a huge fan is so this is awesome I've been looking forward to the show for a month of course so first impressions are always it just absolutely so important this Nellie shirt so thank you so much yeah so I've been saving it I got it in LA and it's got an inactive Nedley site on the sleeve but I saved it for here cuz you know the legend and then I've even got the hot in here socks to match rockin the thermals you know ignore those for the camera purposes but yeah I got the hot in the socks on and I've been I've been saving this one and actually have a show with them I was just telling in a couple days so I'm gonna hopefully get the laundry done by then and I'm gonna good for that show that's something I hopefully he won't notice that I'm wearing his face on and maybe you will and maybe we'll take a pic together maybe it'll be good I don't know I'm just speaking it out there just put it out in the universe you never know we're gonna get a picture with an Ellie with Nellie on your shirt you know what and hopefully you know they shows up in a shirt with my face on it and it'll be the gray layer and then the universe will really pay off I think it can happen yeah that would be awesome I love it and so it's talking about fashion with these glasses thank you yeah sure yeah no way okay okay yes I do these are like my signature sunglasses they are okay so Sam yeah Sam yeah twinsies yep absolutely those are nearly circles actually they're nearly on the same boy I like them they're like a little bit cat eye yeah yes they're just curled up a little yeah I wanted you to feel as comfortable thank you so much well yeah no actually right before the camera went on I was like take a poverty I don't know so now we I'm cozy again you know the whole thing for me is is that a lot of the show I keep my eyes closed because I'm like oh yeah I've done shows and stuff before I'm a DJ but like I you know it's a little nervous sometimes when I do stuff so a lot of times I just have my eyes closed and that what people don't feel bad that I have my eyes closed and I'm not looking at it when I the sunglasses on the camera so that's kind of where it came from and yeah I've been rocking them since and they became part of the logo so that's awesome yeah I'm so happy about absolutely I love it I love it so you talked about DJ and briefly and so you start DJing very young video and yeah I was like 13 and my dad got me like a little MIDI turntable for Christmas and his whole thing was like this would be your candy store job which to him is like 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well if I can get paid to go I'll definitely go so then they would you know give me a little cash and I'd be like alright cool I'm there and I would just stand behind the thing and I never talked to anybody I'd have to do anything yeah it was great I'm like a year older than you are so thinking back to my 1314 year old like mushers yeah oh yeah drop it like it's hot drop it like it's hot was this 6th grade give me that was that was that's actually the first song I remember like being I was like whoa I'm I'm in middle school yeah because it was like job you like it's how I was at the 6th grade social for me and I was like oh that's that's a great song and everybody was loving it like what is this Snoop Dogg I was like okay here we go the first one that like put me on rat Foley though and you know it's pop rap but it's j-kwon tipsy that's like that that was the transitional song for me where I went from like like Green Day and all that kind of stuff to like hip-hop and then I ended up being kind of more to hip hop DJ and then my music kind of snowballs all that stuff so I was creeping your website earlier and I loved the home campaign oh my God thank you so much tell me a little bit more about the home campus yeah but your fans upload photos of what home means to that yes yeah so we're just starting to roll that out and the website is all up now and we're gonna start like kind of rolling with it but it's home is and so my whole thing right now is that basically I've got this this story about my family on a song called home and so I was just kind of curious because I was while I was in the process of making the video and making the song and all these different things I would ask my friends like what's home to you and and a lot of people have either had trouble defining it or like could kind of so I just want to help people in 2017 to find what home is to them so if that's by encouraging them to like upload photos of what that is or where that where that is or you know because the whole the whole thing in the song is like it doesn't matter where you are whoever your witness your homeland so I loved it I loved it so much I saw that and I fell in love with it thank you tell me a little bit about the watercolour painting that's on it oh yeah so that so that painting is a painting I did the year I moved into the house that I ended up saving this year for my family we've lived in it I'm 23 now so we've lived in that house for 18 years almost 19 now and the year we moved in so I was like three or four or something like that I painted that and it's actually a portrait of the house that I live in and the tree is a tree that used to be planted out front it's a water color thing so that's hung on my wall forever and in the home video recap there's a point where I literally am with Roosevelt in Matthew and I pointed this wall where they the set designers had recreated this like wall from my house on a wall in this house we shot the video and and I point out and I go that'd be dope for the art and we actually ended up doing that with the pictures of my family around it so yeah so so adorable I'm so funny had these glasses on right now because there's no tearing up a little bit in here thank you that no it's it's really cool that people like care about wanting to hear oh my family thank you so much for asking absolutely we're excited for you to be here I loved your homage to Nelly I mean series better-fitting overthink Lois already thank you thank you this is one of my favorite shirts ever I know everyone's always ready to hear you tonight I know right I'm just so we Nelly you can have lightning bolts humming yes she is very young madly - yeah this is like early no nellyville' potentially maybe even earlier yeah yeah well - thank you so much for so much thank you proud yeah it's gonna be a good one at night I'm excited thank you guys [Music] capstone property management athens oh NYS College of Veterinary Medicine.

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