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Capstone project college order

Capstone project college order write for me capstone project 1 mountain images netapp oncommand insight report license stolen ´╗┐DeLeo professor and heads up the political science department at Oakland University pretty good see you good to see you guys now welcome back you no stranger to happy election all right so if you sit there with students and you teach them about political science then you have all the knowledge in your hip please explain to us what we've been watching the last two years I how in the world are you explaining what is happening too well you don't to the students right i mean it I've said it a bunch of times this semester throw this one out because it's unlike anything we've ever seen and we may not see another one like it it's an it's an outlier in so many respects you think this is a trend of where American politics is going or next four years from now it made me absolutely totally different that this is just sort of an anomaly an anomaly in some respects an anomaly in terms the candidate I mean well no doubt about and never see another candidate like this no doubt I wouldn't think in Donald Trump couldn't agree more you might see an outsider again right there's some especially as a Republican that that base is attracted to those sorts of candidates business experience that sort of thing right but you know but in other ways where we end up after today when all the votes are counted we have president-elect where are we going to be that's any different from where we are now right with the way it looks like it's going to shape up it's maybe likely that we have divided government again president of one party at least one house of the Congress another party if not both if not both but what does that mean for governing and I don't see a whole lot changing in that dynamic especially with these two candidates right you've got the the two most disliked presidential candidates ever what are they going to do that's different that President Obama couldn't do well all right so bring people together and and and get folks on the same page it's gonna be really difficult not say they can't but it's going to be tough many average Americans we're already upset with the system well as though Democrats didn't pay attention to a Republicans didn't pay attention to they couldn't work in an organized fashion in Washington it was always about partisanship and so I'm wondering now is third party something that for years from now maybe a very serious alternative to the American people or is it so hard to do that I think it's the latter to be brutally honest it's the quite frankly if if the third party didn't show up and get a lot of votes now when would they when we've got again the two most disliked presidential candidates ever that is a prime time for it for somebody to come along and say but we heard lots of people and I know Dave and I every time we interview people say I wish I had a better choice no doubt about yours and and and this maybe have the largest number of folks clamoring for something different and they didn't get it and a big part of the reason why are the electoral rules that we use in this country to decide who wins and at the presidential level the winner-take-all nature of the states except Maine and Nebraska right the two that don't do it that way but you got to get the most votes to get any electoral votes that's a really high hurdle really high bar for third-party candidates to get over and even it at a congressional level US Senate level shoot a state House and State Senate level the winner-take-all nature you've got to win that race to get a seat in government and wouldn't it take a personality like Trump or like we saw in ross perot for that too maybe even become a serious factor and look at rocks arguably the most successful third-party candidate we've had right and he only got nineteen percent of the vote it's really hard given the system the rules that we use to decide who wins and loses make it really difficult on third-party candidates are you seeing any lack of enthusiasm among college students whether or not they want to go into the field of politics yes as a matter of fact we are it's a it's a time and it's a cycle you know it this isn't the first time we've seen a dip in the number of students who are interested in the topic of politics or who think that politics is relevant to their life that's a that's a battle we face all the time but a similar dip in interest happened in the in the early to mid 90s again when we had President Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress going at it going at each other we and we saw less interest we're seeing that same thing again right now because as you said people don't like the system they don't like Washington they see what they see how these folks behave and they don't want to be part of it you know we heard so much about the Tea Party for a period of time and now you don't hear tea party anymore Trump talks about his success through the primaries and the run-up to the election the movement you know that that has created isn't that really just the Tea Party times whatever I mean it is it is it different I guess I see the Tea Party is a little different than Trump's base or the coalition that he's trying to put together the Tea Party really really strong on spending and appropriations bills the budget the debt you don't hear a whole lot about about that from Trump right you hear trade you here we're going to make the economy work for everybody again it's really a populism message that really has been his best his best message this year and it no place better to show that than here in Michigan all right give us your best shot we have all certain times heard people say I don't like the candidate you know what I don't like the media coverage or ha and you guys have possibly the ones to blame for a lot of what America's feeling now are you hearing that and what do you think and we're big guys we got you you can beat up on us if you feel we need to or our industry because we've seen a much different type of campaign and how it plays to the media than what we saw four years ago well I I think to some extent we're seeing an increase in blame for for the press and the in the media in terms of what is playing out but you know I don't have to tell you guys you're not giving folk you're not Aaron stuff that people aren't going to watch sure it's a it's it's a it's a matter of folks want this sort of thing even though they say they don't right right and they watched it and they watching they could play but they watched in record night right so why CNN and Fox and MSNBC gave us more and more and more tropical it all the time right so then then you've created this monster in part right and then you're saying oh my god we have this monster well you know you can't have it both ways right you can't and it's it's a there's there was demand for that you know and and folks sought it out and can't blame the you know for-profit companies forgiving the people what they want this likes people sometimes say oh I don't watch that reality TV haha finishing it all right there are not the reality TV this campaign if nothing else sir is going to give you great fodder for lesson plans in the future no doubt about it here you'll be dissecting all of this after the election about a week from now that's right right on in November 14th Monday morning will be at the international technology academy in Pontiac visiting with some high school students taking some folks from oakland university over there to debrief your kind enough to join us and and now your pollster Bernie porn is going to be there be there that's the character casta care you can say that again it'll be easy to look at it afterwards and figure out what's going on twenty-twenty hindsight real easy yeah alright baby leo thank you things my pleasure guys thanks so much appreciate it alright another what is the cfp capstone course for money Columbia University, Morningside Heights.

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