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Capstone project chapter 4 order

Capstone project chapter 4 order write for me sample capstone projects in education how to purchase dissertation on violence in media for money ´╗┐hey so I'm so so excited i if you're just joining me I explained in my mukbang that I'm going to explain it here that I might be filming in this location for a little bit in the next three weeks I'm gonna be changing my filming room to a different location so if you want to find out why you have to go watch the mukbang but so I'm gonna talk about some products that I'm trying to get my book here some products that I got from did nice doctor de Nez and this is actually the stuff that you can get online like the you can like the infomercials okay but first of all let me talk about the book if you have not gotten this book I recommend this book for real it's the dr. Jeannette secrets for ageless skin younger skin in eight weeks and this is really an eye opener I mean she really just breaks it down gets down to the name greeny like really really good okay so you can I'm gonna put dr. Dennis as a website down below so you can check that out go there check that out now she has three different things that you can get I got the basic one that you see on line or on TV but trying to think what I did was I'd to call them because I didn't want to have to commit to you know so if you want to do like the monthly or the I forgot when it is like there's different plans so make sure you read all the fine print this was the one time purchase that I got so I'm going to show you what I got so it comes in this cute cute little bag like how adorably cute like you could close this up take this with you like there's your skincare right there um so and I don't want to confuse this with I still do my the 10 stop Korean stop but sometimes in the mornings I will I do this usually in the mornings or I will incorporate some of this at in the evenings I really firmly believe in both but dr. Denise's products are such on a level that they're just the best so what comes with it is it comes with this so it talks about that on the outside and it's got kind of we've got the ingredients and then she's got this really nice handy little like a.m. regimen using the products I got and then a PM and this one here does have a couple products that I don't have so does the morning so you can check that out but let me talk about the products okay so the first thing is the advanced firming facial pads now these pads these pads are really really nice this is the second container that I've had and missus if I could open it for you so you kind of see the paths there so you basically just take after you cleanse your skin you take one pad and you like kind of rub it on your face you don't go down onto your neck and you don't want to go up into your eye area this can have a little bit of a I'm gonna try to think of like a redness you can develop a redness but it usually goes away it's just because the product that can the ingredients that she has in her products are top of the notch like for example one of the things she explains in the book is that a lot of these skincare companies like they just put like a sprinkling of the good ingredients that we need for our skin and dr. Dennis does not do that she will give you the maximum amount that you can have safely and it's it's it's it works it really really does work let me see if there's something okay so for first-time users of the glycolic acid because this does have to call it colic acid in it or those with sensitive skin you always want to make sure that you do a sensitive alright skip a patch test to make sure that it's not you know gonna be orotate you now I do use this probably twice a week and on the card it will give you like recommendations like first time users darker drier darker skin normally scat normal skin oily skin but for me I use this a couple of times a week so okay so the next thing we're gonna talk about is this this is the Hydra shield ultra moisturizing face serum with ceramides soy retinol linoleic and Lily well I'm gonna let you just look this is another really good serum I love this I use this in the morning times I usually just use one pump and what I do is I kind of put it on rub my hands together and it kind of just Pat it in I make sure I go up into my eye area and then if I don't have enough product in I that's when I will use like a half a pump and then just kind of press it in you definitely want to allow this to absorb into your skin before you go onto the neck step and definitely don't obviously don't mix us off but this is really really a good product and I've noticed since I've started using her products that my pores have gone down in size so that's always good too okay this one here I use at night this is the triple action wrinkle smoother advanced treatment so there's that and I use this at night as part of my skincare routine use just a little bit what I do this is what it looks like so what I do is I'll take just like I'll go around and then I'll put like some here some here you know you massage this into your skin for 10 to 20 seconds until it's absorbed but I so far I'd like this the first time trying this I like this I'll let you know you know and one of my favorites videos okay so and then for my morning routine I include these two this is the triple strength neck wrinkle smoother with exclusive profepa factors in retinol so there's that one and I'm trying to see if it says anything on here yeah it doesn't say so you can use this morning tonight I just use it in the morning and I take just a little bit and I like rub it down my neck just kind of work it into my neck and let it absorb him so and then this eye cream let me just talk about this this oh wow this is the Omega 3 Photo Fix eye treatment you can use this into your entire eye area and your upper which I do and then I will let it dry and then I kind of go back in with my makeup make sure that you're always patting remember this is this is really really good I mean it just smooths everything out it's it's a really good now I use this during the daytime at night I have other products that I use but this is a really amazing stuff and then the last thing is something that I don't ever want to be without this is the most amazing amazing I love this this is the defense day cream so it's an SPF 30 it's a broad-spectrum UVA UVB matte finish tinted oil-free and zinc oxide based that's what it looks like screen shot at ladies because you need to get this in your life this can be used alone or underneath foundation for an enhanced coverage protection now you can see that it is tinted so what I do and this has SPF in it so I like the fact that I can wear my SPF it's tinted because a lot of times SPF or sunscreen it's white and then you have to mix it in and like you know and then it's like it leaves that white cast on your face and I hate that she has taken care of that with this because it is tinted and a lot of times what I do is I have not I don't wear a lot of foundation anymore because I put this on it smooths my skin it gives me an an overall like like just an overall color it looks like you're wearing foundation without wearing it now I have put this on and then put a BB cream over it so um and I it still looks great so I love this highly highly recommend this so now this kit I believe it was like 60 bucks so you're getting quite a bit for 60 bucks so you're getting the this cream which I highly recommend the eye cream which I highly recommend still I mean this it's always great too because you always want to make sure that you take care of your skin so a really great product the face serum is amazing the wrinkle smoother and the the facial pads a really great value that you're getting here i'ma leave the link for this set down below definitely check it out and get these products because they're really really amazing I hope you have a great day and I will see in the next video army capstone project for money Jefferson Community College.

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