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Capstone project biology online

Capstone project biology online capstone infrastructure investor relations for money rajhi bank annual report ´╗┐has space a teaming up today on the weekly watch we have a lot to talk about it was a crazy week in college lacrosse there were upsets crazy goals so much happen that I almost didn't want to include Albany's 18 to 5 win over Drexel and they scored nine goals in the first are they the number one team right now did they played anyone that good yet they're playing Maryland in a couple weeks I feel like that's gonna be a big test for them before we get into the colors across madness we got to address two things one where's Colin and to yes last week you guys voted in a poll to decide whether or not I was gonna get a Weibull cut 84 percent of you guys said yes I'm getting a Raible cut so okay think that should do it that's how you do it right Paul okay so those lines are a smaller than the ones that I have but this feels right let's go find all right you ready to see the cut because you're doing Colin put the pole in the corner and you guys voted and now I have this cut and now I have the cut I got Colin let's get on with the episode so Colin is gonna be in this episode but here's the thing he just got his tonsils out he literally can't talk right now to speak yes and stop eating stuff he's not gonna talk but he will react to the things that we talk about because it is just a crazy week in college across and actually a crazy week in the weekly watch I have this haircut Colin can't speak so let's start at the top both number one teams in men's and women's lacrosse lost this week and Carolina over the number one goes down ten nine ten let's start with Duke versus Penn it was a tight game the entire time but Duke was up for most of it in the last four minutes Penn scored twice within ten seconds to take the lead and eventually win the game 9 Quakers with the lead over to three minutes to go yeah yeah no I thought said to basically what Colin is saying is one of the coolest parts was to see the celebration from Penn one of the injured players just ditched his scooter broken leg hops to join in the celebration you're kind of like an injured player right now right like when you're injured but then you still have to come to practice in the games but you can't really play anyway that was one of the coolest things to see was how much excitement there was from the Penn sideline takes care of business against Duke knocking them from the ranks of the unbeaten one of the coolest clips I saw this week was a part of the tail-end top 5 you see that goalie just swat away the ball just nope get out of here just swatting it away stare them right in the eyes food if you didn't see that clip and if you didn't watch the top 5 this week you are missing out check out the tln top-5 hosted by r.j. and if you have clips that you want him to see DM them to tln nation on the women's side UNC and Maryland played each other this past weekend and UNC upset the number one term Carolina has fought their way back it's brick by Cesare and we're tied up UNC and Maryland have accounted for every national title since 2013 which is pretty crazy so it feels like one of them still might win this year but crazy to see UNC knock off the top dogs I'm kind of getting used to this cut right what if : got a matching so we put a bowl in the corner to see if Colin gets a matching one but what if we had matching Rayville cuts what other cut could call and get that would get what other cut could call and get that would be awesome if we both had crazy cuts so the Syracuse army game every year has kind of shaped up to be one of my favorite matchups and this year was no different this game went into triple overtime but one of my favorite moments was Brendan bomb buries between the legs goal to tie it up at nine that's makes the team [Applause] that had to be one of the coolest goals of the weekend so after BOM Barry scored Solomon scores to take the lead for Q's and then army scored to tie it up top right shelf and ties it back up and it went into overtime these three overtimes were insane there were so many moments where I thought the game was over and then it just kept going someone's open up top but a second but finally Cuse took the win off this clear - a game-winning goal [Applause] so we have a question from Colin he says does this say more about Cuse or about army I don't know I just want to keep seeing triple overtime games they're just so fun to watch okay that's enough that's enough of that let's let's cut that the next game that we have to talk about is UNC verse Hopkins this was another tight game and UNC took it 13 to 11 attack men Timmy Kelly made a huge statement scoring three goals in a row for the Tar Heels three straight I did see yes okay Colin just said did you see Rabil and Holmen make a bet on this game I did see that raivo ended up hiring two runs that's like I owe you a 300 I don't know what he had to do but he had to run and it was on Twitter I really want to see more pros make bets on these games like maybe we'll make a bet on a game this weekend and if Colin loses he has to dye his hair green great what do you mean what do you guys think what color should call it dye his hair and what game should we bet on this weekend one more thing about this UNC Hopkins game Chris Cloutier one-handed goal that was sick is UNC like the real deal this year are they back at past [Applause] are they back what do you guys think : can't give us opinion so maybe you guys can what do you guys think is UNC back ok so more upsets from the weekend Robert Morris beat number 15 Penn State I don't think we've ever talked about Robert Morris on this show have we I don't know I don't think so so shout out to those guys for taking down a ranked opponent it's always nice to talk about new programs on the show and in d3 land Salsbury the number one team went down to Gettysburg shout out to the Gettysburg bullets taken down Salsbury who's been just an absolute powerhouse over the last couple years so one almost upset that went down this weekend Jacksonville almost beat Ohio State almost that would have been crazy Buckeyes try to get all the feet right there with the goal but Trey LeClair made sure that that didn't have long past Logan Missoni to Trey LeClair with 1.8 he's like incredibly clutch and I know we didn't talk about him on our top 5 attackman show but we're talking about him now he's probably in the top 5 for sure alright two more things from the weekend one Virginia took down Princeton a team 215 shout out to the Hoos they're kind of crushing it right now no come on they are everything go over genius direction here the foods are crushing it right now go Virginia and - we got a shutout Trevor baptise forgoing 22 of 22 on face ups that's like a hundred percent yep that you're right it is a hundred percent so Trevor that's unbelievable shout out to you man mr. 100 mr. 100 so that's it this week for the weekly watch and what a crazy week in the weekly watch it was I have this on the side of my head there was a lot of crazy games Colin got his tonsils out it's just a it's just a crazy time so let us know what you thought was the craziest game of the weekend if we missed anything I know we missed the Notre Dame Rick in game there are some crazy goals in that white Goodman we're trying to do behind his back so let us know what you thought was the craziest game from this past weekend what games we should be looking forward to next weekend and what color Colin should dye his hair in our bet make sure to check out the tln top 5 with RJ and send him any clips that you want him to see you like this video subscribe to gl and comment below and we will see you next week [Music] capstone project unisim 2015 order Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, North Shore, Long Island.

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