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Capstone project 2018 information technology cheap

Capstone project 2018 information technology cheap fema capstone 2018 for money smithsonian annual report 1927 ´╗┐so if you've watched this show in the past then you know that I often talk about how the United States is technically at war with multiple countries simultaneously we are currently doing drones in Libya Pakistan Yemen Somalia Syria Iraq and Afghanistan and I mean we've outright invaded Afghanistan and Iraq so we are at war with multiple countries but unbeknownst to a lot of us we're actually occupying a lot more countries than many of us even knew about so a few weeks ago Trump was openly feuding with Myesha Johnson who is the widow of the David Johnson a US soldier that actually died while he was on patrol in Niger Myesha claims that Trump made her cried during his call to her because he reportedly was callous and told her that 'la David knew what he signed up for now yes it is the case that the story shed light on just how petty Donald Trump is to openly feud with the widow of a dead soldier I mean it shows that he has no class no integrity whatsoever but I think there's a really a more important aspect of this story that came to light and people kind of took a step back and said well wait hang on a second what are we doing in Niger why are we there because apparently we have a thousand US troops almost a thousand US troops currently in Niger so Peter sir tell of common dreams explains if you were surprised to learn the US has nearly a thousand troops in Niger you're not alone Senator Lindsey Graham a South Carolina Republican who serves on the armed forces committee told NBC he had no idea neither did Chuck Schumer the Senate's top Democrat now let me remind you that Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham these are members of Congress Congress is supposed to authorize war but they don't even know that we've invaded and are now occupying a different country they had no idea now just because we may not be a war with the governments of Niger or Pakistan or Yemen or Somalia doesn't mean that we're not waging war there we're fighting non-state actors presumably right so you still need Congress's approval for that but if you think that you know seven Wars or eight Wars now with Niger is a lot well according to a report from the New York Times we are currently occupying way more countries and this story blew my mind are you ready are you ready for the number of countries that we currently have US troops in we currently have more than 240,000 US troops in 172 different countries not even kidding so as you can see from this chart we have US troops in almost every single country in the world excluding Iran South Sudan Myanmar and the Western Sahara which is currently being occupied by the Moroccan military and there's a few others and let's let's be clear here a lot of these countries just have as low as one troop there but there's a substantial amount of countries where we have upwards of a hundred troops there so according to the Editorial Board of the New York Times they report that the United States has been at war continuously since the attacks of 9/11 and now has just over 240,000 active duty and reserve troops and at least 172 countries and territories while the number of men and women deployed overseas has shrunk considerably over the past 60 years the military's reach has not American forces are actively engaged not only in the conflicts in Afghanistan Iraq Syria and Yemen that have dominated the news but also in Niger and Somalia both recently the scene of deadly attacks as well as Jordan Thailand and elsewhere an additional 37,000 813 troops served on presumably secret assignment in places listed simply as unknown the Pentagon provided no further explanation there are traditional deployments in Japan thirty-nine thousand nine hundred eighty two and twenty three thousand five hundred ninety one to defend against North Korea and if needed along with 30 6034 troops in Germany 8286 in Britain and 1364 in Turkey all NATO allies there are 6,500 24 troops in Bahrain and 3,000 55 in Qatar where the United States has naval bases America's operations in conflict zones like those in Africa are expanding 400 American Special Forces personnel in Somalia trained local troops fighting the Shabaab Islamist group providing intelligence and sometimes going into battle with them one member of the Navy SEALs was killed there in a mission in may on October 14th a massive attack widely attributed to the Shabaab on a Mogadishu street killed more than 270 people which would show the group's increased reach about 800 troops are based in Niger where for Green Berets died on October 4th whether this largest will continue is unclear but the larger question involves the American public and how many new military adventures if any it is prepared to tolerate so this report is just mind-blowing and really it doesn't matter how many military adventures the American people are willing to tolerate because you have continuity of US imperialism across parties across administrations George Bush Barak Obama Donald Trump I mean we see continuity so it really doesn't matter even if we are opposed to it I mean a majority of who are against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it doesn't matter are we pulling out no not at all now another thing that's important is the War Powers Clause of the Constitution so I want to read that to you article 1 section 8 Clause 11 of the US Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war the president meanwhile derives the power to direct the military after a congressional declaration of war from article 2 section 2 which names the president commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces now let me ask you all this do any of you remember a Congress declaring war in Niger or Somalia or Yemen because I don't so we see the u.s. Empire expanding to all of these countries and not a single declaration and of course yes this is this came with changes that george w bush implemented we all know this as the Bush Doctrine but that's continuing today Obama didn't stop the Bush Doctrine and Donald Trump certainly isn't going to stop the Bush Doctrine so now the United States is occupying 172 countries and in many of them were just outright waging war and again I want to be clear here just because we're not at war with the governments of these countries doesn't mean that we're not waging war because even if you are fighting al-shabaab or the Taliban that's still non-state actors that you are waging war with it's still war you can try to reframe it but it's war wars war if you have our troops there that's war we need to know about it but we don't who knew about this who knew that we were in so many different countries yes many of us knew that there were over nine hundred military bases around the world but when it comes to all these sub-saharan countries in Africa who knew that we had so many troops there so it's not just Pakistan Yemen Somalia Iraq Afghanistan and Libya it's all these countries it's basically the whole world with the exception of a few countries at what point do we come together as a society and demand that the United States bring these troops home bring all of them home and stop waging wars that do nothing to stifle terrorism nothing the war on terror has been a complete and utter failure just like the war on drugs but we are continuing them because it's a business in the United States of America war is a business to the US Empire we make money we prop up the military-industrial complex because this is how we try to stimulate the economy and create jobs well how about this why don't we direct that money elsewhere so people don't have to die I don't know how this isn't just you know taking up 100 percent of the time on mainstream media news outlets I I don't get it this is huge this is absolutely unacceptable support this podcast by becoming a patron at forward slash humanist report write for me graphic design capstone project ideas online New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR).

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