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Capstone project 2013 order

Capstone project 2013 order do my capstone mechanical waco tx looking for someone to type my report on elections for money ´╗┐le a bass or a bluegill or crappie but he's going to make one slightly unique cut right at the very beginning Ryan Ryan Ryan could feel a bone right in here as he was making the cut downward there's a series of pine cone shaped bones right here and once Ryan felt that Ryan was able to take his knife and go over the top of that pine cone shaped bowl so that's that's what he's doing now now it's he's simply following the vertebral column down till he gets to the to the vent and then he's going to fillet the rest of the fish off and now all he's doing is he's simply running ass knife down the down the vertebral column and then now he's going over top of the ribs until he can take that filet and removed from the carcass so now you can see that this is a very white flesh fish and and it is actually quite healthy lone contaminants and high no mega free fatty acid so if you're worried about the health benefits associated with that there are it's very healthy the other thing as you can see is that it is it's a pretty white flesh I go ahead and splitter down the center the reason I Ryan is splitting this lay down the center is because that makes it a little bit easier to work with and now he's going to now he's going to take that filet but take that portion of the filet and he's going to remove the skin from the flesh that's all he's doing the one thing that the one thing that you that you kind of have to pay attention to when when you're filleting this fish out I'm going to show you something pretty cool here is that fish have two kinds of muscle they have this red muscle and then sometimes called the Mudvayne and then they also have white muscle the red muscle is used for long distance or sustained swimming anybody give me a fish that has a lot of red muscle what's that salmon that's a really good one yeah salmon have a lot of red muscle the other thing that we know about salmon is that they migrate long distances so so the problem with the red muscle is is that it's it's finally vast that's a highly vascularized region of the fish so there's a lot of blood flow a lot of oxygen into that area the problem with the taste is that it kind of gives that sort of pungent or definitely a fishy taste to it so what Ryan's do it is that Brian wants to remove that red meat or the red muscle so all we have left is the white muscle the white muscle the white muscle is actually used for short bursts swimming so how many people have filet de crappie properties are all white muscle right or predominantly all white muscle so now what Ryan's going to do now that he's trimmed that red meat off there and I'm going to draw a picture over here too to show you what he's doing but the dreaded why bone is what is what is what everybody worries about with with this fish but it's actually quite easy to take care of along the top of this fillet he can feel some bones protruding through the top of that flesh all Ryan's going to do is he simply going to make a cut on the top those why bones and then on the bottom of those Bibles can everybody see that this is this is the these are the cuts that that Ryan is made made a cut on the top half the ideal so if we imagine how that why bone is is setting in the flesh it simply sets like this it looks like up to this point Ryan has simply made a cut right along that part of the wide and right along here now all Ryan has to do is he's going to make two more cuts he's going to make a cut along that leg of the Y and along that leg of the wide and always going to do is he's going to play out until he can see the end of the Y bone and it's very evident when you're when you're doing this come on up if you want to see yeah it's very it's very much like a hike yeah exactly you can see right there maybe get to everybody see that so now now because there's this beautiful piece of meat on the back side of that on the back side of the Flay all Ryan's going to do now to remove that to remove those nuggets that he's going to flip that layover and then he's going to simply make two more cuts he's going to make a cut down and he's going to connect those two cuts to will the ones that he's already made and then when we end up with our two boneless pieces of Asian carp filet all right and a bone looks like I think that's pretty interesting this is the y bowl and that's what that's how its position in that Flay so what Ryan's done is he's just taking them just taking all the flesh and all the way around it kept it all in one piece so so what we end up with our two beautiful pieces of white flesh that you can pretty much cook however you want to do you remember back to Forrest Gump II Andrew Bubblegum talked about cooking shrimp and how many different ways you can cook it that's exactly how this fish is you can you can bake it you can broil it you can saute it you can do whatever you want to with it the other beauty of this fish is that the flavor profile is very delicate it's a light fish so whatever whatever seasonings that you put on this fish or whatever you marinate it in it really takes up that marinade it really takes on the seasoning that you put on it so if you like one of my favorite dishes that we do with this is that will take these pieces and then we'll cut them into smaller chunks like this and then we'll marinate will marinate these in a bath of like soy sauce and ginger and sriracha sesame oil and then and then what we'll do is we'll take will take will take skewer come through the jamming through the filet and then we'll take them we'll put them on a really hot grill about three or four minutes on both sides and they're absolutely delicious but you can do it if you don't like if you don't like you don't like that method there you can you can certainly fry them up attach the way you guys are going to have them here in just a little bit but you can really cook this fish however you want to the bottom half the bottom half of this play is very similar to the top half one slight difference is is that the first third of that fillet where it was where it was associated with the rib bones that's all completely bonus so what Ryan's going to do is he's just going to simply filet that out so that's all bonus that's all boldness you can trim up that red muscle on that one and then what he's going to do on the other the other two-thirds of that play cut through the skin we got some pretty sharp knives today we're not used to these sharp knives cutco hook this up so so anyway but this is this is very similar to the top half and that just as I as I drew my picture before we're going to make it cut again the Y bones are positioned just like that brian is going to make a cut on both sides of the Y bone it's always doing and he's just cutting out right now he's just cutting out until he can see the end of that why bone it's all he's doing and he's going to flip that over shrim all that off and he's going to do exactly the same thing to the other side and then he could go back in and trim up this red the red fossil so that's that's essentially how you would do it fillet this fish boneless you could like I said you can come back in here and you can remove this you can remove a little bit more of that red meat but I mean for one half of a fish and that's all boneless that's all boneless and then this is what we wasted right a lot of people say well that seems like a lot of waste and I say this is an invasive species that is having a dramatic effect on our aquatic system out and put in my garden to make my vegetables grow better all about that so if you waste a little bit I wouldn't worry about it too much so we should have we should have some symboles a Friday Asian carp coming just a second but it better but in the meantime maybe questions anybody happy write for me it capstone project online Technical Career Institute College of Technology.

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