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Capstone press books order belmont senior capstone how to review a movie script ´╗┐hi we're gonna do the internet chapter now and it's kind of strange that it's the most you know advanced medium so far but your book rights like you all are second graders includes a lot of terms in your book that you already know so I'm just gonna go over a few basic things and this video lecture will actually be much shorter than the others okay so here we go a couple turns I want you to know about the evolution of a new medium there's the novelty stage the entrepreneurial stage and the mass medium stage right now the internet is in the mass medium stage but when it started it was in the novelty stage just like everything else where it's very new only the early adopters have it the entrepreneurial stage is when people try to figure out how it can be used and how to make money from it alright but now we're in the mass medium stage where almost everyone has access every medium goes through these stages of evolution when they first come out so how did it start when was it in the novelty stage well like all good technology it started with the Defense Department in 1969 remember then we were in the middle of the Cold War worried about getting attacked by the Soviets so the military wanted to figure out a way that the computers could talk to each other in the event of a nuclear attack so they developed something called the advanced research property net ARPANET which actually turned into the first networked system so it started as a centralized network with the Department of Defense in the center right then it became decentralized network where you have the Department of Defense and some research institutions University of Illinois Harvard MIT having their own networks all connected but now it's a distributed network meaning that if you know if Google goes down the internet still works okay if the Department of Defense shuts down the internet still works there's enough of a net where the breaking of one link isn't going to break the channel so here's where this would have been the decentralized stage of the network how it's just a few things connected but now even though this looks like a blood clot this is a visual representation of what the World Wide Web actually looks like different countries based in different colors I took this photograph from an image on the wall at this Nicholas Science Center and it's fascinating red of course is China if you see the fluorescent green there that's the United States so we're actually a very small amount of Internet traffic globally all right so your book says that there are some things about the internet that make it different from other media okay it's interactive we call it content on demand and of course now television is getting to be more and more like that but we're producers not just consumers you know when we go to the movie theater we're watching media created by other people we're watching media created by Hollywood studios when we get on YouTube most likely we're watching media created by people just like us it's the democratization of media content is the term for that we talked about media convergence already this semester but really every form of media is available on the Internet so even if everything else ceased to exist we would still have television shows on the internet books on the internet movies on the internet music on the internet magazines everything on the Internet it's convergent don't forget that's an important term all right so what technology is needed to make all this happen number one you have to have digital communication you have to have micro processors and don't forget Moore's law says that computer chips basically double in power every 18 months so you know when you leave Best Buy with your new computer it's pretty much updated by the time you get it up the parking lot sadly the next big technology that's needed for the internet explosion as it as it was is the fiber optic cable this tiny little hair can transmit every issue of The Wall Street Journal ever published in like one second so the digital communication the micro processors in the fiber optic cable all came together at the same time to make the internet accessible and fast for us do you remember dial-up do you remember that horrible sound oh me too there's a term called digital divide you're going to hear teachers talk about it you're going to hear politicians talk about it what it represents is the resources that people who have internet that's have compared to those who don't and if you think about it where job listings now they're not in the paper they're online scholarship information online college applications online there's a lot of learning opportunities online so just by having online access you have many advantages over someone who doesn't so when people talk about the digital divide they're trying to bring that together Bridgette so that everyone has the same internet access we're going to talk about the First Amendment in class this week because you know the First Amendment was written like in the 1780s something and the phrase that we're looking at here is of the press see that because when the First Amendment was written that was the only thing that was the only form of media that the colonists were concerned about it's the only one that existed they wanted to make sure that Joe down at the corner printing shop could print whatever he wanted about the government and have that be okay have him not be arrested now fast forward to 2014 suddenly the First Amendment has to cover such a larger range of media it has to stretch so that now it has to provide freedom for magazines books radio billboards television internet movies it's interesting because I will always have some students say that the First Amendment should be updated to make sure that no one gets offended in you know that's an it's an interesting conversation to have in class because how would you update the First Amendment for 2014 if you could food for thought is there anything online that is illegal yes we'll talk about that in class anything that should be illegal well we'll discuss that remember it's very hard to monitor online material because of the sheer volume and the fact that much of it does not originate in the United States so it's very difficult for us to apply American laws to something that originated in another country we're going to talk about the Lori drew Megan Meyer case for sure those of you who grew up in st. Louis are probably familiar with this story if you're not we'll talk about but we're also going to talk about some cyberbullying legislation that has been suggested and whether or not that's a good idea and how to enforce it so get excited okay the biggest difference in the web in the last ten years is right here on this slide if you look at this the column on the left those are the biggest websites traffic-wise from 2005 okay now look at the column on the right these are the highest traffic websites in 2014 user-generated content that's a big big big deal most of the websites that we spend our time on now contain content not created by huge multinational media conglomerates its media produced by us for us by our friends we contribute to Craigslist we contribute to Wikipedia eBay MySpace I know myspace is still in the list a YouTube Facebook it's all user-generated content I would imagine next year Twitter will probably be on that list also which is also user-generated content so it's the democratization of media production that has changed the list of the most trafficked websites I think that makes the Internet itself the most interesting media because we are now creating it from the ground up a true grassroots media movement alright we have a lot of fun stuff to talk about in class this week so see you then enterprise risk management jobs in kenya for money Queens College, City University of New York.

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