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Capstone presbyterian church toronto for money

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commented that she look cute and I was like you did a cute so yeah she she did sighs dude comment below and how cute she looks out here but that's the reason why people are staring at her a lot of people say she looks Thai but I think yeah she gets that a lot I love yeah we didn't even we saw hotel I think the head wrap thing throws them off a little bit so they're trying to figure out if you're actually trying because I don't think Thai people would wear something out like that but she looks super cute and she's helping to distract them from staring at me oh yeah this is the street we're staying on very touristy it was nice to get away from the touristy area for a little bit and see where the locals live and eat and shop we're back at our hostel and we didn't get off so that's a good thing waiting outside for my mom do my capstone wealth advisors inc SUNY Maritime College.

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