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Capstone park woodlands

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This is crazy." -I once wrote a sketch about the richest black man in New York, Duane Reade. Nobody thought that was funny. [ Laughter ] A lot of-- -Duane Reade. -There's no white Duanes. -Yeah, that's right. No, there is not a white Duane. -No. I wrote a sketch about the first black dude to boo Jackie Robinson. [ Laughter ] -Just wasn't a fan. Just not his fan. -No, yeah, it was a baseball player, but... -Yeah, exactly. -There had to be one. -There's got to be one person. -[ Laughs ] -Is your family psyched that you got this job? -My family's psyched. I think they're more psyched that I have a job... [ Laughter ] ...than the job that it is. They don't know what head writer means. They don't care. -No. They don't care about it? -My brother texts me every Saturday at 11:30 and asks me what am I doing. [ Laughter ] "I'm at work." He's like, "well, when?" 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