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Capstone paper outline example

Capstone paper outline example capstone micro gas turbines slutsky zerlegung beispiel essay ´╗┐hi folks Don Bailey I'm going to show you how to set a radius dresser we're going to set it for two things one is for a one inch radius concave and the other one is for a tangent 45 degrees you know what I'm talking about Glenn you know the radius dresser is cups are good radii all right so but a couple things we want to point out the type of diamond the Jews is important especially when you're making smaller radiuses which we are not we're going to do a one inch radius like I said but the diamond itself needs to be a center lap diamond that isn't the diamond you know what a diamond is don't you oh yeah that's something your wife wears no that's same kind of thing but say see but these are cheaper you can give her one of these I'm not so sure the marriage would last anyway so this diamond we know is on the center if it's not on center what happens everything's up right ships a radius one side or another so that would not be good so here we have a diamond that we know that is on the center line and we're going to set it we're going to make sure that it's not off-center this way so how do we do that we'll move this over to 90 degrees which I could barely see because I don't have good eyes anymore and by the way this is set in 1 inch increments I'm sorry one degree increments and this is a Bernie around here so you know what a burger is yeah right it's in Spain it's a country in Spain the bringer allows you to go in between degrees which we're not going to concern ourselves with at this point but that's what this is right here so we want to make sure that the that the diamond is on center and we're 20 there well it's off just a little bit so we're going to make sure that we're I'm going to double-check this I was off about a quarter of a degree well we're within about two thousandths of being dead center so for purposes of what we're going to do that's pretty good what's off a little more top a little more than that let me just fix that a bit we take our piece of brass here and tap it a bit there we go twin about 3000 that's good enough for what we want you know what I mean by thousands right yeah okay correct leaves brass because it's got a nice good amount of weight and real reason I'm using it as I couldn't find my 10 pound hammer alright so now we're going to set it to our one inch radius we're going to do the radius first now we know that the centerline from the surface table to the centerline here is three inches four hundred thousands so if we want to set a one inch radius Glenn how much do we subtract from three inch four hundred thousands right like I said 2 inch 400 thousands what our settings should be right on we're going to get our gaze block so we're going to set it up like that so here's that's it I'm out of here remember what I told you about the surface plate wipe wipe wipe clean clean clean and I'm going to take a parallel I could I could very easily check it here and then check the diamond point that's one way to do it I think in some cases that's okay that's got to come up just a bit I think actually it's too hot it's kind of hard to find a high spot because you have a radius here you have a radius air or point they're hard to find so if we use a parallel we slide our indicator across it it makes it a whole lot easier well I've kind of preset I don't know if you can see that can get your camera in there or not I don't know if you can but within that distance we're within mm and for the purposes of a demonstration is it right on no but for the purpose of demonstration it's going to be close enough so we're going to take this over to our surface grinder and we're going to I'm going to Snug everything up make sure that it's good and tight we're going to take it to our service grinder and we're going to address a one-inch radius in our wheel hi Glenn you know what this is close it it's called carborundum it's used to rough dress wheels why that long no I thought not lava rock it's not a meteorite either this will save the diamond there's no need to use a diamond to rough it in you might as well save it this is a lot cheaper than the diamond so we like to rough it in with this so we got our dust collector on well I don't know how close that is going to be to one inch radius but I think I got it reasonably close so we'll shut our power off we're going to clean up the mess because we have now I'm going to move the the body up a little bit somewhere about there and I'm just guessing as to where we're going to need it you see the wheel okay all right so we've got it on centre front to back now we're going to put it on Center this way and eyeballing it's good enough one thing I like to do by the way is I like to put a wet towel I know I'm walking like an old man but I got a tether here and I don't want to step and trip and break my neck when you do this be careful you don't want it to get caught in the wheel what happens if it gets caught in the wheel blend big joke make trouble all kinds of trouble all kinds of stuff happens I put the wet rag there because it preserves the dresser so you don't get grit and grime instantly let me think about that it reflects the the carborundum the alumna rather and it allows it to it prevents it from coming through so it doesn't get through the cloth if it's wet as much as it would if it weren't wet and besides that it stays in place better that's good question I get that pretty close man I'm comfortable that we have a nice radius from one end of the wheel to the other if you can get the camera in there to take a shot of it that'd be great let me turn this off back it off we'll take a look at our wheel okay next we're going to shoot we're going to set it up to do a couple of tangents 45-degree angle and we're going to grind we're going to grind Abbi groove right here on this side and on that side so we know that this is 45 and that's 45 so we're going to set our tangent dresser up the radius Tan's a dresser to do both why is it called a tangent dresser because you can do a combination radius and angle or just an angle or just a radius tangent like so radius like so so in this case all we want to do is set it for 45 degrees and we're going to do a 45 degree angle on both sides let's see how close we got it roped in was pretty close now when it's cleaned up there's a certain sound that you get you're that Glen it sounds consistent bumpier sorry so we've got one side now we're going to do the other side here that where was nice and was bumpy before now it's nice and smooth all right so I'm convinced that we've got it dressed pretty well we'll double check it make sure that it's a right width at the bottom now I'm going to address the bottom as well I can do with a dresser by moving it moving the tangent in and out or I can move the surface grinder in analogy was what do you prefer George's for birdie remember that guy that did the matrix the hot crazy matrix all right we're good to go all right so we're going to grind a v-groove in the top of this sign plate kind of check to see where we're going to hit front back bottom while we hit the back so we're going to come this way a little bit till we touch and we're going to go back about half the distance we are hitting all three spots bottom back front remember we talked about heat that's a little bit on the warm side but you know for the purpose of demonstration we're okay but watch this this is going to hit now on the outside edges before it hits the middle see what I'm talking about yeah all right so let's take this thing off see what we got wait for the Chuck to be May got it yep so that's how we grind a 45-degree tangent angle in anything this just happens to be in the top of the sign plate it's all there is to it so if this was helpful and thanks for watching do my capstone real estate services address New York State College of Human Ecology.

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