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Capstone on campus housing

Capstone on campus housing write for me enterprise risk management case studies 2019 difference between file design and report designs ´╗┐you why don't people have power and having answered that question now approximately a billion times I am pretty well ready to answer it for you which is the biggest barrier I think for us having power is of course ourselves we are own biggest barrier to having power we are oftentimes not willing to do what it takes or to make the trade-offs required to have power we limit ourselves by being afraid to take chances or to fail so many of my friends graduate from Stanford Business School and they follow the well-trod has of their predecessors you know which I've never made much sense to me which is why would you go to the same firms that hire all of the best and brightest from all the same schools that you're graduating from go find a niche isn't that what they teach you in competitive strategy but you know so we we oftentimes are willing to take the chances required we worry excessively about what others particularly peers think about us we want to be liked by everybody or loved even and therefore you know and it's a very interesting fine line that you want to walk obviously you want to be liked and you want to be popular but on the other hand what I try to teach the students and what I try to get them to understand is that if you think about it in a very simple common-sense way your peers your direct hierarchical peers are also your competitors if you think about you know your start off day one class of associates at a law firm a class of people at Goldman or Morgan Stanley class of people at McKinsey Bain BCG all these firms have an upper out and even if they don't have an upper out sooner or later some of you are going to get promoted to the next level and some of you won't so it is in fact the case that your peers are also your competitors and so maybe you no need to think about them in a variety of different ways we reluctant to accept status and hierarchical differences my friend and colleague DEVGRU Feld who teaches here will tell you we live in a hierarchical world and we're oftentimes uncomfortable with hierarchy many of us are counter dependent certainly describes me which is why I've got a good job at Stanford Business School we don't like to have people telling us what to do many of us so we so we rebelled against you know our high we were Bell against hierarchical Authority other people get in positions of power and they say why do I have the right to tell people below me what to do and they try to give up their power so I think we're uncomfortable in hierarchy even though we live in hierarchies all the time we see the world is fair and just and therefore we are less vigilant and strategic than required one of the common things when I teach people the cases that I teach them about is I often get this comment well you know these people will get it in the end so I don't need I'll have anything to learn from them because sooner or later their bad behavior will catch up with them in fact because the world is not a just and fair place every religious tradition that I know has some account balancing scheme the deal to deal with it you know later on you know in some cases it's heaven in hell in some cases it is reincarnation in some cases it's Karma every will and every religious tradition has this for the same reason because it isn't you know it is an adjust in fair world and so how do we make sense of this except by having some account balancing scheme but this makes us I think because we believe in a just world we oftentimes don't pay attention to the more interesting people in the organization in the early 1980s I visited at Harvard Business School and taught their version of this class which by the way is not nearly as good Carl Patton while power and influence with my dear friend and colleague John Cotter and John would say to the students and I think he was completely right he'd say you know he said you all want to learn from the people who look brilliant and have amazing levels of interpersonal skill and have succeeded he said the people you really ought to learn from other people who look to you like they have no skill whatsoever hmm either interpersonally or in business but have nonetheless have made it to the top they have something else and it would be interesting in some ways to learn what that is and how they have maneuvered his point being that anybody can succeed if you are a genius and fabulous and successful and interpersonally competent but it takes real political skill to succeed when you have none of those attributes and he by the way is right at the inside is important to be able to learn from all kinds of people and to be able to accept all kinds of people which i think you know we don't because we see the rule is just we become way too judgmental um we are willing to make the trade-offs required to acquire power being liked all the time versus getting things done I think that's you know I can still recall being on a Dean search committee many years ago and it was a comment that the preceding Dean was a nice person but we weren't going anywhere and as I pointed out the nice thing about being dead in the water is that no one could complain about the direction and that as soon as you start to broked metaphorically speaking someone will say regardless of the evidence and the data this isn't how I think we should be going and so there is this issue of you know as if you won't be like where everybody don't do anything as soon as you make a decision some people will like it and some people won't how we spend our time and focus our attention strategic versus fun interactions and relationships are you willing to pay the price of having power and there's an enormous price for having power my dear friend Rudy crew has been through at least two maybe three marriages you know he works all the time most successful people that I know have to work very very hard and that's true whether you're running a non-profit or for-profit you look at the people we'll go into government and the one thing you can say you may like their policies or not like their policies they're all working enormous Li long and hard hours to be in a position like this you f do you have to pay a price you have to decide am I willing to work this hard and to interact with people who I need to interact with rather than the people who I perhaps want to interact with you know so I like to tell people I'm in a job with relatively low interdependence I can have lunch with my friends if you want to have power you need to figure out who you need to have lunch with metaphorically strategically in order to get things done and build the relationships that will make you successful and I you know I would come into class and we teach on Monday and Friday and you know it became like a joke finally when I would say to the students I'd say well how did you spend your weekend and they would kind of look at me like you know what kind of a doofus is this we spent our weekend you know partying or skiing or doing whatever they do with their close friends with their roommates with their colleagues and I wanted out to them that if you spend all your time with your current close friends how do you ever make new ones and in fact there's a lot of research that shows that the most useful ties that you will develop are the weak ties because your friends travel pretty much in the same social circles you travel in and therefore they can provide you mostly with redundant information and if you want non redundant information you need to get out of your comfort zone with the people that you normally associate with thank you all for being here and thank you so much for inviting me british columbia enterprise risk management order Studio Maestro.

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