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Capstone oil and gas midland

Capstone oil and gas midland do my capstone turbine financials persuasive essay on genetic testing ´╗┐Thank You mr. chairman I'm I I'm glad to see so many of you returned from lunch and I hope as you said they're digesting and that you'll listen for a few moments to a simple message I have no equations in my presentation today and I have three conclusions at the end and I'll take 15 minutes or so to tell you how I come to those conclusions and I hope it's a simple message that hey will do for after lunch so have brief overview of what I'm going to say over the next 15 minutes or so I'm good at talking about the Channel Tunnel and I'm going to talk about the incidents that happened and the Channel Tunnel three of them are then I'll talk in general terms about fire development and large tunnel fires and and then I'll focus in playing in with this morning's agent ventilation and the ventilation changes that happened during those incidents and then I'll talk about fire growth and spread have what you might call the fire dynamics during the two large incidents that the one in 1986 and the one in 2008 and then as I say I have three conclusions and recommendations at the end I had hoped when I put in the abstract to do this presentation that the official findings of the aquarian to the 2008 fire would have been published by now and I would have been able to see more of than I know can but unfortunately the official inquiry hasn't yet been published and so I am slightly limited to to talking only about things that are in the public domain so for those of you who don't know the the Channel Tunnel a is the the fixed real link between the the South of England and the north of France it crosses more or less the shortest a sea crossing between the UK and the mainland and the continental Europe a and it's approximately 37 kilometres under water and a few extra kilometers on either end a Underland for goods trains for goods vehicles a there are many a trains per day and these the goods vehicles just do a loop and so the HTV drive on one end in France and then they get transported they drive off the other end of the train returns with a lot of HTV doing the other direction there are also passenger trains that pass through the the tunnel the Eurostar come from London going to Paris or allele or wherever and Belgium as well I believe a and there are also a trained to transport cars but our focus is going to be on the the trains that carry a heavy goods vehicles because is only on those three those three incidents of all involved air trains that carry heavy goods vehicles I stole this quite nice picture from The Guardian newspaper in the UK and so some of the terminologies slow them down but a essentially this gives you an overview of the shape and layouts of the tunnels there are two tunnels each containing a single and track for the the trains one generally heading one direction you get to France they are heading from France to the UK and in between those two for most of the length and there is a service tunnel a query for fiber fire brigade access for general maintenance services and also in the event of an incident the passengers will be evacuated into the service tunnel as was mentioned earlier this needs to be a higher pressure than the other tunnels so that no smoke from the incident tunnel will flow into the a service tunnel the access doors are every 375 meters from the main tunnels into the access tunnel the service tunnel rather so there are three have been three incidents and I'll just give you very simple as a overview of what happened before getting into the details and the first it was a few years after two and a half years after the the tunnel opened in November 1996 the trend in this instance is coming from France and I'm going to show pictures of all three trains heading the same direction and for ease of comparison although this one was coming from France the other two are coming from the UK but I'll point them all as if they're heading from right to left the way if the train is obviously at the front of the train there is a locomotive which have indicated in green here and then there's a an immunity coach which have coloured in this are a pinky purple color there and where the the drivers of all the heavy goods vehicles they are so during the transit through the tunnel the drivers are not with their vehicles they are all I lost my cursor there there they are all in the the immunity coach then there's a loader wagon which is basically a piece of empty space and then there are two rakes of 15 wagons each containing a one heavy goods vehicle or possibly two smaller vans in the middle of the Train there's another load the wagon at the rear of the train final loader wagon and an empty locomotive there are no staff on the locomotive in the back so in the incident in 1996 the a the fire broke somewhere in the second rig and I've indicated in orange approximately where it was and in the incident in 2006 or the the the train was going from the UK and towards France and the the fire in that incident was in the second-last a carriage and in the most recent fire I can't be absolutely sure that it was on the second occupied carriage there were actually three empty carriages at the front of the Train because it wasn't a full capacity train so some of the characters were empty as indicated by the the darker a carriages the fire was somewhere near the start of the train so of the three incidents that was the fire that was closest to where the passengers were this much is in the public to me and I can't really say much more about where the fire we started so looking at the the smallest fire first and the fire consumed one of the leaves TV and it didn't spread it didn't spread either to the vehicle upstream or the vehicle downstream and this was the sum total of damage to the vehicle which will not only call upstream of the incident as and towards the front of the Train and as you can see there's some melting of the the bumper area at the back of the train but there was no fire spread and that vehicle was able to drive away with no problems similarly the vehicle on the other side there was some melting of plastic components from the the refrigerated trailer and there was some melting of the refrigeration unit a but the fire didn't a take hold which is amazing when you look at the the mess in the middle there the fire in the middle was completely consumed the vehicle in the middle is completely consumed in 96 it's a very different scenario the the vehicles that colored an orange there were all affected by the fire either fully burned out as in the ones that are fully orange or the ones that are self-feeding to orange and were severely heat damaged and this is a I can't don't know which one of these vehicles it was lit so the typical picture of what they a the remains after that fire leak Lake and in addition to damage to the rolling stock damage to the cargo there was also 480 litres of damage to the tunnel which actually extended well off the screen and the picture I have here and much the same happened again and September 11 2008 although this in this case because the fire was near the front of the train the fire extended pretty much the whole length of the train involving as far as I am aware all the HTV vehicles that were being carried there and as far as I know the locomotive and on the loader wagons were both damaged beyond repair that were all damaged beyond repair in addition to that there was 650 meters worth of damage to the tunnel and there are some photos of the incident in 2008 so we have a small incident in 2006 relatively small larger one in 1996 and a very large one in 2008 and the question I would like to address for the rest of the presentation this what on earth was different in 2006 why was it such a small incident in relative terms compared to the other two capstone mining pinto valley Farmingdale State College.

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