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Capstone national archives write for me enterprise risk management and default risk evidence from the banking industry steve jobs the man in machine movie review ´╗┐hey guys person here and we're going to be talking about the trade deadline and how that might affect the New York Yankees as of now on july twenty ninth the deadline is two years away and yankees on possibility of getting someone but to cut to the chase I don't think they're going to get anyone because right as of now then with piece of a team that they would need would be bullpen and starting pitching neither which I think they really need if you look at the stats right here I'm Mike opinion that he's been if he has a late as of now he sits around like a four er a 97 records so he's pretty much fine the inky's don't really need to touch him CC Sabathia he's been ok he a really rough start to be here but he has a couple like back to back to backs really good start so I don't know if the Yankees would really replace him eyelid is really an option and then you gotta valdi who's been really on fire lately he's 10 to 4.27 tra and that's after you up like eight runs and gets the Marlins and like lessen the inning and then he got masahiro tanaka he'd be doing averages of late but that's all everybody need to do of course they got noble who's been pretty good coming back from Tommy John surgery so those stars i mentioned they really need to be switched around too much as long as they can go five six maybe even seven things i think they'll be fine with that and then when you go to the bullpen you got bowls in Sri Betances Miller those are the four key guys in the rotation that really holds together so i guess you can add to be one part tote to it maybe because I shreve Wilson a miller all lefty so maybe add another already right there but for the most part Miller Betances had been unhittable same thing with Sharif he's been really coming coming really good as a late and same thing with Wilson those four key guys will are pretty much the best when the best rotations and baseball as of now so we'll see how that goes from there hitting wise i don't think they can really get any better than this i mean you have a rod da qing you have Ellsbury and garden top of the line they've been doing pretty good over the past couple games and then you got can catching to shower first base maybe a second baseman would be nice because Stephen Drew is what is Effie well it's 13 home runs 20 RBIs but he's batting 187 with a 261 on-base percentage is not good numbers that's the only position I think the Yankees would actually consider going for because pretty much everything else me Chris Young back up pretty good John Ryan Murphy pretty good so I think they're pretty good when it comes that maybe 2nd base that's the only position that's a little bit scary and the only people like I could see maybe the Yankees would get would be either David Price who's have a really good year and just some object whose everything if he here those are the only 2i can see the Yankees Goering or even Mike leaky at that point but for the most part I don't think they will because they have some really nice prospects coming up soon with Luis Severino Aaron judge and Greg birth all three of them should be coming up in the next year or two pretty much and also Gary Sanchez cuz care centers moved up to triple-a recently so he's working his way up so if you look at the also Mikey he's doing having a really good year and then that's yeah he's young I guess that's the only other person I could see the Yankees getting for starting pitching wise because if you look at Lewis every windows our six and L was a 2.1 1er a 55 innings Pesci started the year a triple-double I so island to the yankees trading him he's definitely coming up next year he's proven himself and then you got Aaron judge and Greg Bird who moves out from double I judge is hitting pretty good he has 26 hits he has two home runs 11 RBIs and only 24 games and bird is pretty much similar 21 games he has 21 hits three home runs and 11 RBIs banging around 256 and judge Bank 289 so those are pretty good number so far and they're only bound to get better as the year goes on so I don't see the yankees trading those three you didn't Gary Sanchez I mean he's finally coming into his own I mean he was struggling last year or two but you're starting to pick it back up so those four players I don't see the Yankees really trading them since they're finally have some good prospects I mean it's been a while since the Yankees prospects have actually performed since the core four haven't really been too many I guess you can say maybe Phil Hughes Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy it was work three pretty good pictures right there when the first came up but yeah all of argon in Kennedy's and Padres champlin down the Tigers but you get released I'll no fees on team anymore and uses on the twins he had pretty good success there so not too many prospects had really came up from the Yankee system out to the Yankees really trading anyone any one of them maybe if they had like a mid-level prospect that way they trade for David not David Price to lie baby Jeff Samardzija I could see them getting Jeff Samardzija as maybe a starting pitcher it would depend the fate of them if any of the storing pictures for the Yankees were struggling or any of them I got hurt me I think like three or four three four three or four fifths of the rotation was injured last year due to injury for the Yankees and they still held up are there so I could see them may be getting a long man in the rotation that's already or you get something like that that's the only thing I can see the Yankees getting a trade line they're definitely gonna get someone just not maybe like a top tier person like how the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rockies traded away for they switched Tulowitzki andreas I don't really see a trade like that or how the Royals got Cueto and I got Ben's oprah's I don't see that kind of trade happening I see like a small little trade happening for the Yankees but not too much big side because they're pretty much said there I think like seven games that in the first place is now I'm checking and they are wait there above the oil is definitely yeah there are seven games above and the lead in the AL East 5742 and the Orioles there close to the Yankees there 1549 so it's a pretty big gap right there and the Rays right below the Orioles 5151 Blue Jays 50 51 and Red Sox if the Red Sox 44 and 57 so that pretty much good Yankees are 84 there are they they've won 8 of their last 10 games and most of your games are home anyway and they're 30 and 17 at home away it's a little bit shaky so that's pretty much it for that come to the conclusion Yankees don't really need anyone but another starting pitcher or bullpen will be nice maybe the second baseman I think they give they can get a second baseman maybe so other than that I really see the Yankees even getting anyone for the trade deadline unlike last year they traded up for Detroit Kelly Johnson for Stephen Drew and I got Martine Prado for p o'brien Peter Brian's doing really good if you guys like that late and so I i wish the Yankees with cat peed O'Brien he was a really good power hitting catcher but and he's doing really good now I think he's the trip place isn't before the Diamondbacks yeah usually get 17 home turf 17 home runs for 69 RBIs back to 71 pretty good numbers so I wish the Yankees wouldn't trade them you could have been also a key prospects for the innkeep and as pretty much is photos video right here as you can see overall Yankees they could use someone but I don't think they really need to trade any other prospects away for their players because right now what they're doing now is doing really good and they're odd to move them drastically for the World Series so that's pretty much it for me guys so much person I'll see you guys later socia write for me research project topics in accounting for undergraduate pdf The King's College.

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