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Capstone multifamily group llc for money

Capstone multifamily group llc for money term paper on science and technology pier fishing report fort walton beach fl what we have here is 1909 the lodge model are for Chet what Rhett was a very small sports car a very efficient - race car they made in France and the butcher at racers races were 50 to 100 lap races and they were on a five to ten mile course and they would raise as many as 24 hours they were all small cars with efficient power plants most of the better ones had a four-speed transmission this is a 60 mile an hour car easily I dreamed of a little bit more than 16 it was the perfect driving car from 45 to 50 which is our normal cruising speed so it's a very high-tech racing engine 3,200 rpm for 1909-1910 motor the typical rpm range from motor back then was between a thousand and 1600 rpm this engine was made by below below made motors for a lot of performance cars small performance cars and a lot of manufacturers use them from about nineteen nine to nineteen fourteen and this is one of the ships specifically made for adalaj this is a mia mad amia mad was one of the highest performance mag ever designed and what it would do is the entire body of the mag changes so as you change the timing the mag will change as much as 45 degrees the neat thing about this kind of mag is the spark is exactly at the highest intensity so that was a very advanced magneto at the time this is a thermo siphon motor extremely well designed notice the large large cavity for the hot water to ride in thermo siphon meant that the water in the top part of the head was always the hottest so it would circulate and it circulated it would push through that the through toward the bottom of the radiator and that flow caused by the cool water would make it circulate an updraft carburetor notice there's no intake manifold and no exhaust manifolds all internally cast and one thing we found it in the in the head this head is steel in the crankcase is aluminum it's not cast iron it's cast vanadium steel so when we tried to do anything to it including putting in the seats in we're going to put hardened seats in we found the feet that the cast steel was harder than what they cast on what the new hardest seats were so they really really had a meddler fee down that's why I think we had absolutely nowhere and cylinders after 106 years there was just none there was even a thousands of an inch of wearing cylinders pretty amazing but we're going to take this in the race of the century race next year and the soft valves are very very thin on their on their edge for their seat so the stop valves with their leaded gas that we have today will melt so we are having some stainless steel valves made and you've never been rebuilt before and it's the original system and original valve the petitions as you can see have about ten rings in it the reason it has so many rings in it is because of the groove is so wide back then but there's also space in these rings so as it goes up and down it shuffles and doesn't actually have the right compression because the Rings are moving so it's when the efficiently hits top dead center it has to come down 30,000 before bring the Rings back down with it so this wasn't a very a very good method of sealing an engine but they had to two to three rings per group which is pretty amazing for back then long skirt steel weighs two pounds when we rebuilt the engine we took off the original because we found that the we didn't have to bore the engine at all not ten thousand sober not thirty thousand zero all we had to do is hone it even though it's 106 years old so we thought since we're taking it all apart we should go ahead and put some modern Pistons in to make the engine live longer and with some modern rings that this sealed correctly so these are the Pistons that we that we have for it now that are in there they're aluminum these weigh one pound these wave two pounds and it's courage is not as long because it doesn't need to be as long and the piston rings that we have on the modern Lumina Pistons 50 v is the ring group perfectly so you have there's no shuffling of the piston rings we also there's a small dome of four tenths of an inch so we increase the compression it was four to four point one to one compression and now it's right at five to one compression so that will run make it run a little bit more efficiently so we again we lost half the weight of the Pistons we increase the compression and we corrected the ring idea [Music] [Music] we weren't going to do much to the bodywork with the car these all the bodywork is original one but the gas tank was seeking gasoline and because the exhaust was right underneath where the gas tank is it's not a good idea the exhaust actually goes right through here and this was seeping gas but it also allows us to figure out what what this tank is this is a gravity feed car but the neat thing about it is the gas tank and the oil tank are right up front instead of in the back so it will look any hill because the tank is certainly going to be always above the engine so this cap here is the oil tank and you can see the oil thinking there's there's a cowling goes here which is the inside of the dash and the outside of the dash and this is the spirit and the gas tanks the gas caps has spirit and oil spirit will of course was gasoline the tank is all copper and it had about 12 positions on it that had some seepage so that we headed to dip the whole tank and bat it and then do all of these filling with carbon dioxide so we could solder on an all-new copper here is the completed engine ready to put the hood on the radiator on you the body is the original body and we I start taking a few pieces of it apart it's a wood body clad in aluminum so this is as exposed to this portion of the wood to see what the condition of the wood is it's not in bad shape that that's good enough shape that I can fill this with some polyurethane this wood and preserve it and then reuse all the original wood it's it's solid so that that's nice really use all the original cladding this is cast aluminum and then the cast in the body pieces of what looked like oak so even though this this piece of wood is cracked you can see that it's steam bent to match the body contour they place it inside the body a hundred and six years ago and it's still in the body and not been replaced because it's original wood the same with this piece of wood also right here and that would be a pretty hard piece of wood to recreate as well as that would be this is the original teak string wheel and the original teeth - the steering wheel had lots of cracks and breaks in it so we took off the wood and we put biscuits behind the wood and inserted the biscuits and glue them in and put the original wood back on it so we have the same steering wheel wood as it always was even though it's not perfect it's perfect for me because its original the - original - is still fine even though it's got few holes in it it's been on the car for 106 years it deserves to stay on the car well I believe I restored it as perfect from a mechanical standpoint is what you could do I haven't cared about it something as scratched or something as cracked or like the wooden pieces you know so it's not concours but it's mechanically concours we're planning to take it in in a week and a half to Australia drive it across Australia get on the ferry and drive across Tasmania and pick up four or five different automobile tours we're going to do the tours with this as well this is our car for a month and a half so we're going to put thousands of miles on this car and our normal speeds that we plan to drive on the roads through Australia are 40 45 mile an hour we have to get on a few freeways we'll step it up to 55 probably for a while but it is drivable as the 1909-1910 car could be I believe [Music] I'm going to turn it down 250 rpm [Music] capstone construction crown point for money Ursulines.

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