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Capstone mortgage ct for money hospitality management research paper topics marx theoretician of anarchism and other essays ´╗┐good morning I think today what I'll do is I'll take you all on a sort of walking tour of Oxford on my way of college it's a beautiful morning and I believe it's a little bit warmer than it has been so hopefully it'll be a good day for it I think we'll start off walking up through the christchurch meadows and then i'll take you along high street up to college and you can go look at the camera and the ball playin library and we'll see what happens I won't make you sit with me the entire time because it's probably a 15 or 20-minute walk if I take my time so I'll stop at the interesting points and let you have a look so I get some good started not sure how will you be able to hear me since there's a ton of traffic behind me but I'm standing on Polly bridge over the thames looking at and it really is just gorgeous first thing in the morning like this I don't know if you can see that they're rowers other good punches into actual rowers hunting or something else entirely which involves propelling yourself along with a long stick but a here at Folly bridge you can look over and that's Christchurch Meadows across the way and then the head of the river tavern / think hotel and it's very nice because in the morning they're always swans and geese and ducks and all through the day the rowers are going up and down the river and I don't think they do anything except a row but it's pretty charming anyway moving on to place a little less traffic chipped let's go up to the guns this is Christchurch it's a little less picturesque in general today because it looks like they're repaving so with the stones but I won't look over there we look over here and actually we just missed the ringing of the bell to ring in the ten o'clock hour and I was trying to be here on time so you'd be able to hear it but it happened as i was literally look at the last time was that I was about ten feet away so oh well but they really are just beautiful gardens and this is the way that I walk through towards college is this the church itself I suppose I think or part of it again our view is a bit marred by scaffolding but just everything in Oxford is so old that it kind of constantly needs repair so let's look over here where there's some excellent picturesque growth and whatnot and so I just walked I won't we'll be walking down this long path all the way to the edge over there there's some fields I think cow is actually agrees in the far edge of the because I can see them sometimes out of my window but next one I'll go up to the playing field and show you that and these are the private playing field and I just have to say that they have the most amazing manicured well-kept grass here I've ever seen in my life is greener than anything that I thought there could be very devoted groundskeeper over there somewhere taking care of things but uh I don't know if this is true but I heard from a tour guide who maker will have been making everything up that this field was the inspiration for the Quidditch field in Harry Potter which as Cassie said I don't know how that's true there's no big hoops on 30 foot 12 holes but uh who knows it could be true and then there's this which doesn't eat any explanation at all leaving christchurch manners i just wanted to show you this particular thing this is this is a common thing where the gates are asked his tight little swivels of a metal that you have to sort of squeeze through and as I said this was being incredibly wide would not be a very good choice in Oxford and then for contrast there's high speed this is as much a safe as anywhere else I've ever been it gets busier this is this is sort of an edge no one actually comes but you come out of the gardens and walk down this alley you just come out on this bunch oak street we have to cross very carefully were risky debt and there's all sorts of cafes well the construction work better it's also still there it's very lovely in a very different way these move a bit forward you have just beautiful things on every side to put the camera and then you have what i believe is just the university church but it could be wrong and it's just lovely and i'll take you up and show you near the Bob lane so this is the bog layer library so and I'll be caught it because you supposed to be relatively snowing in here but uh most of the bodley and it's close to business because it's primarily still an educational institution and so if I were to go in now I have it going through that door and so spiral staircase and that turret over there and then the lower and upper reading rooms are in that side of the building I'm not sure what all the rest is I knew it also has books but I don't think we're actually allowed okay you have to request that they send the book you want to your reading room yes miss Hartford college this is my college I'll explain my next post about how her Oxford is composed of 38 different colleges within the university and this is the old block quad the new block quad is much less attractive so I don't actually it's not much over there but that's where some of the social stuff is and the college lodge is there the chapel and then all the rest is put around I'm actually sitting on the pretty side so you can't see but that's okay and actually there are rules that you can't you can't sit and stand or walk on the grass until this term because they're trying so desperately hard to preserve its perfect manicured greenness so now i can at least not when there's a sprinkling out on it but other times of the year is absolutely forbidden and i'm not sure exactly what would even happen to you if you tried something terrible later today after I do some business i'll try to get you into the red red cliff camera and also the blog lane we'll see what happens with that let's see how sneaky I can be with my little camera oh yeah this is my college and this is why pretty sure that in it's time to leave the end of june i will cling weeding to the stone I nearly forgot everybody gets so terribly excited about the bridge of sighs and it connects all black quad a new blood clot it's unfortunately not nearly as exciting from the inside because they've got the great yellow hazard tape on every step to keep people from tripping this is a little ridiculous and better looks very nice to me outside and I like it very much it's modeled after the bridge of sighs in venice it's lovely now I'm Allah we have the new black quad because it was it the nurses they can do and then I'll be trying to get some work done told you about the rowers back on the attempt to just had to do one last thing let me do this all day all the time it's like the biggest sport everybody talks about it they all talk about growing all the time like more than i would say sixty percent feeling that here i rode by those well it's actually been about probably about eight dollars since my last video sorry we've got a whole day's going on of things and people and whatnot and I just wanted to show you before I went home for the night this is pretty much this it's not the city center but it's about as close as I get normally it's the intersection where high street becomes Queen Street and corn market becomes st. always that's that's one thing about Oxford all the streets change names about six or seven times before they you peter out and this is just to show you how city like boxford can be down Queen Street there's a supermarket and everything then I live down this direction if I go shoot a straight line that way I get to Christchurch again not the Guardians but the front and school is back that way but overall it's been a lovely day and I think of anything else of interest to show you I will record it and show you accordingly other than that I think we're done for today and I'll put this up as soon as I can enterprise risk management certification programs online order Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Morris Park, Bronx.

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