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Capstone mining news releases

Capstone mining news releases write for me senior capstone meaning counter sniper dark ops starfighter review of literature ´╗┐my name is Mills Hayes and I'm here at the University of South Carolina racist fliers were found on gambhira Hall on the first day of spring semester and just one day after Martin Luther King jr. Day the fliers blame black Americans for the election of Donald Trump and were posted over a collage of famous african-americans students who saw the Flyers posted the pictures of social media which was shared thousands of times USC is still investigating who put the racist fires on two different campus locations I am here tonight with student leaders on campus to discuss the incident and the issue of race on campus thank you guys so much for being here tonight I think it's really important that we talk about these issues so thank you without further ado we will get started do you think that this incident is a representative of the majority of USC students or administration's feelings thoughts I would like to hope that is not representative of majority of the university but what I do know is that there are people on our campus that think like this these thoughts and these where it's just never surface in daily conversation and that too is a tough that needs to be had people need to start checking their friends on what they say the snide remarks the microaggressions that happen on campus during daily conversation because that's where we start seeing all of the surface and I feel like that's a really really important conversation Venise we had among the people that you're with every day because that's how we stop these things from building out to levels such as this where it becomes a campus-wide issue rather than an individual issue right can you speak a little bit more about a microaggression because I think some people might not be familiar with that so microaggressions are small remarks basically racially directed but the person that's directing these remarks might not always mean them to be racially charged but the person that's receiving the marks remarks feels them in that way I think this is a really important question how would you explain racism to someone who has never experienced it racism is something to me that comes from a place of power and of privilege and without the - combined it's just not the same as prejudiced it's not the same as discrimination you need both power and privilege to truly experience racism because if you don't have that privilege then what really what you have said is something that's prejudice but combined with that power it's something that has effect it takes it makes a change in people's lives if that makes sense it's a hard topic to describe with just one sentence or just like a few sentences but just the combination of power and privilege that's what racism means to me I think to me racism is someone else feeling superior to me based on the color of their skin but I think what she said is amazingly important I think it touched the whole reverse racism thing is you know I can say a comment and it may make you feel upset but if I don't have power then it's not gonna really affect you right so I think certain people are born with privileges in this nation and when they say things that are prejudiced in them it affects know there's only hurt my feelings but it can actually affect things systemically we see this in education we see this in government we see this incarceration these things have an effect on people's lives it's continuing cycle right so that power makes for that prejudice has an effect on the rest of people's lives so racism is is all of those things and it hurts a lot of people get really uncomfortable when they when people start bringing up race their thumb and race and they shy away from the topic why do you think that is and how can we fix that how can we make this issue come to light and not be such a taboo subject I feel that a lot of a lot of the time people who are the ones who are being oppressed sometimes tend to be that the more outspoken people the more willing to talk about it and for some reason a lot of people who aren't necessarily as part of a minority they feel that it's not their fight or it's not their place to talk about it or not their place to say but I think it's so important for students at Carolina who may not fall under a minority to reach out and talk to people about it and come from a place of learning and wanting to understand because if you don't understand each other then you're not gonna move forward as a nation or as a community to me one of the first suggestions that I would give anyone looking to have a good conversation about races talk to someone who doesn't look like you talk to someone who has an act like you that doesn't hang in the same circles as you because that's where the real conversation really starts secondly I'd say be willing to acknowledge your privilege in knowing that this isn't something that affects you every day you have the choice to live and ignore this but other people do not so when you come from a place of learning like Tyson just be willing to acknowledge that and acknowledge your place in that when you come and you come to learn and hear about other people's experiences because most people that are under this type of oppression I guess they just want to be listened to they want their voices to be heard and acknowledged and the first thing that they don't need is a quick response and I understand that responses are a quick way to defend yourself because you're uncomfortable with race conversations and I totally get that because they're not always the most comfortable conversations but it's okay to be uncomfortable if you're uncomfortable you're doing the right thing because that's where we start working to make things better for everybody and not just for one group for those people that have never experienced racism and they may feel uncomfortable talking about it how can they speak out or be and be an ally to those who are affected by racism yeah I think we touched some kind of microaggressions earlier it's the small things you know you're sitting in a room and you hear your friend say word that you know they should not be saying hey let's not do that you know it's the small things it's going to be uncomfortable it's going to be uncomfortable we have to be okay with being uncomfortable I think doing that and then listening like and goes you said we have to listen to each other I think the worst thing you can do is discredit someone's hurt and discredit someone's pain and I think that's what we see so often is we feel like a an issue is rooted in race because it often is even though you don't see it it is and then you say no it's not not why do you believe that why do you think it's better than race you say no it's not so listening and getting getting our side of things I think it's the biggest thing it's important to speak to people from other cultures and not necessarily let this be their first conversation because it's it's more awkward if you don't know the person but if you've been hanging out with somebody for years and you want to talk about their feelings about something it's a lot easier to do that than to just meet somebody for the first time and have some great debate how do you do you all think we can progress and fix this and when when is it when are we gonna stop having race racist fires on campus how can we stop that where do we move forward as a university how do we start that we often fall in the trap of complaining we complain we have to pull up a chair to the table and have a seat at that table you know John Newton an organization that you if you don't think an organization as diverse join it you know if you don't think soon come and represent you run for office you know what I mean like we have to be proactive in what we do we can't just complaint do my powerpoint capstone project 2 for money SUNY Comprehensive Colleges.

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